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How to Measure Scope Height in 2 Simple Ways

The way you gauge your scope height is extremely crucial. However, an optic made rifle has a design that gains a correct way of mounting. That way, you can point your weapon in the right setting. Several things affect how you calculate your scope height. Luckily, in this article, we are going to discuss how to measure the scope height and how it can affect your shooting capacity.

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How to Paint a Gun: Important Tips to Paint Like a Pro

Just like most people who own cars, adding some customization to a gun is also possible. Applying a new color finish to the gun is something easy to do as a home project over the weekend. Applying the finish to your gun will make it stand out each time you get to pull it out. You can do as much color customization as possible, you are only limited to your imagination.

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How to Disassemble a Glock 19 for Cleaning at Home

If you were going to disassemble a gun, it would be because you are looking to clean it or do some repairs. It is often recommended that you get to clean your gun more often so that it does not jam on you when you really need it to fire. Well, if you own a glock 19, then you are in luck as we get to look at the process of how to disassemble a glock 19 gun. The process is not hard provided you get to have all the important supplies and tools to handle the process.

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How to Cerakote a Gun for a Beautiful Look

Cerakote can easily be seen to be the new way of gun coating today. This type of finish has been popular over the years to find many people now looking to get one for their guns. The work of the cerakote coating is to help with giving the gun an appealing appearance and still a protective coating. So, are you looking to make your gun look its best? If that is the case, then you have to consider learning how to cerakote a gun from this guide.

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How to Clean a Deer Skull

As part of preserving the memory of your hunting trips, most people would take the time to have a skull of a deer cleaned and mounted in the house. Each time you get to look at the skull, you will always remember the thrill of making the kill. Even the others who check it out would want to know how you did it. As you can see, it is going to be something great. So, how do you clean the deer skull?If you are just starting as a hunter, this is a question you will always ask yourself all the time. We get to show you how to clean a deer skill easily once you have hunted the deer.

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How to Use a Bore Snake to Clean the Gun Effectively

Most of the time, you would be looking to clean your gun after using it for a while. It is always important that you get to pick the right method for cleaning so that you do not have any trouble keeping it clean. Different methods exist, but it seems many people are getting attracted to using a bore snake for cleaning their guns. If you are new to using a bore snake, do not worry as we get to highlight some of the important tips on how to use a bore snake.

​What you’ll need

  • Gun
  • Bore snake

1. Choosing the best bore snake

It is possible to find different products coming from different manufacturers all looking to sell their products. It would be important to pick the best bore snake for cleaning the rifle and pistol. The Hoppe’s product is often seen as the best and will get the job done easily. For those who have used it, they agree that it can help in replacing the tiresome use of the patch to clean the gun.

2. Apply the solvent onto the bore snake

As part of lubricating the bore snake, you need to apply the Hoppe’s solvent. Make sure to apply the solvent to the floss region found on the bore snake.

Proceed to drop the brass end into the breech of your pistol gun. The brass end should easily go through the pistol barrel and emerge on the other size. The first floss area on the bore snake will help remove the loose particles in the barrel.

3. Keep pulling the bore snake


You have to make sure that the whole length of the bore snake gets to go through the barrel. With the first floss part having removed the loose particles, the embedded bronze part will be important for scrubbing the residue in the barrel. The scrubbing is possible as the bronze part is made to work as a brush.

With the fouling and residue removed, the remaining part of the bore snake will now swab the entire length of the barrel. The best part about this process is that it can be done in a single pull of the bore snake through the barrel.

4. Finishing up cleaning

The first part was cleaning with Hoppe’s solvent, but now you get to clean without it as a way of finishing. Clean the barrel with the bore snake about twice without using the solvent this time.

By now you should see that the barrel is all cleaned up and still shining. The process is simple and anyone can do it. You can always now go ahead to shoot with confidence knowing that your gun is cleaned up and will work great.

Below is an important video that could help you to learn more about cleaning with a bore snake.


Comparing cleaning a pistol with a bore snake to the conventional method of using a brush, you can see that a bore snake is always better. You can end up having the best-cleaned gun around when you choose a bore snake. Always make sure that you get the right bore snake at all times.

Where to Shoot a Deer for an Easy Kill

When it comes to killing an animal, most hunters would be looking to take it out with a single shot. Most people would train for months as a way of being sharpshooters so that they can do it correctly when hunting. It is also important to kill the animal with a single shot as wounding it will make it suffer in pain for long even before dying later on. Well, it is often easier said than done, as not most people would get that shot to kill a deer the first time.

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