The 5 Of The Best Camping Grill 2017 – How To Select The Best One

Camping is fun, especially if you have packed a lot of foods for an outdoor trip. In cooking outside, there's no better way to do it than having it on the grill. And to make that delicious idea taste better, having the best camping grill is the perfect recipe.

Going out camping is a test for yourself. Aside from the fun that you can get, you will also experience the forces that are unusual to you. Communing with nature is the concept of camping. For these days, camping is a stress-breaker. But to relish camping to the fullest, you also have to experience the joy of cooking and eating outdoors. That's why you need a good grill. Cooking on the spot can sometimes be the highlight of your adventure.


You need no ordinary grills. You need the best camping grill. No matter how good your meat or food are, if your grill cannot keep up, you can't expect that your munching time will be a tasty one.

You can opt using the campfire alone as your means of cooking--if your only meal is just hotdogs. However, for beef, chicken, sandwiches, and burgers, you need to have a good grill. You need to make sure that you can cook them appropriately to avoid bad tastes and sick stomachs.

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Choosing The Best Camping Grill

The 5 Of The Best Camping Grill

There are a lot of camping grills that you can choose. But in picking, make sure that they are truly portable--lightweight, easy to pack, and user-friendly. Camping grills can come in either electric, charcoal, or wood. Depending on your preference, you can choose from these varieties of operation.

In comes to electric camping grills, these are the qualifications that you have to take. First, you should see that it has sufficient power for you to cook a longer period. Make sure also that you have the control to how much heat you will put on the grill.

Of course, consider the weight of the grill and how it is easy for it to be traveled. Do not carry heavy, bulky things while camping. You are not inside your home anymore (At home, you can choose the indoor grill)  The more portable the grill is, the better.

Try to measure up the dimensions of the cooking area of the grill. If you are up for heavy meals, then you need a bigger space for you to cook. But this is a relative criterion. Bigger means that the grill might weigh more. You can cook at a slower pace if you have a small camping grill. But that is just fine if you give priority to weight.

The best camping grill should be wind-resistant. Since you are outside, you have no control over the wind. Therefore, your camping grill should have a protective feature to fend away the wind and to keep the fire alive.

The List of The Best Camping Grill

When you are a camper, and you prefer the touch of portable charcoal grill, then you have to choose the Weber Q 1000. This camping grill can cook evenly and cleanly. You can't even smell any scent of gas. It is light and easy to carry. With a weight of 27.5 pounds, this camping grill has the technical features that can satisfy anything in your palette! Its LP hose supports any average propane tank. Switching it on is easy with its push button for ignition.

​Controlling the heat of this camping grill is easy, thanks to its heat control knobs.

​The body and lid of Weber Q 1000 are made of special aluminum that has a cast iron cooking grates (covered in porcelain enamel) for more controlled heating. Because of the said feature, cleaning this camping grill won't be a problem at all.

​The frame of this rack is glass but mixed up with nylon for it to be sturdier.

​The Weber Q 1000 is quite small. The cooking area of this grill is 189 square inches. Not too small, but certainly not for groups of families that have a big appetite.

​This camping grill has good aesthetics. It is simple looking but got the modern appeal. More than the looks, the entire construction of Weber Q 1000 is 100% corrosion and rust resistant.

​Weber Q 1000 Propane Grill dimensions: 20.5 inches (Height) 27 inches (Width) 23.5 (Length)



  • The grate is easy to remove and clean
  • Auto ignition
  • Heat control buttons
  • Grease tray
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Five-year warranty
  • Not the most suitable grill for jagged outdoor environments
  • Fuel flow is slow (Only 8500 BTU burner)
  • Lid latch not present
  • The wind can blow away the drip tray
Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE


In choosing the best camping grill, missing the Coleman RoadTrip LXE is a grave sin. For now, this grill is virtually somehow one of the preferred camping grill, when it comes to construction and price. It has great technical features that make many campers love this implement.

Coleman RoadTrip LXE is designed for camping and any outdoor activities. If you are looking for a handy, easy-to-carry grill, then this might be the one you are looking for. It has a collapse down design for easier packing and setup. You will never get a hard time moving this camping grill because it has wheels to make the job smoother for you.

This camping grill has an auto and matchless ignition. Complementing that is the technology PerfectFlow system which can make you start cooking in an instant.

The grill grates of the Coleman RoadTrip LXE are warp resistant and are made from two cast irons. These grates are also coated in porcelain enamel for faster cooking and easier cleaning.

It has control knobs for flame adjustment.

With its two 10,000 BTU burners, you can be assured that cooking in this grill is efficient, versatile, and even!

This equipment has a cooking area of 283 square inches, one of the biggest among any camping grills.

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Grill dimensions: 46 inches (Height) 18 inches (Width) 35 inches (Length; Folded) 45 inches (Length; Both side of trays are open)



  • Ignition is matchless
  • Large cooking area
  • Legs and height are suitable for cooking
  • More stable because of added weights
  • Griddle are interchangeable
  • Surfaces of the stove grate grill are accessible
  • Handy because of its wheel
  • Can heat up adequately
  • Heavy
  • The center of the grill somehow blocks the flame
Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill with VersaStand


Looking for a grill that can cater the appetite of medium-sized groups and families? Then the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill might be the perfect one for you. It has a cooking area of 146 square inches, which makes it suitable for small, outdoor cooking trips. In fact, up to six people can grill here at the same time!

This grill is portable and perfect for travel. It will not require a significant space in your car or van since it has a fold and lock feature. You can carry this like a suitcase as it has a handle attach to it. Plus, the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill only weighs 131 pounds. The carrying, setting up, and packing process for this grill are all easy because of these features.

It has two-way foldaway legs that are made from aluminum; thick and sturdy enough to make your cooking area stable. There is also another version of this grill that has longer legs, around waist height, if you like to cook while standing.

The Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill has only 5,500 BTU burner. At a perspective, this grill is somehow underpowered compared to the other brands. But considering its portability, the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet still deserves a position in our list of the best camping grill.

It has a stainless steel burner, aluminum lid, and a cooking grate that is coated with porcelain enamel for easier cleaning.

You don't need to be an astute gourmet to operate the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill. The control knob is already at the center portion of the stove's front. Its propane tank is attached beneath so that grilling wouldn't be more convenient. The side tray of this camping grill also allows you to rotate your food to the plate easier and less messy.

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill Dimensions: 16 inches (height) 16.5 inches (width) 13 inches (length)



  • Easy to mount; ready to cook feature
  • Easy to carry and travel
  • Super lightweight and requires small space
  • Lid latch is lockable
  • Low BTU output but can grill fine and evenly
  • Small cooking area
  • Low BTU output (if you want faster cooking)
  • Has no windshield on the sides
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Portable Grill2Go Gas Grill


​When it comes to grilling technology, the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 indeed deserves a spot in this list of the best camping grill. This cooking implement does not require flare or flame to cook. Instead, it uses a safe, controlled variety of infrared to power it up.

Grilling on the go is convenient and easy for this grill because of its portable features. It has a sturdy steel construction and latching lid that it can survive even the meanest outdoor conditions. You can operate this camping grill through its push-button ignition that requires no batteries at all. Cooking is not a problem for Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 as it has a 9,400 BTU burner, complemented by its disposable 16.4 ounce LP container.

This grill has 200 square inches of cooking space that allows you to cook different meals at once. Although it has a rugged, metallic construction, this grill only weighs around 20 pounds which make it easier to carry anywhere.

Adding to its portability and survivability features are its aluminum lid and die-cast firebox. Its lid is tightly affixed to the entire grill so that you can cook even with limited space, while its large handle will enable you to close safely and open the lid. Packing this grill can be hassle free through its heat-resistant handles made from the Cool-Touch technology.

You can also be sure that the steel of Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 is corrosion and heat resistant. Its stainless steel grilling grate also allows cleaning to be quicker and thorough.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 dimensions: 15.7 inches (Height) 23.7 inches (Length) 13.6 (Width)

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  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Light despite the looks
  • Size can cater large cooking
  • Everything is tightly in place
  • Latching lid is secure
  • No flare ups
  • Can get scalding because its temperature settings are hard to control
Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill Stove


​When looking for the best camping grill, having helpful features are a must. This is the reason why Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill is here because it is a combination of grill and stove. Such feature alone is essential and convenient already, comparing to the hassle of carrying those two separately.

One side of the Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill is a grate made of nickel and chrome while its other end is a die-cast aluminum grill. The stove and the grill can both perform at 10,000 BTUs. Boiling and simmering can be done at the same time! Everything is compact and well-placed; carrying it anywhere won't be a problem through its built-in handle.

You can pull down the lid to cover your food for more efficient, tastier cooking. It also has two-way windshields to prevent any wind gusts from messing your cooking.

This camping grill won't get its name if had no push-button ignition.The Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill has a propane container with a capacity of 16 oz. If you are planning a longer trip, this grill can allow you to replace its propane canister with a larger one. But if you will do this, you have to buy a propane hose. No need for further technical knowledge; connecting the hose and tank is safe and pretty easy.

Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill Dimensions: 5.6 inches (Height) 13.5 (Weight) 21 (Length)



  • Lightweight; easy to carry
  • Have protective windshields
  • Grill and stove combination
  • Easy to remove grease tray for faster cleaning
  • Stove and grill heat fast
  •  Windscreens are too small for stronger wind gust
  • The lid can't close entirely to the base


To summarize, here are some the best and highly recommended camping grills that you should try.

The camping grills can assure you that cooking while outside is not messy and hard. With the qualities and particular technical features that each of these tools has, you can never go hungry even you are outdoors. Camping with any of these cooking utilities will guarantee you that you can cook anytime with ease and comfort!

But in this list, we have to declare the Coleman Roadtrip LXE Grill as the best camping grill. It has all the features that you need for outdoor grilling. It has survivability and durability features, plus it is portable enough that you can carry it anywhere. Aside from that, it has good technical features that can make your cooking faster and less messy.

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