How to Wear a Boot Knife Successfully and Not Get Injured

There is no doubt you will feel comfortable walking around the campsite with your boot knife in position. It gives you the confidence, as you know it can be drawn easily when the need arises. You can now defend yourself against different threats that might arise outdoors.


The boot knife is known to be easily concealable. The knife is designed to have a slim blade and a small handle so that it can easy to carry with so much ease. Now that you understand what a boot knife is all about, there is the need to know how to use carry one in your boot knife.

Below are the important steps you have to consider when it comes to how to wear a boot knife.

What you’ll need

  • Boot knife
  • String or shoe lace
  • Boots


1. Look at the design of the boot rings​

The boot rings serve as an important part of making sure you have an easy time wearing the boot knife. The type of rings will determine how you get to wear the boots and keeping the knife in them. You would be lucky to buy the modern boots, as they would come with the straps that make it easy for attaching the knife.

2. Choose the right type of knife

Well, you do not just go ahead and pick any knife thinking that it would be the best to work as the best boot knife. You need the knife to be within the right length first. Take the time to compare different types of knives before making a decision about which would work the best.

The length of the knife depends on the types of boots you will be wearing. The knife is supposed to fit into the boots, but still give you room to walk comfortably and naturally.

3. Does the knife come with a sheath?

How to wear a boot knife1

As a way of protecting you from any issues of cutting yourself, you need to find a knife with a sheath. If you are going to connect it to your boots, it would feel safer for anyone when the blade of the knife is made to be enclosed. The best way to do so is by using a knife sheath.

Since most manufacturers understand how the knife will be used, you should get such boot knives having the sheath cover. The sheath would be made of a material that even the blade itself would not cut through easily. With the sheath in position, you should now go on to use the knife as a boot knife without worrying about any cuts.

4. Wear the boots

These should not just be any boots that you are wearing. You have to think of choosing the best boots that will work great when it comes to using them in combination with the knife. The boots have to be great to handle the camping needs of any person. It is advisable that you choose the steel toe boots or their equivalent for better performance.

You can now slide the knife into position depending on the side that you feel it is easier to draw the knife whenever it is needed. This is especially where the body feels strong.​

5. Wear the knife correctly​

How to wear a boot knife2

To wear the knife, it will depend on just how much depth is available in your boots. It is the reason the wearing of the boot knife might vary from one boot type to another. Slide the knife into the boots more depending on the amount of knife you would want exposed.

With the knife in position, you can now attach a string to the knife. The work of the string is to tie the upper part of the sheath to the calf. This will keep the knife in one position even when running with the knife in the boot.

Additional tips​

  • For someone who is right handed, then put the knife in the right boots. You need it to be easy when it comes to retrieving the knife. This should the opposite for left-handed people.
  • For those who might be wearing the same type of boots most of the time, you can have a fixed sheath sewn in the boots. You will easily be slipping the knife into the sheath with so much ease.
  • It is important that you check the laws about wearing the boot knives in your area. Not all places allow wearing of the boot knives.

The video below gives you more tips on wearing a boot knife


At this point, you should now be in a position to wear the boot knife with so much ease. The overall process on how to wear a boot knife is straightforward, so it should be a problem. Always remember that keeping yourself safe is important at all times.​

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