How to Keep Possums Away While Camping – 5 Tips For Camper

While camping gives you the chance to explore the great outdoors, chances are, you’re not the only living creature there. Nature is filled with a lot of other animals, and you stepping into their territory may leave them startled and curious, and one of these animals you usually see out in the wild are Possums.


How to Keep Possums Away While Camping

As cute as they are, they could end up getting on your nerves, as you may have to “shoo” them every now and then, for they are known to scavenge on trash and probably even invade areas where you may place your food. If this sounds annoying to you, and if you want a safer, more peaceful camping experience, these are some of the things that you have to keep in mind to keep those pesky possums at bay.

To keep Possums away, you need the following:

 How to Keep Possums Away While Camping – 5 Tips For Camper

These materials are commonly found in grocery stores, and these are just some of the items that you need to secure, should you wish to keep possums at bay. If you have already gathered them all, then here are the ways which they can be used for that particular purpose:

1. Store Food in the Cooler, store them in your trunk

Food is one of the most vital elements when it comes to camping, and the quantity of it is dependent on how long you plan to stay outdoors. There are many locking coolers of good quality, all of which, help preserve food, for a relatively long span of time. Coolers are readily available in a lot of department stores, and are a good investment, as it can be used anywhere from camping trips to parties!

If you’re looking for a place to store food, then coolers are the best choice. These are made from hard plastic and can keep items cool for a long time. Storing them in coolers help prevent possums from possibly smelling the food, and keeping them in your trunk further reduces the risk of them being tempted to ransack your cooler. In camping, it’s a definite no-no to keep food inside your tent. Possums have a strong sense of smell and they could end up invading your own tent while you sleep if you do so.

2. Use Fabric Softener Sheets near Plastic Bags

​Who doesn’t love the feeling of wearing soft clothes? Fabric softener sheets enable you to have softer, fresher feeling clothes and linen, without the hassle of rinsing off fabric conditioners! There are several fabric softener sheets out in the market, and these come in handy when camping as well!

​As much as we humans love the smell which comes from fabric softener sheets, wild animals hate it, and Possums are no exception. There are several brands which can be used, and the stronger the smell, the better. Apart from wild animals getting appalled by the smell of Fabric Softener Sheets, it also helps to conceal the smell of food, which may still linger in disposable containers which have been used to store them, further reducing the chance of any possum ever getting near your trash bag or food storage!

​3. Store Food Scraps and Other Disposables in Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

Heavy Duty Plastic Bags - How to Keep Possums Away While Camping

​Not just any garbage bag, but the heavy-duty ones. A lot of camping areas don’t have designated spaces where you could throw trash, and it would be unethical for you to just dump them wherever. Always make it a point to have these bags handy to free you of the temptation to just throwing your trash wherever, and in turn, be more considerate to whoever would want to use the exact same spot for camping.

Littering is a big no-no for every camper. For you to enjoy the site again, and to be considerate of other people as well, always make it a point to keep your surroundings clean. Moreover, keeping trash like food scraps out in the open also serve as an invitation to wild animals, including Possums. Get the thickest Plastic Bags you possibly could. Also, make it a point to keep them in elevated places like on tree branches, keeping at least a 7-foot distance from the ground. Even if possums can find them, it would end up being too high for them to reach.

​4. The moment you see a Possum, or hear them coming, turn your flashlight on and focus it on them

 How to Keep Possums Away While Camping


For overnight camping purposes, flashlights would definitely come in handy. They are cheap and can be used for emergency purposes as well. These portable sources of light are great for walking around your campsite in the wee hours of the evening, and also for ensuring your safety and security.

The sudden burst of light coming from the flashlight is enough to scare them, and for them to be deterred from invading your camping site any further. The stronger the flashlight, the better. Should the previous reinforcements prove futile, try increasing the quantity of whatever repellents you decide to use, or try and keep the food even further away.

5. If all else fails, consider using repellents

 Whether liquid of granular, Repellents are very useful when it comes to keeping a lot of critters at bay. There are several brands which one could easily choose from. Make it a point to choose those which are made of natural and bio-compatible ingredients, in order for them to not just be environmentally safe, but keep the pollution levels low as well.

These Repellents were specifically designed for that particular purpose. If the place is known for having a lot of wild animals apart from Possums, and if the previous efforts have proven to be ineffective when it comes to keeping them at bay, then it would be best to use these repellents. There are several types of these for you to choose from, and can be either liquid or granular. Make it a point to follow instructions which can be found on the packets of the repellents.


There are many ways for you to keep wild animals away from your campsite. While a lot of them may be harmless, some of them have the tendency to invade your belongings, and Possums are one of these. The single, most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that they are greatly attracted to food. It's what keeps them going back and forth to your campsite, as a lot of food which is made by us humans are ready for consumption and don't need many preparations in order to eat.

​As much as possible, however, don’t go beyond trying to keep them away. Don’t resort to killing the Possums, as they still are an important part of the ecosystem.Did you enjoy this tutorial?
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