Pocket-Carry Handguns for Personal Defense

These days, when we talk about self-defense, we are talking about diverse ways and methods on how we can protect ourselves from any possible danger and harm. While others take more on a physical notion in self-defense like training into different kinds of martial arts, others are into weapons and firearms like guns.

Though guns are negatively interpreted as it is prevalent that a high percentage of crimes and accidents are gun-related situations, a responsible and trained gun owner knows how to handle and carry a gun properly.

Even with its so-called bad image, guns, when in the right hands, is an effective and efficient method as a personal defense.

Guns and the Law

With the law in place, the availability of guns for sale is widespread. Many states already allowed businessmen to run a gun-retail business and imposed liberty for citizens to buy one. With proper license and documentation, gun possession is permitted by law.

Thus, there is already a wide selection and variation of guns in the market today that gives individuals a range of choices to purchase one depending on their usage. For personal defense, pocket-carry handguns are a way more suitable choice. Carrying a rifle in public places as an ordinary citizen is just too much attention-getter.

But why pocket-carry handguns? What is it exactly?

You might have already heard the term handguns in movies, and you might have a bit of an idea what it looks like. 

A handgun, when simplified, is a firearm that can be used with one hand. It is a short-barreled firearm with two most common subtypes, which are the revolvers and the semi-automatic pistols.

Pocket-carry handguns are small in size; that is why they just fit right in your pocket. As the gun community grows and the law allowing a citizen to own and carry their personal guns is implemented, pocket-carry handguns are popularly used for self-defense.

But why should you use a pocket-carry handgun as a personal defense?

As mentioned above, every individual has a choice of what kind of self-defense they will turn to. But if you are interested in getting yourself armed with weapons and firearms, the best option you have is to secure a pocket-carry handgun.

Here are some convincing points that you might want to consider, read more.


Many gun owners and professionals prefer to use pocket-carry handguns if your main objective is for self-defense. Even military and police officers opt to choose to carry around revolvers when on duty. The size of a pocket-carry handgun allows the owner to have mobility since it doesn’t hinder any activities when carried around.


Pocket-carry handguns are lightweight. You can carry it around like it wasn’t there, and it is highly unnoticeable. You can even carry it around without a holster, but gun professionals suggested always to secure your firearms at all times.

For men and women who wear pants, wearing a holster can keep your gun in place. For women in dresses, a belly band holster is an excellent choice. Never, ever choose to have your handgun in your purse or a bag. Extracting, it might not be very easy whenever a situation arises. 


We already know that pocket-carry handguns don’t come at low prices, not unless you want a hand-down or used guns. Securing a pocket-carry handgun always comes with a price. But the good thing is, handguns use a 99mm caliber, though there are other available calibers you can load your handgun, 9mm is best suggested.

It is easy to find and cheaper than other calibers like the .45 ACP round. Also, it has mild recoil and higher capacity magazines due to its small size. You can load up your handgun up to 15 magazines.

Pocket-carry handgun options you can buy.

If you are interested in getting a personal handgun, and you might need a little help with your selection process, here are some qualified pocket-carry handguns that might be appealing to you.

There’s a long list of pocket-carry handguns in the market, but we have narrowed down the list and come up with a list of pocket-carry handguns that is just below $300, and all uses a 9mm caliber. See below.

  • Beretta USA Pico
  • Bersa BP9CC
  • Bersa Thunder 380
  • Diamondback DB9
  • Hi-Point C9
  • Kel-Tec PF-9
  • Ruger EC9s
  • Ruger Security-9
  • SCCY CPX-2
  • Taurus G2c
  • Walther Creed


We always want to feel secure every time we step outside our homes and on the streets daily. But we can never be sure of any dangers that will come our way, and we are not sure how safe we are with the people we meet.

If carrying a gun as your form of self-defense gives you that extra security, then go ahead as long as you are licensed. We always go beyond our measure just to secure ourselves and important people in our lives.

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