How to Choose the Best .223 Bolt Action Rifle for Practice Shooting

The popularity of the .223 bolt-action rifle is what drives the demand for them up at all times. They are known for being easy to use when it comes to loading them with ammunition and using. The models would vary depending on the price and different features that the models each possess. You might want to take a look at this list of the best .223 action rifles before making up your mind about which one to buy for yourself.


1. Zastava M85 Highlander MK X

This model is among the lightest .223 bolt action rifles you will get on the market today. It is a surprise rifle, as it will give you the best accuracy at a low price compared to some expensive models. The lightweight barrel tends to get warm only after a few shots, but do not worry as it will not impact on the functionality of the model.

The rifle on overall is seen as a great model for those who are looking for an entry level rifle especially those who are new to shooting with the .223 caliber. You could also use this one as a farm rifle by moving with it around in the truck thanks to its compact nature.

2. Weatherby Vanguard Stainless

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The stainless model means that it is better in every way. The model will always deliver the best performance that you would need as a shooter today. Many users feel that it is easy to feed the rounds in the magazine. The trigger on the other hand is also great to use and can be adjusted to fit your use.

The accuracy you get with the model is enough for various uses. You could use the model for field use or hunting, as the accuracy on overall is great. The weight of 9.5 pounds is not bad at all to carry around the rifle on your hunting trip.

3. Howa 1500 Hunter Stainless

This rifle has its origin from Japan and can be quite great in terms of performance. The model is made to look good and still function extremely well as expected. The smooth lines and how the wood fits into the metal often make the model attractive to the users. The design makes it look like an expensive model when it is averagely priced like more rifles.

You still get a good safety feature, making it a great gun for those who might just be starting out as shooters.

4. Ruger KM77RFP All Weather Mk II

Coming from a reputable company, this is a reliable and solid rifle you will buy today on the market. Many people are always impressed by its design and performance. You will get them being quite popular among most hunters who are looking to enjoy some top rifles with the .223 caliber.

Since it comes with the stainless steel stock, it should be easy to maintain for most people. The trigger is also easy to use so that you have an easy time working with the rifle. The accuracy on the other hand is quite well as compared to some models that people are using today. You will also have no problem feeding this type of gun with the right type of ammunition each time when using it.

5. Winchester M70 Stealth

This is a one mean looking rifle you will get to today that is a .223 bolt action rifle. Weighing around 12 pounds is not the lightest model, but it is still one of the best you can get today. The model is designed to be great for precision target practicing and varmint shooting. You can have it resting on a sandbag or a bipod when shooting. The model can easily hold up to seven rounds, which should be sufficient for varmint shooting.

The model combines several options that people would look in different rifles into one big rifle for various uses.

6. Remington M700 LTR

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The Remington M700 LTR is a great model in all aspects. The term LTR means Light Tactical Rifle that offers the best performance for being lightweight. No one wants to walk around with a heavy rifle when there is the option of having a lighter model. With its features, the rifle is seen as being a fine hunting rifle. This is also based on the number of people who are always looking to get it for their hunting activities.

You can easily fit a scope of the model so that you get to improve the accuracy when shooting. As much as it might have a heavy trigger, getting used to it should not take a long time.


You will always be comfortable and confident about hunting when you have the right rifle. The best .223 bolt action rifles list mentioned above is what you need to get started today. These rifles can still be used for training so that you become great at shooting before taking your skills outdoors to start hunting. You should now have an easy time choosing the rifles after having all the necessary information about them.

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