The Easy Guide & Top Tips On How To Set Up Eno Hammock

How to set up ENO hammock can be surprisingly easy to do in just a matter of seconds. Afterward, you can start relaxing. However, many people still claim that hammocks are uncomfortable and a fad. I find that this negative report is typically because of these reasons:


1. They have only used the type of hammocks with awkward materials such as hard-rope hammocks, or spreader-bar hammocks. These knitted bed models are far from being pleasant and are ultimately poor substitutes for a tent.

2. The difficulty, the time it takes, and learning curve of correctly setting up a hammock.

Thankfully, knitted bed makers, such as Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) are starting to make outdoor camping a joy again. Additionally, they address the two common hammock concerns I’ve listed above.

ENO hammocks are some of the best ones out there when compared to other camping hammocks as seen here

Hence, if you’re looking to get a hammock, look no further than ENO. Once you do have one, then, how to set up ENO hammock?

The Things You’ll Need​

First and foremost, you’ll need the right gear.

1. Your ENO Hammock​

You can choose among nine different hammocks from Eagle Nest Outfitters. What makes ENO hammocks so great, though, is that ENO makes them out of Nylon Taffeta which is soft, comfortable, and breathable. Most noteworthy, however, is their use of aluminum carabiners which makes attaching them to your straps so easy!

2. ENO Straps​

If you want the quickest and simplest way to set up ENO hammock, then I recommend you also get their straps! Don’t forget to include this in your purchase since ENO sells their straps separately.

ENO offers five different straps, namely, the Atlas, AtlasXL, AtlasChroma, Slapstrap, and the Helios. Don’t worry, since, in this guide, I’ll help you set up using all these straps.

All the ENO tree straps feature a large loop at one end.

This loop is where you’ll thread the other end of the strap as you wrap it around a tree trunk.

For clarity, I’ll refer to this looped end the “Label End” (typically, this is where you’ll see the ENO brand Label) while the opposite end we’ll call the “Adjustment End.” Specifically, the adjustment end of the Atlas series and the Slapstraps feature a daisy chain of loops, with more of these loops on the Atlas.

On the other hand, the Helios straps feature high Dyneema line on its adjustment end. Also, you’ll spot this end quite quickly since it has a label tag that says: “Connect Hammock Here.”

​3. A Reliable Support System

Obviously, you’ll need two supports for your hammock. The supports you can use may be in the form of two trees or two sturdy posts.

Hammock Stands​

Incidentally, ENO also makes their hanging bed stands although hanging a hammock on one of these stands is just a matter of clipping the carabiners of the hammock to both ends. Hence, this guide will deal primarily with how to set up ENO hammock in the wild.

Won’t I need a rope and a knowledge of knots for my suspension system?​

If you purchase any of ENO’s hammock straps, such as the Atlas, then there is no need for any rope or knot-tying. For one thing, ENO equips their hammocks with carabiners on each end which you can quickly clip to any attaching tool or strap.

Setting Up the ENO Hammock​

So you’re now in the great outdoors ready with your hammock and hammock straps! Now what?

1. Find Two Sturdy Trees

When camping, I recommend locating two robust and healthy trees with solid bark that are at least 10 feet up to 12 feet apart. Then, check for any branches or other objects above your planned hammock space that may fall and hurt you.

If, however, you are forced to mount on a dry or dead tree, ensure that it’s sturdy enough to support the total weight that the hammock will carry. Also, the trees that will provide the most stability to your straps are those with trunks that are around 12 inches wide.

Once you find the two healthy trees that will support your hammock, it’s time to wrap those straps.

2. Place Suspension System​

Note that the AtlasXL is only a longer version of the Atlas, while the AtlasChroma just gives you additional color choices. Hence, the method of wrapping these straps along with the Slapstraps and the Helios will be identical. However, they will differ when you start making length adjustments.

  • Wrap the strap around the first tree, holding each end in one hand
  • Pull the Adjustment End of the Atlas strap through the loop at the Label End
  • Move the cord to a height of about 5 feet from the ground, then pull tight to secure them to the trunk
  • Repeat these steps for the second tree.

3. Attach Your ENO Hammock to the Straps

  • Pull out just enough of one side the hammock to access its carabiner, keeping the rest of the hanging bed still inside its pack. Don’t completely unpack your ENO hammock from its pack just yet! Keep it packed until you need to connect the second carabiner.
  • Clip the first carabiner to one of the loops on the Adjustment End of the Atlas or the Slapstraps. Conversely, clip the carabiner on the loop at the end of the line on a Helios strap where a label says: “Connect Hammock Here.” Ensure that the carabiner clip fully closes.
  • While holding the hammock pack, walk towards the second strap slowly pulling out the rest of the knitted bed from its pack. This method ensures your hanging bed never touches the ground.
  • Repeat step two when attaching the other end of your hammock to the second set of straps

Here’s a helpful video about using ENO’s different straps:

4. Test Hammock Height

Ideally, the center of the hanging bed, when set up, should be at seat height, or around 18 inches from the ground. This height guide applies regardless if you mount on a tree or two vertical posts.

  • Test your set up by gently sitting in the middle of the hammock.
  • Determine if you need to raise or lower the height of your hammock.

5. Make Necessary Adjustments

  • Adjustments on the Atlas and Slapstraps only means taking one end of a knitted bed and clipping the carabiner to a different loop on the Adjustment End of the Straps.
  • Meanwhile, you can adjust the hammock height on Helios straps by tugging on the line with plastic ends towards the tree it’s attached.

6. Relax

The last and most important step.

Top Tips On How To Set Up Eno Hammock

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All you need is a little practice, and you’ll be able to set up ENO hammock in a matter of seconds! Soon, you’ll be on your way to a more pleasant hammock experience!

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