How to Cast a Spinning Rod: Fishing Techniques

Congrats, dear angling mate. You have bought a spinning rod, the most advanced and fun fish sporting tool. So, what do you do now? 

Well, it’s time you do some real practice before your get-go in the big water bodies and start fishing. But for that, you need one more thing, learn more.

And its…

Yes, know how to cast a spinning rod effectively so that you don’t damage the rod and reel and also catch your favorite fish without hassle. 

That’s the reason; we came up with this best spinning rod casting technique guideline. 

How to Cast a Spinning Rod Successfully 

Once you start understanding the fundamentals of how a spinning rod and reel work, the casting of a spinning rod will be a breeze. Yes, it’s more straightforward than you might imagine. 

So, without getting late, let’s jump on the point. 

Gripping the Rod:

The first thing you should learn about the spinning rod is to grip it properly. But don’t get panicked, it’s not rocket science. 

Just hold the spinning rod comfortably with your dominant hand. Make sure that your palm face inwards. Carefully find the connecting place between the rod and reel right on the handle. You need to wrap your hand on this spot. 

As you hold the rod, make sure the grip is loose enough so that you are facilitated with the grip action instead of turning your knuckle pale. 

Rotating the Wrist:

The spinning rod should be underneath your wrist. For this, you will have to turn the spinning rod on the downside. Keep rotating until you find that the reel mechanism is sitting perfectly underneath your pump. 

Now. With care, readjust the reel position so that you feel comfortable with it. 

Pulling the Line

As you pull the fishing line, you will have to release the index finger first from the pole. Now, around your knuckle, start hooking the fishing line. Do it carefully so that you don’t harm the knuckle. At this point, the fishing line should be resting at the top of your fingers pad. 

Now pull the fishing line against the rod. Once you hold on to the line against the rod, release it slowly. 

Reeling the Fishing Line

As you fish, you will have to reel your line at least 6-12 inches away from the top of the spinning rod. For this, you will have to turn the crank on the reel in the clockwise direction. You will have to perform the rotating until you reach the desired distance. 

This was the 1st part of using a spinning rod. Now let’s see how to cast the line with you already have a good grip over it. 

Casting the Spinning Rod Line 

Step 1: Picking the location

Now start looking for your fishing location. It will require you some time to know where to place the bait or lure. 

Once you find the right location, place yourself on a squared position of the targeted place. Now bend your knees slightly and cautiously move your dominant leg around 1-2 feet behind. It will help you generate more power while you line the rod. 

Step 2: Unlocking the line

The line is locked with the spool and bail. The bail connects with both sides of the fishing reel. To unlock the spool and bail, flip the position of the bail to open it. Now slowly lift your holding index finger above the line slightly to check whether the line has been unlocked or not. 

If you find that the line hasn’t released, move the bail on the other side. 

Step 3: Raising the rod 

Now slowly pull the rod over your shoulder. The end of the spinning rod should stay away from your body. It is necessary for safety precautions. 

Step 4:  Throwing the rod into the water

Now we come to the all-important section. Yes, the real casting of the spinning rod. To do this, you will have to use your elbow to propel the wrist towards the targeted location. 

If you want to cover more distance, drag the biceps down and add some force to your throwing hand. To avoid any fall off, keep your feet firm and line up your shoulder straight towards the target. 

Step 5: Releasing and casting your fishing line 

To release and cast the spinning rod and line, take away your index finger from the fishing line. Then, move it away from the rod also. As you release your index finger, it will lower down the tension from the line. 

Then the line will cast forward with the motion. As soon as the rig hits the target, slow down the release.

Note: Releasing the index finger is necessary to prevent any unwanted scratches. 

Setting the Fishing Line 

  • You must make sure that the line doesn’t float away too far away. For this, place your index finger once again on the line to hold a grip on it. Now use the thumb to pull the track backward. 
  • Unless you are an experienced angler, most likely, you won’t be able to hit the right location with your bait or lure. So, you will have to readjust the positioning.  You can do it with the clockwise or counterclockwise turning of the reel handle. 
  • Once you reach the targeted position, lock the fishing line with the bail. 

Now, start waiting for the fish bite. You will have to wait with patience. 

Wrapping Up 

A fishing rod is one of the most advanced and fashionable fishing techniques. Anglers, no wonder, love the spinning rod and reel to catch their favorite fishes both in freshwater and saltwater. 

But if you are a beginner, you should be ready to invest some time to learn it. You may practice it in small water bodies or grassland near your home. And once you master the skill, start showing it with some good catches. 

However, like a fish lover, I urge you not to get carried away. Instead, try the catch and release way to preserve the fishy beauties in the water. 

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