What Is A Workamper ?

Workamping is one of the jobs which a lot of people tend to be unfamiliar with. While most jobs we know require us to report to a particular office, stay there and work for 8, 10 or even more than half a day, then get paid at the end of a month or week, the job of a Workamper does not really work like this. If you’re curious and would want to know how then this is article aims to answer some of the questions that may come across your mind about them.


What Is A Workamper?

Where does the word Workamper come from?

Workamper is often the term given to those who are into Workamping. Workamping is a term which is a portmanteau of the words “Work”, and “Camping”, and does not come as a surprise given that this is the very nature of their work as well.
The term itself is created by and is an officially registered trademark of Workamper News.The use of the term started out in the late 1980’s, and despite the many misconceptions regarding their work, is still widely used at present.

What does a Workamper do?

​There are practically no limitations, and no solid definition as to what a Workamper does. Basically, a workamper can be anything he or she desires to be. While this job is fairly common among retirees, Workampers can be anything from simple car drivers and construction workers to people owning a business on wheels to other more complicated jobs, such as mobile food service, flea markets, and other types of businesses.

​All that you have to do in order for you to be qualified to be called a Workamper is to have your RV or Recreational Vehicle, go around places using it, and then choose what kind of expertise you would want to take on. It’s really that simple.

​This particular kind of job, while not as familiar as other conventional jobs, is still popular enough to actually even have a magazine with content made especially for them released and distributed on a regular basis.

​Moreover, the job of Workampers, which can also be voluntary instead of something which requires applications, could range from as quick as 1 month to as long as half a year.
One of the popular areas among which Workampers work is through ranches. The following video shows just one of the many possible things Workampers can do:

Who are into Workamping?

Basically, anyone can be a Workamper. Those who are not content with staying in a particular place for long periods of time and those who would want to travel places after several years at work are the ones you commonly find Workamping. It’s both for recreational and for business purposes, as a lot of these Workampers find the time to unwind and relax in places they go to.

They are people of all ages, and across different social statuses, who are into a lot of different fields. Some of these Workampers actually even work for the government, and work for various companies, regardless of how big or how small they actually are.A lot of these Workampers are into adventure, as they use their Recreational Vehicles to go to places, most of which are those they have long wanted to visit, and those in which a lucrative market for whatever services they offer is present.

Those who are into Workamping can either be those who want a productive and active form of lifestyle, even after they retire from their regular jobs or those who simply want to enjoy cash, and other perks of being a Workamper. Furthermore, those who are into Workamping can either be those who want to experience a brand new way of living, or those who wish to begin an adventure of a lifetime, without sacrificing having to leave work behind and still having the opportunity to make money for a living.

How do you become a Workamper and How much do you get paid?

https://www.workamper.com/ is one of the sites which cater to the needs of Workampers. Just like any other job, you need a resume, complete with details on your working background. Despite the fact that a lot of these Workampers are in for an adventure, they still allot a part of their day entirely for work. The pay is and the number of hours by which you work is both highly variable.

Some companies which make use of Workampers require you to work 15 to 20 hours in a single week, and you can be paid as low as $5, to as high as $12, or even $20 an hour. Other companies also hire volunteers for the job, making the application process a lot less tedious.

Furthermore, there are also several volunteer positions up for grabs from either the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Reclamation Bureau, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Positions include interpreters, center attendants, caretakers, and so on.

If you would want to have a more in-depth view on how you can effectively look for Workamper jobs, then you might as well check this video out:

Final Thoughts

Workampers, despite being easily mistaken for other kinds of jobs, and despite the fact that quite a lot of people are oblivious to the existence of this kind of work, is still popular among quite a number of people, in a sense that there even is a circulating publication which is specifically geared towards them.

This is a kind of work which is popular among those who have recently retired, but would want to spend a lot of their time, still earning money for themselves, while getting the chance to see places which they haven’t had the chance to back when they were still working.

But then, being a workamper is open to all, and just like any other kind of job, is still subject to application and scrutiny by employers, and no matter how tempting it may be to just use it for the sake of roaming around, is one which should still be taken seriously.