The Best Scope for Marlin 336 (And Other Things You Need to Know)

When it comes to deer hunting, one of the most sought rifles is the Marlin 336. Despite being an all-time classic, this gun has an outstanding precision and accuracy that hunters love. But of course, its performance could still go up if it has a decent scope on it. And for that, you will need the best scope for Marlin 336.


Specifically, the Marlin 336 is a lever-action rifle. It is an old-school mechanism that allows integrates full control and reliability to this gun. Currently, most of the Marlin 336 rifles have .35 Remington and .30 Winchester chambers. If you are well-versed with rifles, you know that these cartridges have excellent close and medium range accuracy.

Some would rely on the iron sights that some Marlin 336 rifles offer. But of course, it is undeniable that optic scopes are way better than its traditional counterpart. Typically, .35 Remingtons and .30 Winchester rifles have been used to clock 300-yard targets. Although this distance is not far, it doesn't mean that your setup doesn't need a scope anymore.

There are a lot of options for Marlin 336 scopes. The market today has been quite flourishing when it comes to this shooting accessory. But on this article, we will only feature the best. Do you want to know them? You should read on!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Rifle Scope

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Nothing can deny the fact that rifle scopes provide an invaluable service on the field. It eliminates the need for you to do the guessing work. At the same time, it also reduces the chance of missing your target. With this device, your success in your hunts and games are doubled.

But of course, not all rifle scopes can make you happy. If you are not careful in choosing, you might end up with a bad product. Obviously, it will give you tons of regret and nuisances.

Here are the things that you should consider to avoid such unlikely predicaments:


The capability of a scope is somehow anchored to its magnification. Specifically, such term indicates the maximum capacity of a scope to zoom in a target. For example, a scope that has 15x magnification means that it can view targets 15 times closer. Therefore, an object that is sitting at 150 yards will appear like it is only 15 yards from you.

There are two types of magnification. The first one is the fixed magnification. The latter means has a default magnifying power that you cannot adjust. It is not that flexible compared to variable magnification. However, its reliability and simplicity are very notable.

The second type of magnification is the variable. It is much more versatile than fixed scopes because it allows you to adjust its magnifying power. If you are dealing with different terrains and weather, this is the best choice. You can know if a scope has a variable magnification if the rating is like this: 3-9x, 6x-15x and so on.

Field of View

The field of view (or FOV) simply refers to the horizontal space that you can see through your scope at 100 meters. Of course, you can say that wider FOVs can give better results than those that have minor capacities. Moreover, you should know that FOV is somehow dependent to the magnification. Apparently, the more you increase the magnification, the smaller the FOV becomes.

Objective Lens Diameter

Another important thing that you should consider about scopes is their objective lens diameter. Specifically, this component indicates the quantity of light that the scope can cater. In the realm of scopes, the light transmission has a crucial role. It enables the scope to gain optimal vision even in dark and less visible conditions.

There are different objective lens diameter. For example, those 32mm objective lenses are lightweight. However, they do not let light pass through them. As a result, they are only suitable for daylight conditions.

On the other hand, those 40-44mm or higher objective lenses have an excellent light transmission. However, you should expect that they will come bulky and cumbersome.


The Best Scope for Marlin 3363

The reticle of the riflescope is your assistive guide to shooting. It is the line or circle that are embedded in the lens of your scope. Moreover, reticles could also help measure wind range and distance.

Today, the most common reticle is the crosshair. The latter comes in either fine or thick design. Choosing which style would suit you is just a matter of preference. However, we do recommend that you should pick an illuminated reticle. This is a great feature, especially for night shooters.

Lens Coatings​

The scope that you should choose should have a weatherproof lens. As much as possible, the lens should be rigid and immune to external detriments. Coating the lens allows it to develop resistance against glare. On the flipside, it also improves the light transmission and contrast of the scope. Here are the types of coatings on the lens glass:

  • Coated - This suggests that the lens only has a single layer of coating on one or two of the surfaces of the lens.
  • Fully coated - It is still a single layer of coating. However, it covers all the external surfaces of the glass.
  • Multi-coated - One surface of the lens comes with various layers of coating.
  • Fully multi-coated - All of the external surfaces of the glass has multiple coatings.

Of course, it is also necessary that you have to be keen on the durability and sturdiness of your rifle. It should have an absolute defense against dust, fog, and water. After all, hunting will leave you at the mercy of Mother Earth. If your rifle and scope cannot resist such uncontrolled factors, then you won't make any success at all!

These are some of the essential things that you should learn about rifle scopes. Get them right, and you will never get a flimsy and undeserving scope.

Best Scope for Marlin 336: Full Reviews

In this section, we will feature all the capabilities of each of the rifle scopes that we listed in this article. We have carefully scrutinized each of these scopes on the field to make sure that they can live up to their names. Here are they!​


We just love the performance of the Weaver K4 4X38 Riflescope. It is one of the old-school optics that you can work well with traditional .30-30 caliber rifles like the Marlin 336. The scope uses a fixed magnification of 4x. It is a great thing considering that this gun is ideal for close range hunting. After all, the rounds of this guns work well for short range applications.

A fixed magnification allows the rifle to get a zero while you are firing it. You could also expect that you can hold a zero if you are just using a utility gun. Meanwhile, the Weaver K4 comes with a multi-coated lens. Therefore, you can expect that its visual clarity is top notch. Moreover, it has an enormous field of view that enables you to have a full vision of your target. It is also notable that the lens is large enough to cater your eyes.

When it comes to construction, the Weaver K4 is indeed reliable. Specifically, this device has an aircraft-grade aluminum body. You can guarantee that its body can resist even the harshest terrain and weather conditions. Also, this scope comes with a 100-yard MOA adjustment. We have tested it on deer hunting, and this guy can hit the target!

Best Overall Scope for Marlin 336​


  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Ideal for .30-30 rifles like Marlin 336
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Optimal and reliable magnification power
  • Excellent light transmission


  • It is a little heavy
  • Some suggest that variable magnification is better for this scope

When it comes to versatility and practicality, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II is an excellent option. This particular scope gives you an extraordinary eye relief that enables an easy forward mounting.

Meanwhile, it comes with a variable magnification power of 2-7x. The adjustments are just perfect for medium-range rifles like the Marlin 336. Moreover, we also noticed that this scope is pretty lightweight. It should have a weight of only 12 ounces. Therefore, it won't take a toll on your setup.

This rifle scope is using the V-Plex Second Focal Plane Reticle. With this component, the scope gives you precise aims at your targets. The housing of this scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, just like the Weaver K4. Therefore, you can guarantee that it can withstand harsh conditions and various external detriments. The aluminum tube also comes with reset turrets.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II features a generous 5.2 - 18.3 feet per 100 yards field of view. It just complements the diameter of its objective lens with has an exact size of 32mm. The O-ring seals and nitrogen purging construction of this scope improve its overall resistance against fog, dust, moisture, and snow any terrains. Of course, the surfaces of the lens of this device comes with multiple layers of coating. It can resist glares and reflection for optimal light transmission.

Best Lightweight Scope for Marlin 336​


  • Weatherproof and shockproof body
  • Generous field of view
  • Ideal for any types of terrains
  • Light transmission is pretty decent
  • It is lightweight


  • It is still not suitable for dusk and dawn hunting
  • There is a parallax issue on this scope

It is a little-known fact that most American hunters have tried using Leupold scopes on their rifles. Therefore, it is not a surprise to us if they would still opt for the same brand for their .30-30 rifles. Of course, the company can offer a lot of options for this. But among them, the best choice would be the Leupold VX-3i. This particular rifle scope has an internal machinery that provides optimal target acquisition. Moreover, its body is durable and rugged, too.

The Leupold VX-3i scope comes with Twilight Max Light Management System. This particular technology improves the image resolution of the scope by intensifying its brightness and colors. Moreover, it allows the scope to have a sharp contrast throughout your whole field of view. On the other hand, the Dual Spring Precision Adjustments enhances the overall functionality of this device. Most of its controls, including its power selector, are easily accessible.

The exterior surfaces of the lens of the Leupold VX-3i received a patented DiamondCoat 2 treatment. Specifically, it is an ion-based coating that amplifies the light transmission capabilities of this scope. Furthermore, it also covers the lens with anti-abrasion properties. In fact, this particular type of surface is already beyond the international military standards. We can say that it is sturdy and durable, perfect for extreme terrains.

Best Low-light Scope for Marlin 336​


  • Extremely durable and rigid lens
  • Impressive light transmission
  • Tube is water and shock resistant
  • Eyepiece can achieve fast focus and target acquisition
  • Comes with a 2-7.8x magnification power


  • It is slightly pricey
  • It is somehow heavy

Another great option for a Marlin 336 rifle scope is the Nikon Buckmasters II. This one has a durable construction, with a decent set of features that can benefit your overall performance in the field. It has a lens which is treated by multiple layers of unique anti-reflective coatings. With this design, the Nikon Buckmasters can guarantee that it can block almost 92 perfect of the sunlight's reflection.

This tool also sports a Bullet-Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle. With this component, the entire scope can calibrate and adjust itself so that it can provide quick aims for short and medium distance targets. Of course, you will benefit deer-hunting rifles like the Marlin 336. The same system also improves the shot repeatability of this scope. The aims don't go off, regardless of the recoil strength.

Just like other scopes here, the Nikon Buckmasters features a durable housing. The aircraft grade aluminum is 100% resistant to the permeation of water and fog. The tube also comes with O-ring seals and nitrogen purged construction to ensure that moist won't compromise the internal components of this device. Overall, it is easy to say that this scope is perfect for unfriendly terrains and weather conditions.

Best Scope for Marlin 336 for Simplicity and User-friendliness​


  • Multi-coated lens
  • Decent light transmission
  • Durable and weatherproof construction
  • BDC reticle improves the scope's accuracy
  • Functional and easy to mount


  • The reticle doesn't come with a lighting though
  • Some think that its power is not yet sufficient


If you want an affordable option, you better check out the Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope. It is a good scope that can perfectly match .30-30 cartridges. The optics of this device has a full coating to ensure that glares and reflections won't bother you. It also notable that this scope has a recoil-proof construction. We tested it on the field, and we found out that its accuracy doesn't deter even after successive shots!

The Simmons 8-Point also features a 1/4-MOA Suregrip with audible windage and elevation controls. The said adjustments would release a "clicking" sound once you got the perfect configuration. Moreover, the elevation and windage adjustments are using the patented TrueZero Technology. The latter always stay at zero, regardless of the condition and settings. Furthermore, its proprietary OTA eyepieces improve the target acquisition of this scope.

Of course, it is pretty surprising that the Simmons 8-Point have these features on its sleeves. After all, it is not as expensive as those first scopes that we featured. Overall, its performance just exceeds its practicality. It is like paying more than what you have paid for.

Best Marlin 336 Scope for the Price​


  • Practical and affordable choice
  • Great accuracy for short-range targets
  • Durable construction
  • Compatible with most .30-30 cartridges
  • Quick target acquisition


  • Not suitable for low light conditions
  • Not comparable to high-end models

Final Verdict

Regardless which of these scopes you will choose, it is imperative that you have to invest on any of them. As we mentioned earlier, the scopes can provide an invaluable service to your rifle, especially to a Marlin 336. You cannot rely on iron sights forever. If you want to get the most of your hunt, you need to have a fully equipped rig, complete with all the shooting necessities. Of course, this should include the best scope for Marlin 336.

Did you learn from this article? Which of these rifle scopes do you like the most? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!

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