How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress?

Do you know that feeling when you are about to sleep, but then you discovered that your mattress is deflated? Very annoying, right? Your sleepiness is gone, and still, you don't have an idea how to knock your problem down. Luckily, there are known ways how to fix a hole in an air mattress.


Many people just throw out their mattresses if they see a leak on it. This is because they don't have the right idea how to patch the hole. Or maybe this is because they are just simply frustrated with the quality of their air bed. Regardless of the situation, you should always know that there are ways you can fix broken things. If you can repair a broken relationship, how much more a leak in the mattress?

Kidding aside, here is a series of steps on how to fix a hole in a mattress. These are very easy to do and can be done inside your home. You don't need to call for professional services. You just need some home tools, and you are set to go. Beyond the guidelines below, the tips at Sleep Advisor is also useful for reference.

How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress

What you need:

  • Air pump
  • Glue
  • Patch
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush or wire
  • Soap or alcohol
How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress?

Finding the leak of your mattress

Step 1

Know first if the mattress has a leak. Many people are oblivious that air beds lose air naturally. The design of a mattress does not hold air in an infinite amount of time. What we are trying to say is that there is a time in where a mattress will deflate on its own. It does not have leaks. You just have to re-inflate it using an air pump, which should be a default accessory if you own a mattress.

There are reasons to why mattresses lose air on their own.

  • The first culprit is the cold air. If your house has air-conditioning system, then it is likely that your mattress will deflate gradually. The cold air softens the bed. Therefore, you need a space heater that you should operate every time your house cools down.
  • If your mattress is new, then don't worry if it feels soft. After all, all mattresses should stretch a bit the first time you will use them.

Step 2

Now, if you believe that there is a deflation takes place at an abnormal rate, then you have to inflate your mattress entirely. In this way, you can assess if your air bed have a leak if it deflates several minutes after you inflated it. Try sitting on the mattress too. If you notice that it sank for more than 2 inches, then that is a leak.

How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress?

Step 3

To detect where the leak is, you need to listen for any hissing sound. That is the sound of air escaping. If you find this hard, try dipping your hand in water and run it across the surface of the mattress. The escaping air should evaporate the water, hence making your hands feel cold.

Step 4

Your final resort is to apply the mattress with bubbles. Perhaps, this is the best way to find the leak. This is because the air will blow in the middle of the bubbles, thus revealing the hole.

Of course, you may forget where the leak is. Therefore, we recommend that you mark the spot with a pen.

Fixing the hole

How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress?

Step 1

You need a patch kit for air mattresses. Almost camping stores and outdoor retailers have this product. In this kit, you can find a glue, sandpaper, and patches. If you only just need a patch, then the tire patch from your car or bike is an ideal alternative.

Step 2

After you have the complete tools, you need to deflate your air mattress completely. When we say completely, it means that there should be no air left inside. You don't want the air to get in the way with your gluing, right?

Step 3

Take your sandpaper and brush any soft felt in the vicinity of the hole. Make sure that you can remove all of those coatings until the plastic is the only thing left.

Also, if your hole is on the top side of the mattress, you have to take out the covers. In this process, you can ensure that the glue can stick.

Step 4

One of the most common mistakes many people commit while fixing the hole of their mattresses is that they don't clean the leak area. This leaves your surface full of dust and debris that can ruin the gluing process. Therefore, you need to clean it with soap or alcohol. Also, don't forget to dry it up completely.

Step 5

After cleaning, take your patch and cut it with the size that is one and a half times (1/12) larger than the hole. Cutting the right size will do fine, but we want to make sure to cover the areas that are near the hole. In this way, you will prevent further leaking on the same spot.

Step 6

Some patches do not need glue; they just stick when you apply them. If you need glue, make sure that it came from the patch kit. They are specialized adhesives for patching tents and mattresses.

As a reminder, do not remove the patch once you stick it on the air bed. This will leave it less sticky in the next you apply it.

Step 7

You have to apply pressure on the patch. The more firm, the better. You have to do this process for 30 seconds to 1 minute so that you can be sure that it is attached firmly. You may use your palm of the heel of your hand when pressing the patch. You could also use a rolling pin to flatten the area smoothly.

Step 8

To ensure that the patch will stick well, you need to dry it for 2 to 3 hours. Also, put heavy objects like books above it to maintain the pressure. You have to ensure that the patch is dry before you inflate it once again.

Step 9

You have to check for holes again. Once you have inflated it once again, you have to place your ears once again near the mattress if there are still hissing sound. If necessary, do not let anyone use the air bed so that you can be sure that no air is leaking.


When it comes to fixing things, there are a lot of ways to do it. You don't need to be an expert troubleshooter or a handyman just to know these things. In knowing how to fix a hole in a mattress, all you just need is patience and the right tools in your hand.

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