How to Find the Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots

Hunting in the colder seasons might require more than just regular hunting boots. You will need extra protection and extra warmth to keep you more comfortable than usual. To help you find the best cold weather hunting boots, we will discuss some important features you should look out for. With the many options in the market, you’re going to want to ask these questions first.


​What is the hunting environment conditions?

Aside from the fact that you’re hunting somewhere cold, what else do you know about the environmental conditions? Is it rocky, slippery, uneven, or all of the above? Will you be doing a lot of hiking or climbing? You need to know this so you can determine what ankle support and traction work best.

You want the boots to be able to grip to the uneven and slippery terrain. In addition, you also want it to be supportive, preventing your feet from slipping back and forth inside the boot. The right boots may need breaking in, but shouldn’t lead to rubbing and irritation.

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Is it waterproof?

Most cold weather boots are waterproof or water resistant because insulation is most likely ineffective if wet or soaked. If your hunting grounds entails a lot of standing or hiking in water, then waterproof is necessary. It will also protect you from getting damp from the mist, grass, rain, and other wet situations.

You might also want to consider the height of the boots. Taller boots offer more protection and are ideal for those who will be near or in water. On the other hand, shorter boots are good for wet grass, light rain, and low levels of water.

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How good is the insulation?

Cold feet can ruin a hunting trip too quickly, so when buying boots for cold weather, check its insulation capacity. There are different grades of insulation so you can choose what is appropriate for you. The heavier and thicker insulation like fleece or neoprene is ideal for cold weather.There are also options where you can remove the insulation so you can also wear the boots in warmer conditions.

Is the fit comfortable?

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Some questions you want to ask yourself as you choose are: Will you be wearing the boots for long periods of time? Are you going for long hikes to your hunting grounds? Comfort is one of the major factors you want to consider, so think of the fit, the softness, the support and the warmth it gives.

Again, you want the boots to have a good fit. You don’t want your feet to be moving back and forth inside the boot because it can cause irritation and blisters. When installing, make sure you take into consideration the thickness of the socks you plan to wear. If you can, wear them or bring them with you for the fitting.

Is it important to get camouflage?

As a hunter, you have to take measures to blend in so your prey can't spot you. That's why many boots have a camouflage design. However, it's totally up to you what kind of plan you should get, whether it's camouflage or a plain color. The more important thing is that you are careful not to make sudden movements or noise that will scare off your prey.

Top 5 cold weather hunting boots

1. LaCrosse Men’s AeroHead 18” 3.5mm Hunting Boot


Lacrosse Footwear Company has been around for over a century creating rubber boots, not for hunting and other purposes. The AeroHead is particularly ideal for cold weather hunting. It features 3.5mm neoprene insulation and polyurethane shell for extreme comfort and durability. It also has soles that are great for all kinds of terrain. The Aerohead technology has such a great fit that's comfortable and offers a lot of support.

Like most hunting boots, the AeroHead Hunting Boots are waterproof. But what makes it stand out among the many options is that the seams have double stitching. These stitches are also bonded and taped, then finished with an abrasion resistant coating for better quality.

  • Pretty lightweight for boots. Each pair is about 5.1 pounds.
  • The insulation is not bad. Along with the waterproof feature, it's sure to keep your feet dry and warm.
  • The height is pretty decent and allows you to step or stay go in the water at a certain depth.
  • The rubber does not get extremely hard in cold temperatures or sticky in warm temperatures.
  • It has outsoles that are pretty great for different kinds of terrain. The traction is excellent.
  • You don’t need to break in them. They are pretty comfortable to start with and all for long periods of use.
  • Sizing might be tricky to get right. If you can, try them on with the socks you plan on using in them. In most cases, a half size up is the closest fit.
  • Tucking your pants in the boot might be difficult.

2. MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot


As the name suggests, these hunting boots were made for extreme cold. The MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro are 100% waterproof thanks to the neoprene shell construction. It is equipped with 2mm thermal foam for insulation, which is sure to keep you warm enough for the Arctic.

Another significant advantage of the Arctic Pro is that it features an air mesh moisture lining to keep your feet dry. The shaft is about 17 inches long to ensure you stay dry. If you’re hunting in thick snow and extreme cold, these are one of your best options for sure. However, they might not be so ideal for hunting trips with a rocky terrain.

  • One of best-regarding warmth. They can keep your feet warm in temperatures up to negative 50 degrees Celsius.
  • They are 100% waterproof, with 17 inches in height for protection.
  • You can also use them as koozies.
  • It’s also oil resistant.
  • The insoles are quite comfortable.
  • The traction is substandard on ice or moderates to the severe terrain.
  • It’s a large pair and bulky pair, which is difficult to pack.
  • Quite pricey.

3. Bogs Men's Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot


The Bogs Classic High Boots are perfect for whatever activity in the cold, including hunting. It is 100% waterproof with a height of 14 inches and circumference of 16 inches. The rubber is comfortable and can combat harsh environmental conditions. It also has 7mm Neo-Tech insulation that has a comfort rating of up to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whatever terrain you’re hunting, you want your boots to have excellent traction. The Bogs Classic High Boots have a non-slip and non-marking outsole that’s pretty great in most terrains and wet conditions. They offer a nice snug fit as well which is very comfortable and supportive.

  • Camo design allows for more tactful hunting.
  • Keeps feet warm in temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Considerably lightweight, at 4 pounds per pair.
  • It has non-slip outsoles. They are also non-marking and easy to clean.
  • Putting on thanks to the large opening is easy. It still fits snugly and is quite supportive.
  • Can get a little uncomfortable during long walks, especially in the ankle part.
  • Sometimes makes squishy sounds in water or mud which defeats the purpose of trying to be discreet.

4. Irish Setter Men's 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17" Hunting Boot

Irish Setter's Vaprtrek Boots are very popular among hunters. They are very rugged and durable. The Vaprtrek 2875 is a 17-inch pair that has full grain waterproof leather. It also features RPM technology, which is a composite material that is lighter, comfortable, and durable. Also, it has Armatec heels which protect the boot from abrasions.

Another feature that stands out is the ScentBan, which is in the different materials of the boot including the leather, the lining, and the footbed. This technology kills odor causing bacteria.

  • The fact that it is leather makes it stand out among the rubber options. It’s more stylish than the others.
  • It also has UltraDry waterproofing system that includes a moisture wicking lining to the waterproof parts.
  • ScentBan keeps the shoe from smelling bad.
  • Has great outsoles for any terrain
  • It has a memory foam collar for more comfort.
  • You can walk for miles in these boots.
  • Not ideal for extreme cold, but you can use it for mid-season hunting.
  • A bit pricey.
  • You might need to adjust the lacing now and then.

5. Guide Gear Men's Monolithic Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots

The Monolithic Waterproof and Insulated Hunting Boots by Guide Gear is another great option for cold weather hunting. It's made of full grain leather with nylon uppers which are waterproof. It's a very comfortable option, thanks to the inner padding and cushions that are soft and breathable. For warmth, the manufacturer claims 2,400 grams of Thinsulate, which can offer warmth in negative temperatures.

The boot is also waterproof, with the insides of the boot closed with a semi-permeable membrane. Still, the water and sweat can still escape, thus promoting dryness and preventing any foul odor. The rubber lug outsoles offer a pretty good traction as well, so you can use them for most hunting tracks.

  • It provides excellent traction and support. The laces are also easy to adjust for a better fit.
  • Keeps the feet warm up to around negative 10 degrees Celsius environment.
  • They are pretty affordable.
  • The insulation does not live up to manufacturer’s description, but they’re still pretty good for up to negative 10 degrees.
  • These boots are not as long lasting as I wanted because the leather wears out very quickly.
  • It’s pretty low so that water might get through.


When it comes to hunting, having the right boots are crucial. They need to be supportive, comfortable, waterproof, and durable. Otherwise, your hunt is cut short because of discomfort or injury. To find the best cold weather hunting boots, you need to consider the important things which are waterproof ability, comfort, insulation, and fit.

For me, the best cold weather hunting boots are the LaCrosse Aerohead boots because they have the essentials. They are very lightweight, warm, and supportive. The outsoles also offer excellent traction in almost any kind of terrain. However, the other options are also great. Comfort is subjective, so you might want to try them for yourself. You should also keep in mind the hunting conditions, which should help you choose the insulation and traction performance.

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