10 Insanely Fun Camping Drinking Games For Your Outdoor Adventure

Chances are when you go camping; you’ll probably crave for alcoholic drinks. If that is the case, why not organize some camping drinking games for your friends and family?


Outdoor adventures are just right around the corner. That also means that you have to move the drinking and drinking games outdoors. Nothing is better than enjoying a cold drink outside while sitting in best 10 person tent. That’s why we are going to help you enjoy your camping activities, including camping drinking games.

Why Start Some Drinking Games

Have you ever experienced awkwardness at the beginning of a campfire? Or have you ever got bored flipping your burgers or barbecue? Does the cold night make you feel sleepy? You do not have to experience those things anymore! The solution is bringing in the camping drinking games! Not only that they ease your boredom, but they are also extra fun for a group of friends or family.

Today, there are lots of fun drinking games you can try. However, you can also mix the new games with the classic ones. All you need to do is to search for some like-minded people, find some affordable drinks, and check out our ten amazingly fun camping drinking games.

Not only that they are fun to play with, but they are also applicable for non-drinkers. In short, you can play these games with or without alcohol. So, everyone won’t feel left out during your camping trip. Here are some of the most-played drinking games you can try while camping:

Game #1: Beer Pong

Beer Pong

It is a famous drinking game on college campuses. However, beer pong is also perfect for a camping drinking game. What you only need is a flat, extended surface like a table. Also, prepare some ping-pong balls, beer, and plastic cups.

You can play this game in teams of two or you may choose a one-on-one method. The players should prepare 10 cups in a bowling pin manner on every end of the table. You should fill the plastic cups halfway with beer. The players should position themselves on one end of the table.

That way they could comfortably throw their ping-pong balls in the cups on the other tip of the table. The other team must drink the beer if a player makes the shot. Every team gets a chance to make two shots. If both teams make the shots, they regain their turns. However, if one misses a shot, it is the other team’s turn to drink. The game shall resume until the one team consumes the shot in each cup.

Game #2: Alphabet Game

It is an excellent way to have some fun and get drunk so quickly. What you just need to do is to go around in a circle. Then, start uttering a word that begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Also, you need to make a theme. So, if your theme is about “cities,” the first player should say “Annapolis.” The next player should state “Annapolis, Baltimore.” Then, the third player should say “Annapolis, Baltimore, Colorado.” Do this until a person starts to forget one city. That way, they miss a turn, and they must take a shot.

Game #3: I Never

10 Insanely Fun Camping Drinking Games For Your Outdoor Adventure

When you are sitting around a campfire, the players should take turns to say “I never” statements. In a group, anyone who has experienced that must take the drink. For instance, if a player says, “I had never peed outside.” Anyone who has had peed outside would take that drink.

Game #4: What Lodden Thinks

Professional poker players began a game named “What Lodden Thinks.” They try to bet for an answer to a question on poker player Johnny Lodden. Two participants have to come up with a question. Then, they have to bet either for a shot or money. They have to bet on what they think a third party’s answer would be to the question. For example, John and Josh are betting on how many times Arnold thinks the average person takes a bath in a week. The actual answer is illogical and irrelevant. However, Arnold’s answer is the correct answer.

With that, Arnold should think of an answer and keeps it to himself. Then, John and Josh bets on a reply. John may think the best answer is 18 while Josh could say 20. John would say “sold.” That means that John is betting that Josh’s response is below 20, and by default, Josh wins if the answer is over 20. Then, the players ask Arnold to reveal the answer. The loser will take the shot.

Game #5: Bocce

10 Insanely Fun Camping Drinking Games For Your Outdoor Adventure

Bocce is a classic game to take some shot on alcoholic drinks. The team that is the furthest will make the drinks rather than just keeping the score. How many shots? It all depends on how much closer the winning group is in the Pallino or the small white ball. You may get intense on the measurements and give every differing inch a corresponding second of drinking. The only catch is that if a group gets bocce or their ball touches the Pallino, the other group has to chug the beer.

Game #6: Cornhole

10 Insanely Fun Camping Drinking Games For Your Outdoor Adventure

Cornhole is a game that is pretty similar to bocce. It is also great to get drunk and sober. Its simple rules enable it to convert into a drinking game quickly. Every participant may change the rules to the way they like. It is pretty similar to bocce as a drinking game. All you need is a beer, and you will have some fun.

Game #7: Polish Horseshoes

One of the greatest outdoor drinking games is called polish horseshoes. It is just a casual play. However, it can be challenging. All you have to prepare are two sticks or poles, a Frisbee, and beer bottles. There are a few rules of the game. One group will throw the Frisbee. A team will get 3 points for directly hitting the bottle off the pole. Then, a group will get 2 points for hitting the bottle off the stick or pole. The defending team will get the point for catching a falling bottle. You have to play to as many points as you can. Also, you may add any amount to the drinking points.

Game #8: Water Pong

Water Pong is a very fun drinking game. Why? It is because you have to spend time at a lake or a river in this match. It is somewhat similar to beer pong. However, you have to do this in the lake. What’s even better is that you do not need some plastic cups. You just have to obtain a light table and place it in a body of water. House rules of beer pong still apply in this game. Water pong will take every camping trip to a whole new level!

Game #9: Dizzy Bat

The dizzy bat is an ideal match for any situation. There are two variations of this event. Both of them are equally entertaining. One game is a relay play. You have to chug a beer and spin at least ten times. Then, you have to start running at a point and back. Also, you have to tag a teammate, and the next player goes. You may also fill up a ball bat with a beer and a beer can. If ever you strike out, fill the beer up and try again. The dizzy bat is also a camping game for every adult.

Game #10: Dropsky Drinksky

The game works best with a keg. However, you can do it with the cups. What you need to do is to position yourself in a circle filled with cups or kegs. Then, you have to throw a football around. The participants must hold the beer in their hands to make it more challenging. If ever you’ll drop the beer, you have to run in the middle. You may make a keg stand or chug a cup. Next, you have to stand out for a pass and catch the ball. If the player drops it, you have to try again. However, you must be very aware because this game will hit you hard. The game will only prove you that playing with a ball could get you drunk.

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Drinking while camping is such a fun combination. It can also turn a dull campfire into a whole lot of fun. However, to keeps it more alive, you need to make sure that you drink responsibly. Also, remember that you do not have to allow peer pressure get to you. Plus, you need to add some water to the alcoholic drinks. It will make sure that your hangover is at bay. Lastly, do not forget to eat before you enjoy and get drunk. So, whenever someone asks: “does anyone prepared drinking games?”, you do not have to panic!

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