The Best Tents for Rain – Wet-weather Camping Essentials

Camping in the rain is not fun at all. In fact, you can be as horrid as it is since the water from the rain becomes a puddle below your tent. It also loosens up your pegs, and it will cause a leak on the roof. However, you cannot avoid going camping in rainy days. So, rather than feeling hopeless and miserable, our camping specialists will give you some guidelines on your camping trip. Moreover, they will also give you a countdown of the top 5 best tents for rain.


Advantages Of Waterproof Tents During An Inclement Weather

Rainy days won’t bother you if you come prepared for your camping trip to the great outdoors with your family. In fact, a little rain outside your tent is pretty calming and soothing, especially the smell of the wet ground. However, the morning dew will get you worried all night long. But you got a waterproof tent; it will keep away the moisture from entering your tent.

When you choose the wrong tent, you might stay a while in the woods to keep your tent dry, and your family will enjoy less of your camping. Praying that it won’t rain again on your tent is not an excellent idea either. What you need to do is to look for a waterproof tent with the best features that will provide your needs. But, the waterproof characteristics of the tent will not mean everything unless the tent will keep you 100 percent away from the pouring water.

​Features To Look For In A Tent For The Foul Weather

The Best Tents for Rain - Wet-weather Camping Essentials

When you are planning your camping trip, it is better always to be safe than be sorry later on. It is better to come prepared before the water comes pouring on your crappy tent. With that, here are some of the features to look for in your waterproof tent:

Like what we mentioned earlier, the waterproof property will not make sure that the water won’t go inside your tent. So, instead of settling down, you need to look for some important features in your camping tent. Here are some:

Basic Features of Your Tents for Rain:

Find a lightweight tent with a seam tape. Remember that a massive tent will weigh down your tent, especially when the water comes pouring heavily. It is also easier and more convenient to handle a lightweight camping tent when you plan to go hiking. Also, the waterproof seam tape is one of the most vital features to search for in a good waterproof camping tent. You should also look for a tent that has a one piece tub floor. It is a must-have feature to keep you dry in rainy weather. Your tent’s floor should also consist of waterproof materials. They must have at least a few inches on the tent’s sides before attaching them to the walls. The tent seams on the floor or closes the floor should also have a water seepage.

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Single Wall Tent Versus Double Wall Tent

The Best Tents for Rain - Wet-weather Camping Essentials

The best tent for the rainy season should also ward off rain and dew from the outside of the tent. It also has to have a ventilation system to get rid of the condensation from the outside of the tent. A crappy tent will retain moisture on its walls after the rain has stopped. But, who wants to wake up the next morning all wet? With that, there are two types of camping tents made to work this way: the Double Wall Tent and the Single Wall Tent.

Double Wall Tents

These use removable rain fly above the tent to keep the moisture away from the outside. It also removes the inside moisture of the tent with breathable walls. These tents come with mesh and nylon (read reviews). The tent floor should also feature a heavy duty plastic that can go up the sides of the walls. They usually form the “bathtub” design. This type of tent does not have seams on or close to the floor.

For ventilation, the nylon walls should have mesh windows on them. For moisture control, they should have a double door. The rain fly is also an important part of the double wall tent. It has a non-ventilated coating, and it is waterproof to ward off the water. It is known as the “umbrella” of the tent. It keeps the campers safe and dry during the rainy days. With that, the double wall tent has more features compared to that of the single wall tent. They are also heavier and cost more than the single wall tent.

Single Wall Tent

Tents with single wall system control the moisture of the tent, but only with just a single layer. It does not consist of a rain fly. The tent wall system can provide a waterproof laminate. It also has ventilated materials. The high-quality materials of this tent also come with a higher price. Thus, a lot of hikers, mountain climbers, backpackers, and motorcycle campers choose this camping tent. They also have fewer parts, and they are lightweight to carry.

Tips To Keep Your Tent Dry During Rainy Season

The Best Tents for Rain - Wet-weather Camping Essentials

Here are some tips to consider to keep you dry during your wet-weather camping:

Air Outside the Camping Tent

Waterproof tents are not only for keeping the rain outside. They also maintain the moisture away from the inside of the tent, especially during rainy days. What you need to do is to remove the rain fly in the morning, if it is not raining. Then, open the windows of the tent if possible.

Obtaining a Floor Cloth

Although some tents have floor cloth, a few do not have one. Thus, you need to purchase one that is slightly smaller than the tent footprint. It keeps the tent floor protected from sharp stones, sticks, and rough areas that could pierce the tent. It also keeps the water from the ground from flowing inside the tent. You can also use a basic tarpaulin, but make sure to fold its edges to keep the water from building up under the tent.

Make Sure Not to Keep the Tent in a Stuff Bag

When you are not going on your camping trip, you need to keep your tent in a well-ventilated and dry place. You need to pack your tent properly. Do not store it in a stuff sack. It will enable the shelter from sticking together, and it will allow the tent last longer than expected. Moreover, breathable and waterproof materials such as the fly need ventilation to retain its bits and pieces.

Top 5 Best Tents For Rain

Here are some of the best tents for the rainy weather:

Luxetempo All Purpose Extra Large Camping Rain Tarp Tent


Toogh Tents create decent tents for camping and backpacking in all weather conditions. The product has waterproof Oxford layers and floor. Also, it has a glass fiber pole frame. The size of this tent is enough for four adults. The tent comes with pegs, carrying bag, and wind rope. It is also easy and quick to set up and disassemble.

The interior of the tent contains double doors. Each of them gives off a quick access to campers without climbing over other campers over and over again. Moreover, you can use the rain fly as a wayside pavilion. It also has a ground sheet, canopy, and fishing awning. The tent is wear-proof, moisture-proof, and breathable. You can use it for hiking, camping, road trips, indoor activities, and fishing.



  • Toogh Tent is easy to install and disassemble.
  • Also, you can use it for various reasons. I use it for camping, hiking, and fishing.
  • The tent comes with great features. But, what I like the most are the double doors. They give us access to the tent without disturbing other people.
  • Toogh tent is quite spacious.
  • Plus, it comes with a circular bag, so you can easily store it whenever you want.
  • None so far.

The Sundome is part of the standard Sundome model of camping tents from Coleman. It can allow two adult campers to occupy the space of the tent. Also, it has a huge door for quick exit and entry. And it comes with a hooded fly for enough ventilation even when it’s raining.

The product has mesh vents on the tent roof for ventilation. Also, it has a polyethylene floor for severe weather conditions. The welded seams allow protection during heavy rains. It is 33 percent water-resistant than any other classic tents.




  • The product has a decent price.
  • It is easy to set up and disassemble. In fact, you can assemble it in less than 5 minutes.
  • Also, you can easily use it for backpacking and camping.
  • Coleman tents come with rain flies. Thus, they are ideal for bad weather conditions.
  • Moreover, it offers enough room for two campers.
  • The instructions are comprehensible.
  • The tent poles, straps, and stakes are quite flimsy.
  • You cannot use this tent for long travels, especially if it is raining for consecutive days.
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


​For a camping tent, you want to make sure that you are away from the water when it’s raining hard outside. If you want a roomy tent, then you must choose the Kamp-Rite, especially that it is a waterproof tent.

It has a high sleeping platform that keeps you elevated and dry. It also has heavy duty materials. The tent has a rain fly ready to handle the most crappy weather conditions.

The tent can be set up in just a few seconds. It also boasts its versatile design. It has durable, yet lightweight aluminum materials.



  • Easy and fast to set up and disassemble
  • It has plenty of room for your other camping gear
  • The tent has an excellent and innovative design
  • The rain fly goes up and stays put easily
  • It requires less ground clearing and cleaning
  • It takes valuable space in a campsite
  • It is well-ventilatedIdeal for car camping
  • Its elevated platform keeps you away from the rain
  • It does not come with a pad to comfortably lie down
  • Can have condensation issue when the rain fly is put on

For campers who want less stress when setting up a tent, the Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent promises this factor.

It is easy to set up and quick to disassemble. It is very lightweight and easy to handle. It has a square ground design, which offers a lot of space.

The vestibule will keep your camping gear dry and safe. The half mesh design enables ventilation. It has a waterproof fly made for crappy weather conditions.

It has waterproof vestibules, waterproof fly buckles, poles, wall materials, gear loft, and half mesh walls.



  • It is weatherproof, which can withstand even the worst weather conditions
  • It is free standing
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Protects you from UV rays
  • Fly and floor are best for rainy days
  • With lots of storage areas
  • Highly adjustable
  • Allows enough ventilation and airflow
  • Made of lightweight materials, including aluminum
  • For bigger guys, getting inside the tent will be a struggle
  • It can be a little heavier than expected
  • Some of its materials cannot take heavy tension during extreme weather conditions, especially high winds
Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent


​The Big Horn tent can provide you some features that are essential for your camping trip even during extreme weather conditions. It is built to last and can protect you from the rainy season. It has a high center that allows campers to stand inside.

It comes with separate wall to have two rooms. It has an oxford floor, which doubles the weight of a nylon floor. It is highly durable and comes with free standing poles. It has a polyester fly to protect you from rain and even light snow.



  • It is durable
  • Waterproof materials
  • Comes with a fly to protect you from rainy days
  • Can have two separate rooms
  • You can stand up inside the tent
  • It is heavier compared to other tents made of nylon floor

If you are a camping enthusiast with lots of mountain travel, you would want to have a tent that can be versatile to any weather conditions, especially during the rainy season. If you are looking for the best tent for rain, Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent  offers its waterproof property. It is also convenient and easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, it can cover up different purposes because of its hammocks and tents.

But, if you want some more ideas in choosing the best camping tent for frigid weather conditions, you may pay a visit to our website. We are more than happy to hear all of your questions, suggestions, concerns, and reactions!

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