The Best Ear Plugs for Shooting Every Gun Geeks Should Get

Shooting without any wearing any protection in the ears is certainly absurd and risky. You just have to know that your guns (without a silencer) can certainly wreck your earbuds every time you fire them. Therefore, having the best earplugs for shooting are quite a necessary amenity.


Of course, we have to exempt those military and tactical personnel. Those guys have been trained to rain down their targets without caring for their hearing. However, we are not saying that they are immune from the possible ear damages. In fact, one of the reasons why some of the soldiers suffer from PTSD is because of their exposure from the sound of gunfire barrage.

We are not scaring you. However, we are just stating the possible things that could happen if you don't protect your ears from the extreme noise level caused by the gun.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to invest on those expensive earmuffs on your first purchase. Alternatively, you can just opt for small but convenient ear plugs to seal off your ears while you are shooting. They are cost-efficient and doesn't require too much tweaking before you can use them.

Check your best options for these specialized earplugs here!

Ear Plug Buying Guide

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

As a consumer, you should know that not all earplugs are suitable for any application. Specifically, we should say that there you have to get a particular type of earplug that would protect your ears from the loudness of gunfire. When it comes to shooting, many would suggest that wearing earmuffs is the best choice. Of course, we won't deny that.

However, some users find that these accessories are too bulky and distracting. Therefore, if you want a convenient choice, then an earplug would be great. But how can you guarantee that a particular pair of earplug can protect your ears?

Best Ear Plugs for Shooting

Noise Reduction Feature​

The mechanism of a noise reduction earplug is just the same as your acoustic earmuffs. This component is necessary because it can effectively diminish the risk, you should use hearing protection due to the constant exposure to extreme noises. This earplug is usually hooked to your ear canal. Moreover, it either comes in the form of silicone or a specialized acoustic foam.

If the earplugs came from the United States, make sure that the product has Noise Reduction Rating on its packaging. In this way, you can determine the level of protection that the earplugs can give you.

In fact, you can already gauge the amount of protection that the earplug can give. Of course, you have to equate it with the gun that you are using. The only thing that you have to do is to lower the indicated Noise Reduction Rating by half.

  • For example, if you are using a 22 caliber rifle (usually have a working sound of 140dB) and your earplug has a rating of 30 decibels, then you should get this equation:
  • 30dB/2 = 15dB
  • 140dB - 15dB = 125dB

Of course, the amount of noise reduced by the earplug isn't that great. In this case, you have to consider that earplugs with high Noise Reduction Ratings can give enhanced protection to your ears.


Nobody wants to wear an earplug that doesn't feel right in the ears. Specifically, you don't want to hook an earplug that doesn't fit into the openings of your ear. Moreover, you should not buy an earplug that is too big because they will just hurt your hearing organ.

Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to try the earplugs first before buying them. In this way, you can save yourself from wearing nuisances and irritation.​

Ease of Use​

The earplug that you are going to buy should be easy to use as well. You should be able to wear and remove them in a breeze. Furthermore, the foam of the plug should not expand too quick. Otherwise, you will have to consume time on squeezing them before you can fit them in your ears.

The Fit​

You will never enjoy an earplug that consistently falls on your ears. Instead, the earplug should have a mechanism that allows to secure it regardless of your pace. For example, we know that hunters always do these vast and explosive movements to keep track of their targets!

Of course, there are a lot of configurations and design for a secure fit. Therefore, the only thing that you have to do is to choose which one do you prefer!​

The Type of Activity​

We already mentioned that not all earplugs could fit for shooting applications. After all, you have to consider their innate noise reduction capabilities. Therefore, you should pick an earplug that is specially made for gun firing. Otherwise, you won't get the adequate noise protection that ears need.​

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Best Ear Plugs for Shooting: Full Review​

The Decibullz is a rugged pair of earplug that will certainly keep the noise down. This device has received positive commendations, in particular among the ranks of US Military Force, due to its capability to dampen even the strongest volume. When we tried it on the field, we felt the same. It simply negated the loud sound of our .50 caliber.

The design of this earplug seemingly contributes to its fantastic performance. Specifically, you can adjust the shape of these earplugs so that it can fit your size. Just heat its thermoplastic molds in boiling water. Afterward, take them out and cool them down. In this way, the mold will soften a bit, perfect for ear-shaping!

Moreover, this earplug doesn't hurt your ears at all, even if you use them for a long time. It fits securely as well. Regardless of your activity, you won't lose this pair of earplugs at all!


  • It is a high-quality custom-molded earplug
  • Effectively isolates noise, regardless of their volume
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Sticks to your ears unless you remove them
  • Ideal for various applications


  • You can't leave these earplugs in areas that are too hot (since they are moldable by heat)
  • It requires several molding before you can find the perfect fit


The SureFire EP4 can provide you with a guaranteed 24dB noise reduction rating. It is an excellent pair of earplugs that comes with filter caps so that you can still hear the ambient sound safely. Moreover, this earplug has triple-flanged stems that you can adjust comfortably. The latter ensures that your ear canals are sealed.

One of the most impressive features of the SureFire EP4 is its low-profile construction. With this, you can use the earplugs even if you are wearing a helmet or mask. In fact, you can use this is a supplemental protection to your earmuff!

This earplug stays on a place, thanks to its patented Earlock system. Specifically, the latter is using rings to lock the crucial contact points of your ears. Aside from the guaranteed secure fit, the system also enables the same fitting every time you are using them!


  • Made from high-quality medical polymer
  • Low profile design for maximum convenience and wearability
  • Doesn't' wear off quickly
  • Guaranteed to stay in your ears
  • Sound isolation feature is great


  • It is quite difficult to gauge its size
  • It takes time before you can insert them in your ears

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Just like the SureFire EP4, the SureFire EP4 also offers a 24dB noise reduction rating. Therefore, you can hear all the sounds in your environment safely. Of course, this is essential if you are going to hunt with your team! The EP7 is using Canal Comply Tips (memory foam) as its way of securing the seals in your ear canals. It also contributes to the comfort that you can feel when wearing this pair of earplugs.

You can use the EP7 in various applications aside from shooting. You can use in your construction work, swimming, and other activities that can harm your ears. Furthermore, the ear is pretty wearable, regardless if you are wearing other headgears (e.g. earmuffs and helmets). In short, it works the same as the EP4 earplug.

The body of this earplug came from a hypoallergenic polymer. Therefore, you won't feel any irritation while these earplugs are in your ears. Since the polymer has a "medical-grade" quality as well, you can assure that the earplug is very safe to wear!


  • EarLock system allows a secure and tight fitting to this earplug
  • Rugged and long-lasting earplugs
  • Noise reduction is great
  • Wearable in any conditions and activities
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The foams are not easy to clean
  • They don't come with a case for storage purposes

The Black Bullet is an excellent pair of earplugs. Unlike other earplugs that you can see on the market today, this one can preserve audio clarity while reducing any existing muffling effect. Therefore, the earplug can protect you from damaging noises, but can still allow you to hear other people. In shooting and team hunting, this feature is impeccably important!

The earplug itself has a ribbed construction to ensure comfort and fit. Although it is not using foam, you can still guarantee that it is comfortable to wear. Specifically, it is using silicone molds that enable the earplug to fit your ear canal perfectly. The molds are hypoallergenic as well. Therefore, you can just simply enjoy wearing this all day long!


  • 21dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Exceptional silicone molds that can automatically adapt to the shape of your ear canal
  • Sticks well to your ears
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It has a waterproof "bullet" case


  • Doesn't work for sleeping or swimming
  • The shape of its case is somehow awkward (it is pointed as well, so you might find it dangerous)

The Safe N Protect EP0132 earplugs are the last candidate on this list. However, its quality is second to none! This one can effectively shut down any abrasive, damaging, and annoying sounds wherever you go. It also an excellent choice for shooting applications because it can offer 32dB noise reduction rating.

Each of the earplugs is made from a high-quality noise-isolating foam. Moreover, it has a comfortable texture as well, which makes it "ear-friendly." You will also love the fact that fitting this earplug is not difficult. They are very flexible and can easily adapt to the shape of your ears. The earplugs are good in sticking in your ears, too. Therefore, you should not worry about them falling off easily.


  • Comes in 50 pairs
  • Perfect for various applications
  • It can fit perfectly in your ears
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • High noise reduction rating


  • It takes time before the earplugs expand to your ears
  • It is somehow costly

Final Verdict

Having an appropriate pair of earplugs in your shooting and hunting escapades can make the difference! They can allow you to fire your gun without being distracted by the noise that it creates. Moreover, they protect you from long-term hearing damages.

Each of the earplugs that we featured here is of the best quality. However, it is the Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs that takes the limelight. The reasons are relatively simple but convincing. It is comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, you can mold the earplugs so that you can get the perfect fit! It also sticks well to your ears. And most of all, its noise reduction is just outstanding. In short, it is among the best earplugs for shooting that you should try!

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