8 Must Have Gears for Deer Hunting In The Late Season

My family and I often go on late-season hunting trips, which is the best time to catch game in my area. As thrilling as it is, this time of the year comes with its own unique challenges. Staying warm is a big issue, but so is keeping comfortable. Here are the things I always pack to get the best out of late-season hunting outings:

1.     Portable Heater for the Blind

Most hunters I know (myself included) take pop-up blinders with them on trips. The blinds offer excellent camouflage but do little to nothing to keep you warm. As we tend to stay motionless in the blind for hours waiting for game, staying warm is a particular challenge.

The easiest and most pain-free way to prevent hypothermia inside a blind is to use a heater. Buy a highly portable, propane-powered heater that could fit inside the blind with you. These usually work quietly, so you don’t have to worry about the game being disturbed. During those cold months, a blind heater can be a lifesaver.

2.     Heat Packs for Feet

We lose bodyweight mostly through our face, hands, and feet. But we tend to feel cold the most through feet. I used to wear layers of socks on hunting trips. Still, during the late season, even that wasn’t enough. A friend recommended heat packs for feet, and now they are on the top of my late-season hunting list.

Heat packs for feet work the same way as those for your hands, except you don’t really have to rub them. There are several ways you can insert the packs in your shoes. Some stick to socks to keep the whole foot warm. If these are uncomfortable when walking, you can use heat packs just for your toes. There are also heated insoles that feel heavenly on freezing nights.

3.     Travel Flask

To keep the late-season cold away on hunting trips, I like to carry hot beverages with me. Of course, the main problem is keeping the drinks warm. No one wants to lug around boilers on a camping trip. I’ve found the solution for this with flasks.

A flask can keep water or beverages hot or cold for a longer time. The one I currently use, the Yeti Rambler, can keep hot drinks warm for around 6 hours. Consequently, I don’t have to use fuel for heaters to boil water. It’s useful in the summer too, as the flask keeps cold drinks chilled for up to a day. 

Additionally, stainless steel flasks don’t transfer toxins like BPA to your drinks the way certain plastic containers are known to do. Mine even has a magnetic cap that won’t fall off. All in all, flasks are way more convenient and useful than regular plastic water bottles so I highly recommend keeping one or two in your backpack.

4.     Versatile Knife

How many knives do you need to pack on a hunting trip? Just one, if you make the right choice. Go buy a highly versatile knife with a sawing edge that works for most tasks. Mine is great for setting up my tent, cutting through small pieces of wood, and also sawing through meat bones. Choose a rubber handle that’s easy to grip even in freezing temperatures. Spend your money on a good knife as the cheaper products are difficult to use in low temperatures.

5.     Heated Vest

On any outing in the cold, wearing layers of clothing should protect your midsection. As that’s where our vital organs are, losing warmth from the midsection could put your life in serious danger. In addition to your usual winter clothing setup, invest in a heated vest. It comes highly recommended for those out hunting in extremely cold conditions way up north.

If you don’t like the feel of a heated vest, then don’t forget to insert heat packs in your regular vest. Make sure the external fabric is wind resistant and keeps moisture off your body.

6.     Space Efficient Backpack

I used to think that carrying a large backpack was the best for packing everything I needed for a hunting outing. But it came with serious downsides. The larger backpacks put excessive strain on my shoulders and took up a lot of space inside the tent. I’ve since discovered that it’s not the size that matters, but space efficiency.

Now I have a backpack that comes with a lot of pockets. It helps me keep things organized and also prevents me from packing anything too big or heavy. It’s worthwhile to learn small tricks like how to fold clothes so there’s more space inside your backpack for other things.

7.     Power Bank

There was a time I went on hunts with zero electronic gadgets. Not anymore. I absolutely need my hunting apps to find good trails, track game, get weather warnings, and so on. The problem with constantly using GPS-enabled apps is that it drains my battery like a leaky reservoir. And it’s not as if there are power outlets in the wild.

So now I always pack a high-capacity power bank with the rest of my hunting gear. It can store up to three full charges for my iPhone. It can also charge other small gadgets that use USB cables. If you are a hunter like me who depends on apps, a power bank is a must for your hunting backpack.

8.     Thermal Cushion

I went on a hunt with my father a while ago, and in his old age, he had trouble sitting in the blind. So I got him a thermal cushion that makes sitting very comfortable. Not only did the cushion make it easier for him to stay seated still for a long time, it also kept him quite warm. Now I use one too. The heated cushion provides much-needed insulation on warm evenings and prevents my back from getting sore.

The above are the absolute essentials I take with me on hunting trips during the colder months. Hopefully, it will give you a better idea of what to carry to protect yourself from the cold and minimize discomfort during those long waits.

What is the best outdoor power tool system?

Modern suburban and country houses are incomplete without power tools. Among the most effective and commonly used types of these tools are gardening tools for more information visit Home newtools. Even those who do not like gardening can take advantage of having certain types of electric garden tools.

These tools save time, effort and money. The comfort and aesthetic appeal of a garden can be easily maintained with these tools. From regular lawn mowing to occasional leaf aspiration during the fall, mechanized garden tools offer both practicality and additional leverage in terms of work efficiency.

Homeowners do not need to be gardening enthusiasts to appreciate the usefulness of mechanical gardening tools. This is especially true for those who have homes that are in areas with dense invasive grass and other plant species. Garden power tools are also useful when clearing a large track in preparation for construction.

Numerous power tools are intended, in particular, for farms and could be considered indispensable for daily work activities in rural areas. Some of these gardening tools are very practical in terms of regular maintenance of a self-sufficient agricultural property. For example, chippers are very useful in farming properties that depend on the biomass energy source. A chipper can be used to produce fuel for biomass systems.


An outdoor power tool for realization and the salvation of life is proliferating. When planning your garden, you don’t have to worry about running out of fruit juice. However, choosing the external power supply system can be confusing.


DeWalt launched its Flexvolt power tool platform with great success. Now extend the system to a Max 60V chainsaw, a portable snow plow and a wire cutter. The tools were designed for residential and commercial use just like the rest of the Flexvolt system; the batteries are compatible with the DeWalt 20V Max system, which includes more than 100 products.

We quickly did an old job with a chainsaw, so this system is an excellent alternative to gas supply. If you have a large rebel yard and already bought the DeWalt family of tools, then Flexvolt could be a great solution. 


Makita is gaining power and autonomy by combining two of its 18V batteries with a tool to create a 36V platform. Recently a 36V battery chainsaw was launched with an external brushless motor without a rotor and a control system. Direct comparison training with DeWalt Flexvolt. Makita’s OPE wireless lineup also includes two snowblowers, a hedge trimmer, a lawnmower and two other chainsaws. So many tools to choose from for those who wish to develop their current Makita 18 V systems.


The popular Ryobi One + system provides 18V power at an affordable price. There are more than 70 tools available in the market, including hedge trimmers, hedge trimmers, snowplows, growers and even lawnmowers. These tools are ideal for homeowners or condominiums with limited budgets that do not have much to maintain than the medium-sized patio or yard. Ryobi has a voltage range of 40 V comparable to gasoline instruments and is still generally lower than some professional-level tools.


Worx wants to provide an end-to-end solution for all lawn and outdoor needs. It has not only a complete set of the external power supply but also the most versatile truck in circulation at the Aerocart. The wireless-tools are available in 20V, 32V and 56V configurations that fit the budget and applications of any owner.


The Ego lawnmower has exceeded the expectations of many people and its 56 V outdoor tools continue to surprise. The company is dedicated exclusively to the production of external wireless power equipment around the 56V battery, available in 5 different configurations. In addition to 3 mowers, they also have several versions of chainsaws, hedge trimmers, hedge trimmers, and blowers. With Ego, you will have many options to meet the ideal needs of outdoor power tools. They even have a snowblower for their winter needs. 


The production of external electrical equipment drives Greenworks without an impact on the environment. It ranges from 20V, 40V, 60V and 80V outdoor power tools designed for smaller decks and large commercial lots. Its four-year warranty is one of the best available and gives an idea of ​​investing in high power equipment.


Stihl has been the flagship dog for outdoor power equipment for years but offers a limited range of cordless tools. A Lightning platform was presented, which includes three different wireless tool systems designed for walkways and small yards at large suburban or rural construction sites. Buying in its cheapest range always takes you to a product designed in Germany that bears the Stihl certification mark, which means a lot.


The Milwaukee Fuel-Tool M18, the power tool platform, is one of the most respected in the power tool business. They remain loyal to the main users and have extended it to landscapers, maintenance workers, and construction professionals. Milwaukee has been officially launched the new M18 blower, brush cutter, and hedge trimmer. With a 9.0 Ah battery, they should have enough energy to satisfy professionals, but they are a great addition for anyone with the M18 power tool system.


Husqvarna has built a long-standing reputation for producing gasoline instruments, but like Stihl, it has expanded its line of outdoor electrical equipment to include more battery-powered devices. Its platform is based on a single 36 V battery and is more suited to the professional landscape architect. Recently introduced the Automower robotic lawnmower, which is like a Roomba for your lawn, but its wireless offerings are still limited compared to the competition. 


Black + Decker outdoor power tools have been famous for years and good reason. They offer excellent performance at a reasonable price and are available online and at major retailers across the country. They are equipped with 40 V and 60 V instruments, but their Max 20 V wireless line offers the most options and the best price with a two-year warranty, but it’s hard to beat the price.


Knowing how to use power tools correctly is not enough to prevent you from accidentally hurting yourself during work. Working in an appropriate environment, far from potential hazards, is of great importance. Although not all accidents can always be avoided, it is possible to minimize or eliminate perils even before starting the circular saw.

Whether your workspace is a garage or a warehouse, your free space will determine what equipment and how much use is safe for you in the area. The floor must be flat and uniform, consisting of a solid and non-slippery surface. There must be a lot of storage space near the ground. Heavy tools and sharp objects should never be hung above the head level or loaded with a ladder.

Final Thought

If you have children, dangerous equipment should be closed in a safe and dry place, away from small hands. The floor should have access to a drain if necessary and there should be enough space around the ground equipment to move easily.

Even emergencies must be taken into account. Have a well-stocked first-aid kit, which includes scissors, scotch tape, gauze, medical tape, alcohol pads, and freshwater. A mobile phone should also be nearby in case of serious injuries.

Fire extinguishers and fire alarms should be kept in good condition and checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. Where possible, power tools should have safety features. Additional safety devices, such as glasses and masks, must be kept close.

Electric shock is a common hazard that can be easily avoided. Power tools should be checked regularly before use to ensure that the power cords are not damaged and that there is no moisture. Keep the land clean and dry and never work near water.

Do not overload the outlets. Numerous outlets are required to meet all needs, as well as a three-wire grounding system for 120-volt circuits.

Remember that you will also need enough electricity not only for the power tools using electricity as well as to turn on the lights, the ventilation system, and the heating or air conditioning when necessary. Unplug the equipment when it is not in use and carefully store the power cords to avoid tangles.

Pro Tips For Rving With Babies On Board

Recreational Vehicles are a great utility for a short or long trip with your loved ones. These trips help in building healthy relationships, enhance bonding and spend quality time with your friends and family. RVing with your loved ones is always the best experience.

One should consider all the factors while opting for RV with your family. And when it comes to including toddlers and small children, it becomes a bit tricky. Including a baby with you on your RV outdoor trip is not a bad idea. But it requires a lot of planning and transitions to your normal travelling regime.

In this article, we will take a look at various tips and guidelines that one needs to keep in check while having a baby on board. It will help you plan your trip in a more comprehensive and better way. Let’s dive into the details now!!!

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Tips And Guidelines For Rving With Babies

Babies are a bit tough to handle as they need a lot of care and attention. And when taking them along on a trip, which obviously you have to, you need to be extra careful. It requires a lot of effort and planning to brings your kids with you on a camping trip. You need to list down all the necessary items along with management of the RV interior, route planning, etc. To make it easy for you to perform all these tasks, we have incorporated some of the most basic guidelines to consider before planning an RV trip with your baby.

1.     Securing the baby in a seat

Keeping the most secure seat in the RV should be the number one priority. Deciding on a safe seat for the baby also depends on the type of RV you have. In case of a towable RV, there is no need to make any changes to the car seating. But in the case of motorhomes, there are some factors that need to be taken into account.

  • Check that the seat is not in the front of the motorhome.
  • Remove any loose items off the seat that can harm the baby in any way.
  • Never use the seat that faces sideways.
  • Check that the seat is tightly attached to the place where it is supposed to.

Source: Dss.sd

2.     Sleeping Area For The Baby

Sleeping is the one area where you can get a little hard time from your baby. Babies get complete rest when they sleep and they never like to compromise their sleeping quality. Although they are small in size they make sure they are most comfortable while sleeping.

It is better not to take a full-size crib with you as the RV will be having a limited space. If your baby is old enough to sleep on a bed, then you should consider a collapsed travel bed. It will be an efficient space saver and also it can be folded and kept aside once you are not sleeping anymore.

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Additional Tip: If you are carrying a toddler with you, get the baby to sleep whilst the RV is moving. Kids tend to sleep more easily in a moving vehicle and you can save yourself some time and effort of singing lullabies.

3.     Babyproofing The RV

Most of the RV’s will have sufficient space in them for your kids to run and walk around. But you need to be extra cautious with everything around when travelling with children. To begin, take a thorough walk around your RV and check what all are the risky areas you need to workaround.

Block the areas you do not want your baby to go to. If possible, install a soft carpet for your RV. It may be an offlist item for you but believe me, it adds so much comfort for your kid. They can sit, run or play in the area and you won’t have to worry about them falling on the floor.

4.     Essential Baby Items

Some people think of bringing the baby on a road trip is a hectic and no good idea. But it is not true for a person who is fully prepared and has planned everything accordingly. It can be really fun to take out your kids with you on such road trips. Kids learn a lot by just watching actions and things around them.

Source: havebabywilltravel

There are certain things you need to keep in mind before starting your trip so that you can have the best times:

  • Get your kid a comfortable small size stroller. A good stroller is a necessity for you because you will not only stay inside your RV all the time. When you’ll see a beautiful spot somewhere, you are going to go out and enjoy nature. A stroller will be a very good option as you will not have to carry your little one all the time in your arms. Even you can relax and your child will rest and enjoy in his own stroller.
  • If your child is only 3-5 years old then a high chair is a must for your kid. Apart from having fun at the back of RV, your kid would want to enjoy the route. Your kid should always have an option to sit and directly view the roads. Believe me, it will be the most fun part, you driving your RV and your kid sitting beside you enjoying the ride. There are some chairs available that can be strapped onto the chair, try considering them, they are real space savers.
  • Baby gates are the one thing you should never forget while having such trips. Baby gates are considered as the most helpful things in such trips. It will be a stress reliever for you to not constantly watch the kids not leaving the RV when it’s parked.
  • A baby bathtub can be helpful. As most of the RV will have a stand-up shower, it may become difficult for you to get your kid to take a shower. So keeping a little baby bathtub will definitely be helpful.
  • A bottle brush is an important item to keep with you. While travelling you will have limited resources with you. Keeping a bottle brush will help you clean the bottle easily and will reduce the water wastage and your efforts.

5.     Route Planning, Travel Short Distances

This is one aspect which is very important for you to keep in mind while travelling. Always check the maps and decide a route for yourself before you start with your adventure. Instead of using the back roads, try using known routes.

If you have a kid less than 2-3 years of age, it’s better to travel to a place not very far away. Kids tend to get bored very easily. Although its an option that is very unlikely to happen. But if your child does not like the ride, he/she will start getting irritated. Once that happens it becomes very difficult to handle the situation. So if you are taking a toddler with you, try making a short distance trip.

While planning the route, try taking the route through the cities. Children love getting new experiences and they want to explore everything new they find. So if you take your RV through the cities, it will be more engaging for them. Moreover, it will also help them enhance their knowledge.

Source: Tripsavvy.com


6.     Changing The Interior Layout

You can do various changes in the interior of the RV to benefit yourself in many ways. As mentioned above, you may install a soft carpet RV so that your kid can freely roam and fall inside the RV. Also, you can remove the couches inside the RV to fit the crib for your child. If you will check online, there are many accessories available which may help in little things you do with your kid. Just check the accessories for an RV in a retail store or online and pick the things that you think may help you.

Source: Countrysideinteriors

7.     Playing And Training Items

Going on a trip in an RV is as adventurous as it sounds. To get the most of the experiences, you should carry a variety of things with you for playing and to train your child. It’s not just about travelling all the time but about stopping at a number of places to expose yourself and the kids with nature. You would be teaching your kid to hike, swim, bicycle all over the country. Seeing your kids doing these activities will bring a sense of joy and happiness within you.

Source: familyvacationcritic

8.     Keep The Baby Happy

The most important aspect of Rving is that you want to have a wonderful time for your family. It’s only possible if your kid is having a fun time in the ride. Kid happiness is directly proportional to your happiness. So try doing all the things that make your kid stay calm and excited. Remember, more the kids find the excitement, more the number of memorable moments for you.  

Source: 4.bp.blogspot

9.     Avoid Distractions (Sound, Jerks, Sunlight)

If you just manage a few things correctly, you will not face any troubles throughout your journey. RVs are designed to give you a comfortable experience at all times but a smooth drive will help you have a no trouble journey. Avoid getting jerks on the roads as it may bring discomfort to the child. When outdoors make use of caps for children to save them from the scorching heat of the sun.

Little kids often get irritated with loud noises around them. So avoid playing any heavy metals or rock music all the time. Play music which engages your child and brings a smile to his face.

10.  Bathing Area For The Child

RVs have limited space and all the necessities are needed to be fitted inside, so most RVs will have a stand-up shower. It definitely becomes very difficult for you to make your kid shower in there. So some people make a little separate bathing area for the child. A better option is to take along a little bathtub with you for the kid. Prefer buying a plastic bathtub as they are easy to carry around and you can even take them out when relaxing outside.

Source: Walmart

Pros of Rving With The Babies

  • The most significant benefit of travelling with your baby is that you get to spend a lot of time with your kids.
  • You and your children together can experience so many adventures along the way.
  • Rving is not just about fun but it helps your kids learn more and increases their mind’s creativity.
  • It is the best way to create a lot of memories that last forever.
  • If you have a family at the other end of the country, then you can visit them. The long trip will be fun for your family and you would be able to meet some of your relatives too.
  • If you are fond of seeing new places, then RVing is the best option for you. It’s not only adventurous and fun but also very economical as compared to the other modes of travel.

Travelling with babies is certainly not the most difficult task to do. It may be challenging at times but if you plan everything accordingly, you are definitely going to have some fun time. Planning is the most important part if you want to travel on open roads without worrying. Kids love to explore every aspect of their life and when exposed to new places and people, they just love it.

RVing is the best option for your family to spend some quality time together. You will not only enjoy the roads but the memories you will create will be with each one of you forever. We have mentioned every possible information that you will need on the go, but still, you should learn the experiences of other families. Personal interactions always help you understand more.

Source: https://www.tripsavvy.com/

So start planning your RV trip now and take your family to experience an abundance of fun and adventures all over the country. Have a safe and memorable journey. Cheers!

About Author: Kazi Mohiuddin

Kazi Mohiuddin is a Marketing Manager of TOW-MAX Trailer Parts. TOW-MAX Trailer Parts is the leading trailer parts and accessories supplier in China. Kazi is passionately working for Digital Marketing and SEO strategy. You can find him on LinkedIn and Facebook.)

Know Why Cleartrip Is Irresistible When It Comes To Booking Flights Online

Are you planning a trip and need to travel by plane?  If yes, you would be happy to know that Cleartrip is a one-stop destination where you book flight tickets at highly discounted rates by all the popular and trusted airlines. This ticket booking platform is considered to be one of the best in the business.  At Cleartrip, they have been working relentlessly in order to provide simplified traveling solutions to those travelers, who are looking for a hassle free way to book flights and hotels. Over the years, Cleartrip has emerged as one of the most reliable and reputed names when it comes to booking of flights, hotels and information related to popular holiday destinations.

Cleartrip is a Trusted Name for Hassle free travel

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Cleartrip is Reliable, Fast and Secure and Lots More

There are plenty of travel portals out there, and every single one of them claims to be the best! But, when it comes to choosing the one, then you need to find out that one portal which will be able to render the best performance and outstanding result. Have you ever wondered why millions of flight travelersbook flights at Cleartrip.

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Camping in the Nordic countries – advantages and disadvantages

All Nordic countries are known as a camping-friendly region with the first-class facilities and campsites.

Before you go camping, make sure to purchase a Camping Card Scandinavia valid in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. It is not expensive and is valid for the whole year.

If you are going for a camping holiday to Sweden, it is good to know that there are more than 600 camping sites both for tents and vehicles/RVs/caravans all over Sweden, even in the midst of the wilderness. Most campgrounds have recreational areas for campers and are open year-round.

 Denmark is extremely friendly for camping. In Denmark, camping facilities are of a high standard, and there are a variety of nice locations along the coast, close to cities and in forest areas. Many have activities for kids. However, do not forget that camping outside of camping sites is NOT allowed in Denmark.

Camping in Norway, depending on your location, can be very exciting, or entirely relaxing, there are campsites everywhere in Norway, to stay with tents and vehicles or in cute cabins (or cottages) which are for rent or you can choose a full tour at https://nordicsaga.com and enjoy your vacation.

In Norway, you can camp anywhere outside of towns, except on farmland for 48 hours without open fires in summer. Don’t forget that it’s not allowed to bring animals into Norway.

Benefits of Camping Travel

Nordic countries are known for the spectacular landscapes, and camper value this region for the accessibility and breathtaking opportunities reached with just a bit of exploring. Wherever you camp, this activity has a lot of benefits to consider:

1.You can camp in fantastic locations enjoying fantastic landscapes.

You can pitch a tent in gorgeous locations, enjoy breathtaking nature being as close to it as possible.

2.A photographer’s paradise.

Magnificent nature, wild animals, and rivers and waterfalls are close to you and your camera, presenting a thrill and challenge to photographers.

3. Less Stress

Camping also allows you to get rid of stress. While being in nature, you put much less strain on your mental and physical faculties. You can enjoy some stress-free time at the campsite doing something that you enjoy.

4. Exercise

The most apparent benefit of camping is that you are spending a lot of time performing physical activities. Even if you’re walking, you’re burning more calories than sitting in an office, and if you hike or bike, you’re performing cardiovascular exercise, helping you to keep your heart and lungs healthy.  

5. Good Food

If you are a real camper, you’ll likely eat a large amount of healthy fresh fish, berries, and local farmers’ vegetables on your camping trip. You will definitely avoid preservatives or unnatural ingredients in a freshly caught fish, and the exercise will help you digest better.

Disadvantages of Camping Travel

Even though camping offers many benefits and fun activities  there are also some disadvantages of camping like bugs (bug bites), bad weather (too cold, hot, or rainy), no internet, share a bathroom with everyone at the campsite, get dirty quickly and probably some other.

Despite some inconveniences, most people go on camping trips because they’re tired of the city noise and are looking for an adventure. Whether you enjoy biking, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, camping offers you a way to focus entirely on this activity in the surroundings of nature, which can help you live a longer and healthier life.

Must-Haves on Your Deer Hunting Gear List

November is almost here, a time and season to embark on deer hunting trips. If you are looking for healthy sources of animal protein, deer meat is one of them. Besides, the unique experience that comes with deer hunting can be rewarding. So, to accomplish on-target, swift and humane kill, you should pay attention to the must-haves on your deer hunting gear list.

But, before reviewing the best items you should have in your deer hunting list, it’s important to mention the necessity of obtaining the essential permits from the DEC – Department of Environmental Conservation or other applicable hunting regulatory bodies. You should visit the regulatory body’s website to get the necessary information you would need for deer hunting, such as the following;

  • The duration of the deer season –  usually grouped into weapon class; a season is for guns, while the other season is for archery weapon — bow and arrow et cetera
  • The kind of deer a hunter can tag
  • The number of deer you can tag as a hunter
  • Safety regulations, including hunting hours and clothing essentials

Here are essentials you should have in your deer hunting gear list;

#1: Firearm or Archery Equipment

As mentioned earlier, deer hunting season is grouped into weapon class — the period where you employ guns such as rifle and shotguns, and the other season that requires archery equipment such as bows and arrows. So, it’s all left for you to choose your preferred season— it depends on your skill level as well as personal preference.Regardless of your weapon of choice, hitting your target while hunting depends mostly on how well you can focus with your weapon, and how good you are at keeping it stabilized while shooting.

Those who prefer firearms should be sure to include the following in their deer hunting equipment list:

  • The firearm itself — a rifle or shotgun.
  • A secure gun case to carry your gun safely
  • Ammo –buckshot would be necessary when you engage a shotgun for hunting

#2: Ground Blind

Another essential item you should take with you for deer hunting is the ground blind. In this case, you should not forget to bring the hunter orange blind cap. In most states, a deer hunter is required to use a blind that features blaze orange (not less than 1442”) and can be seen from every direction. The essence is to enableother huntersto see the blind, yet you are concealed by the camo so that you won’t be visible to the deer.

#3: Tree Hunting Stand

You desire to catch a better view of your hunting terrain, don’t you? Then you need a tree hunting stand when hunting a deer. This gear will enable you to tower above the sight level of a deer. It is left for you to decide on your preferred type of tree stand as a hunter. You will need a hunter safety harness along with your tree stand.

#4: Binoculars

If you are a regular hunter, you already know there’s a lot of waiting to do, hoping that a game will show up. This is when you need a pair of good-functioning binoculars so that you can spot the deer long before they are in range.

#5: Hunting Knives

Hunting knives are useful in many ways while you’re in the woods hunting. These include cutting down small branches of trees for the blind or tree stand. The more sophisticated hunting knives come with more components that include can opener and other elements you would find useful as a hunter.

#6: A Range Finder

With the range finder, the chances of missing your shot when it’s time to hunt down a dear are slight. So, you should highly consider the range finder as one of the most essential gears to include in your deer hunting kit.

#7: Deer Drags

You need some aid to take the deer you’ve hunted down to your vehicle or camp. This is where the deer bags come handy and useful. You will need a harness to enable you to drag your game from the rear while facing forward.

#8: Pack the Right Clothing

Also, what you wear for deer hunting is very essential. In terms of dealing with your fellow hunters, sitting for a long time or trying to blend in, deciding on the right clothing is a crucial step. Therefore, here are the standard features of deer hunting clothing items;

  • Orange: You need to find out the amount of orange that you have to wear for deer hunting. So, check the state regulations
  • Camouflage: To look cool and also blend in, you need camo to complement/complete your outfit.
  • Hunting Boots: In this case, the waterproof options are great. The boot should alsofeature Thinsulate to help make your feet stay warm.

Finally, ifyou decide to take a step further in equipping your deer hunting gear kit, you should consider bringing optics — aiming becomes easier with rifle scopes. A game camera is also another option to up your deer hunting, especially when you are hunting on your property. The camera will help you spot where the deer gravitate to.

Overnight outdoor trip essentials for dog owners

Are you planning to take a trip with your dog in the near future? It’s always fun to bring your dogs on trips, but there needs to be careful planning. You need to make sure that you will be prepared for anything when it comes to man’s best friend. Here are some of the most essential things that you need to bring on your trip with your dog.

1.Travel bed

If you are going on an overnight trip, you always bring a sleeping bag right? It should be the same thing for your dog. Bringing a dog bed travel can have many benefits. By having one, you are ensuring that not only you, but also your dog will be comfortable during the trip. It might be too hot or too cold if you just let them rest on the floor. A travel bed will also lessen the stress as it is something they are familiar with. The good thing is that there are many varieties that are lightweight so bringing a bed along with you will be a breeze.

2.Container for water

One thing that you must not neglect to do is to make sure that your dog is always hydrated. While there are some places that can offer freshwater like streams or rivers, it is still best to be ready to give them water any time of the day. If they are not used to drinking water while you are pouring it, you should also consider bringing a collapsible dish. 

3. Cooling collar or dog coat

Whatever you will bring with you depends on where you are going or the month that you are traveling. In the hotter months, you can ensure that your dog is not feeling too hot by bringing a cooling collar with you. It may be adding weight to your luggage, but it is worth it when you see how comfortable your dog will be in the hot weather. If you are going on a trip to a colder place, make sure to bring a dog coat with you, especially if your dog does not have a thick fur. 

4. Food and water

Of course, one thing that you should never be without is food and water for your dog. Make sure that you bring food along with you that will give your energy. You can even bring some treats that you can give them from time to time to make them happy.

5. Poop bags

When it’s time for your dog to relieve themselves, make sure to have a poop bag handy. If you are going hiking, do consider that the trail is not just for you so you should be considerate of other people. No one likes to step in dog poop, so make sure to always clean up after your pet. 

It is important to have the essentials listed above so that you can have an enjoyable time with your beloved pet. Just make sure to always be in control of your dog, especially in public places. You not only want them to feel safe, but to also ensure the safety of the people around you. 

Vancouver Travel Guide for a Short Getaway after a Camping Trip

Vancouver is a popular tourist hotspot with good reason. A firm favorite amongst solo travelers, families, honeymooners and retirees alike, there’s something in the city for everyone and you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking. 

At the same time, you’ll want to tailor your itinerary to make sure that you’re spending your time doing what’s most important to you. The good news is that if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few of our tips to make the most of a quick trip to Vancouver after you’ve been out camping in the region: 

Visit Vancouver Island

Speaking of cruises, you could also head off on a day cruise to Vancouver Island, which is known for its pleasant climate, its tourist attractions and its association with the arts. There’s plenty for you to see and do there, and you won’t want to miss out when you’re so close. You might want to stay over for a couple of nights instead of trying to cram everything into a day trip, though.

Get active at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of Vancouver’s most popular tourist attractions, and with good reason. Sure, it’s best suited for people who have a more active lifestyle, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, then it’s definitely not one to miss.

 Go shopping

If retail therapy is more your thing after a few days in nature, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to go shopping in the city. You can find everything from high-end retail chains to local boutiques with hand-made goods on offer, and it’s the perfect way for you to find a few gifts to take home for friends and family or to grab a souvenir or two.

  Head off on a cruise

One great way to see Vancouver from a different point of view is to think about cruising to Vancouver to see it from the water. There are plenty of different cruising providers running services from all over the world, and even if you don’t plan to stay in Vancouver for long, it can be a great way to enter the country and to make yourself a base for your future adventures. You can even go on a whale watching cruise while you’re there.

Pack light

ULA Circuit Review

One final thing to mention is that if you’re planning on visiting Vancouver, you should pack light and only take the bare essentials in your carry on. You’re bound to want to bring back some souvenirs and some trinkets, so make sure that you leave enough space in your suitcase to fit them in so that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money posting it all home.

Now that you know just a few of your options when it comes to traveling to Vancouver, the next step is for you to start planning your trip and making reservations. Remember that the further ahead you make your bookings, the more money you can typically save. That makes Vancouver a great place to visit for a day or a weekend, and there’s never been a better time to get going. 

How to get the most out of your first camping trip

You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to get the most out of the great outdoors. 

While the British survivalist and former SAS serviceman would undoubtedly be a handy campmate, his bedtime stories about the time he climbed Everest barefoot or fought off a shark with a plastic straw would quickly become tedious. 

And he’d probably insist that you strip off for a naked callisthenics session.

However, without Grylls all up in your grill barking instructions, it’s important you take steps to learn your guy ropes from your tent pegs if you’re to avoid hastily stuffing your tent into the back of your Hyundai and heading for home. 

But help is at hand.

To make your first foray into the wonderful world of camping much easier, we’ve compiled a few top tips to help you and your family get the most out of the kind of holiday that’ll have you wishing you’d done it sooner. 

Take a look, budding adventurer … 

1. Educate yourself

It may seem obvious, but before you even think about setting foot in a campsite or a forest or your back garden, it should be your number one priority to learn everything you can about your equipment and the environment where you’ll be setting up camp. 

This needn’t involve a university-level knowledge of camping paraphernalia (while you’re here, though, our pals at Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning offer an easy way to boost your skills in a number of areas—check out their website for more info) but be sure to familiarise yourself with your gear.

2. Take spare clothes 

How to get campfire smell out of clothes4
Photo via wisebread.com

Although you’ll be busy enjoying the great outdoors—tending the BBQ, jumping in rivers, playing kumbaya around the campfire—it’s still extremely difficult to ignore the weather, especially if it’s raining cats and dogs. 

It’s almost impossible to enjoy yourself if your clothes get soaked and you’ve nothing dry. So, whatever you do, make sure you have a set of clothes with you that you can change into if you do happen to get wet. It’s a real misery-saver – thank us later. 

3. Buy a decent sleeping bag 

Sleeping Bag - How To Stay Warm In A Tent While Camping

Let’s get serious for a second: aside from being uneducated about your surroundings and being wetter than an otter’s pocket, nothing will make you more miserable than trying to get some shuteye inside a sleeping bag that’s thinner than a crisp packet. 

Our top tip is to opt for a goose down sleeping bag. It’s smaller than the sleeping bags you’ll find in budget stores, which means there’s less air to warm. In addition, the goose down filling will give you an extra layer of comfort and protection from the bumpy—and often cold—ground.   

Now it’s your turn …

Do you have any top tips for novice campers looking to make the great outdoors less daunting? What mistakes did you make on your first few trips? Please let us know in the comments section—we’d love to hear from you.

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in RV?

Do you want to know how to dissolve toilet paper in RV?  Maintaining the RV toilet is one of the essentials to do from time to time to prevent its clogging and other problems that may arise due to a clogged toilet.  A part of it is dissolving toilet paper in the recreational vehicle holding tank.

Read more: List of rv safe toilet paper – Best toilet paper for RV

How to dissolve toilet paper in RV

One of the best ways to do that is to use RV holding tank treatments, which work efficiently in dissolving not only tissue paper but other wastes as well. 

The best ones are also eco-friendly, so they can treat the RV toilet and dissolve tissue paper but won’t harm nature. As they’re biodegradable, they can naturally break down without leaving any harmful residue to the environment.   

Some of them are made ofmonohydrate minerals plus micronutrients and can treat up to 40 gallons of black water. They can also be used in treating a grey water tank. These products are also safe to use on home septic tanks.

The products can dissolve tissue paper without you having to add more before emptying or dumping the RV wastewater. For their efficiency, they can also liquefy solid waste and household tissues.

Also, there are RV toilet chemicals with enzyme or bacteria compositions. They are added to the black water tank, aiding in dissolving toilet paper and waste.

Breaking down tissue paper and waste also lets the black water be emptied easier and faster.

Doing so, you can also prevent any material clumping to happen in the tank. If not, it might lead to clogging or blockage. In addition, dissolving toilet paper and waste materials also eliminate tank odors.

How to use RV chemicals to dissolve tissue paper

Before adding any toilet treatments or chemicals, make sure that your tank has enough water to serve as base if you’re starting with a clean tank.

It is also important to have a good water base in the tank before using the toilet.  Otherwise, it might lead to waste clumping that will also cause clogs.

Once done adding water into the tank, just press down on your flushing valve, and then add the chemical down to your toilet. If you’re using the tablet form, you just have to add it to the water.

Using holding tank treatments or chemicals, you’ll dissolve toilet paper and waste, which is very important for the RV toilet.

As you may know, it has a small water amount to flush the waste down to the black water-holding tank, which is only a few feet away from the place that the waste is deposited.

With this kind of setup, unpleasant odors can also easily make their way back up.

As the holding tank travels with the moving recreational vehicle, its content also moves around a lot that might potentially cause a stink.

Do you want to skip the use of treatments and chemicals? If so, you might want to opt for RV toilet paper that’s specifically designed and made for the recreational vehicle. It can quickly dissolve, eliminating you from using any chemical treatments for the holding tank.

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