7 Essential Items You Need to Bring on Your Hunting Trip

Preparing a checklist for a camping trip is an easy task but, when that trip turns into a hunting trip, priorities change. It is mostly because of the added element of firepower and the fact that hunting as an activity that stirs up so many variables.

So, in order to be fully prepared, here are 7 essential items that you should bring on your hunting trip:

1. Water

Obviously, water is a necessity on your hunting trip. But, you should keep in mind that anything can happen to your water container. That’s why you need to bring even more water, because most of the time when you’re out there, your worst enemy will be dehydration. When choosing your container, don’t be thrifty. Really invest in this one, because there is no telling what might happen.

2. Car battery

Even in the city, we know how undependable a car battery can be; did you ever wake up feeling refreshed, started going on with your morning routine then went up to your car, tried to start the engine only to find out that the battery had died? Well, imagine that happening in the middle of the wilderness. It can’t be good. That is why an extra car battery or even a jumper kit is a very handy item to bring along.

3. First-Aid Kit

This item pretty much speaks for itself. There are a million ways to get hurt when on a hunting trip. Literally, a million; from shooting yourself to tripping down a cliff. That is why it is necessary to do a check up on the contents just to make sure that everything is fully restocked and within recommended usage period.

4. Tactical Binoculars

During a hunting trip, having tactical binoculars definitely gives you a huge advantage over any target since these binoculars have quite a long range. They will make it easier for you to monitor the game and anticipate its movement. Now, keep in mind when choosing tactical binoculars to make sure that you are buying ones with a large magnification scale, waterproofing, and a good grip.

5. Map

Although you will mostly depend on electrical guiding devices for navigation, you should always keep a detailed map of the area or even a printout from Google Maps with you at all times. It is always a possibility that your navigation device might give in at any moment and when it does, you have to be prepared to do some offline navigation.

6. Recovery Gear

In case your vehicle ever gets stuck somewhere, you need a sturdyself-recovery winch (but if you could modify it to be like this: self-recovery winch like Champion Winches) or something similar. However, you should buy a winch that won’t snap mid-pulling; the rule of thumb is, look for a winch that pulls more than 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle.

7. Satellite phone

It is the one mistake everyone does in horror movies. They go out camping with either a cell phone or no phone at all. That should be a good enough reason to keep a satellite phone handy.

Last words

Don’t be afraid to bring along things that you might not need; it’s better to do that than to have to cut your trip short and drive all the way back home. As the saying goes, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

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