Why Choose Trolling Motor Battery while Going for Fishing

You might have taken a good number of fishing trips in the last few weeks, and now you find that your trolling motor is failing to deliver quality service. So, it is crystal clear that there is something wrong with the motor and it’s high time it should be detected. In such a situation, a wise angler would be initially keen to find out the battery status of the trolling motor. Now, this is the most crucial thing that should be ensured prior to taking guesses as to what had actually happened with the motor.


Therefore, replacing the trolling motor battery with a new one will be your next step. But what if you once again come across an inappropriate or an inefficient battery?

As a matter of fact, choosing a trolling motor battery requires a lot of factors to be considered. Before going into that, what one should first know is his set of boating requirements. How frequently one goes out for fishing is one of the crucial questions that will help one know what type is required, you can read trolling battery guides. For this, let’s get into facts. Well, there are two types of deep cycle batteries that can installed into trolling motors – AGM and Lead Acid Wet-Cell. So, what are these deep-cycle batteries?

Designed to discharge minimal amounts of current for a longer time period, deep-cycle batteries allow more recharging on a frequent basis. Coming to Lead Acid Wet-Cell battery, these are common batteries that are quite pocket-friendly and handle frequent draining in association with the use of trolling motors. Although they fall among the standard batteries, they demand maintenance and are also prone to spillage and vibration. AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, on the other hand, are fully sealed and usually come with longer lifespans. In comparison to a traditional trolling motor battery that lasts for 2 years or so, an AGM battery will last for four years easily. This is a big reason why anglers, nowadays, prefer going for AGM batteries so that they can stay completely relieved regarding their trolling motors for a longer time period.

The biggest benefit of trolling motor batteries is that they are meant for heavy-duty jobs. Moreover, the stronger a trolling motor battery, the better it is for anglers and fishing freaks. But again, factors like budget and fishing needs matter a lot when it comes to choosing the right trolling motor battery. Besides, there are several other factors and benefits as to why one should choose a trolling motor battery while going for fishing. Let’s take a look:

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    Best for heavy duty jobs – Trolling motors are meant to handle heavy-duty jobs, and this is where trolling motor batteries stand highly beneficial. In fact, these batters are not like those that leak or spill easily. The functionality and durability of trolling motors are, therefore, unquestionable. Also, for any type of activity on the water that needs to be initiated quite often, a trolling motor battery would be perfect. These batteries are well protected and electrically welded so that they do not face any malfunctioning during the operation.
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    Perfect for instant charging – Just imagine those typical batteries that make your boat take a lot of hiccups prior to starting. You just keep on rotating the key and suddenly the motor starts. Well, you can now bid adieu to these stories as the modern deep cycle batteries are excellent in giving trolling motors quicker starts. So, even if your boat stops out of nowhere, an AGM or a Lead Acid battery will hardly take time to start the motor.
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    Makes your boat propel smoothly – The fact whether your boat will be able to propel without any hindrance depends on its thrust. If your boat is a big one and you want to take it for fishing purposes, you need to ensure that it has more thrust. Similarly, if you have a canoe or a dinghy, a minimal amount of thrust will do. So, depending on the size and weight of your boat, you should pick the right trolling motor battery as it would surely assist in making it propel with no complications.
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    Ideal for deep water fishing–No matter how experienced you are in fishing, you must be aware of the conditions under which you will be taking out your trolling motor. For instance, if you are intending to spend quality time doing low water fishing, you don’t need to make your boat acquire much power. On the contrary, deep water fishing will demand more power from your trolling motor. This means that the motor must be powered by a battery with high ampere-hour rating. Therefore, it’s always better to choose batteries of the second type that would give you the confidence to take your trolling motor out for all types of fishing conditions.
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    Doesn’t require regular maintenance – One of the reasons why anglers now avoid using wet batteries is because they spill and leak a lot. This requires them to take regular care and maintenance. Fortunately, the story is not the same for Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. These batteries along with lithium-ion ones hardly require maintenance, and one big reason is their ability to withstand vibrations and spillage. This is certainly a huge advantage for fishermen who could, therefore, fish to their heart’s content.
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    Does not exceed your budget drastically – No, it’s not true that trolling motor batteries are highly expensive. Well, reality says that even if some batteries are pricey, they should primarily be considered in keeping with your boat’s functionality. Batteries like AGM, for instance, are a bit expensive than the other batteries. However, if judged practically, even if you invest a little in these batteries, you won’t be led to losses. To be honest, these batteries would benefit your trolling motor in the long-run and would automatically let you fish around with peace and harmony.

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