Who is Warren Kuhn?

Who is Warren Kuhn?

Hello. I am Warren, 26, and currently residing here in the US. I spend most of the time reading. If you can't find me in the libraries, then I am definitely on the outdoors.

More than any activities that I have been fond of, there is nothing that can beat camping. The adrenaline and effervescence that it gives is something that my body keeps on looking. Since I was in the middle school, I have been joining camping clubs. Or any groups that entail me the privilege of going outside. The feeling is just fun when you are out in the woods or the middle of the mountain. The sceneries are perfect. The city life has no match.

My first camping experience took place when I was seven years old. My grandfather and uncle took me to the Yosemite National Park. It was just a short excursion--just half a day and whole night. But the thrill it gave me is something that I still reminisce up to today. The waterfalls and giant sequoias are two things that I would forever love at Yosemite.

Since then, I became enthusiastic about camping and outdoor adventures. I have been investing for the right camping gears so that I can be equipped to any terrains. More than that, I took survival training to prepare me for the worst-case scenarios while outdoors.

I guess I was destined to explore the natural world than rather be stuck in the office. In fact, I even took the Archaeology course because I think it was fitting for me. Sadly, it went bad for me. Right now, I am a Sociology degree holder, but still in love with camping.

If my fiance and I got wed, our honeymoon would take place outdoors. In regards to the location, that is only for the two of us to know!

I hope you enjoy reading my contents here at TheCampingTrips! I hope that our roads will cross soon!