The Best 22 Magnum Rifle For Amateur Shooters

It is notable that the .22 cartridge has been on the market for almost 150 years already. The first release of this casing was on 1858. And even up to now, this round doesn't show signs of stopping at all.

Technically speaking, the ballistics of the .22 is not that great. I can even say that using it for self-defense is not great. But why people still love it? And why does everyone is seeking the best 22 magnum rifle?


Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Some of you might think that the .22 is a collector's item already. Somehow, I want to succumb to that idea. However, take note that this particular cartridge is compatible with various small-bore firearms on the market today. Therefore, it is an important part that allows every hobbyist to shoot and plink. Moreover, they can somehow teach all those greens the basics of cartridges.

But before you can reap all these benefits, you need to have a good rifle. Fortunately, the options that you have for .22 guns are not limited. In fact, I can show you some of the best ones that are in production today. Check all of them here!

Best 22 Magnum Rifle: Top 3 Options

1. Magnum Research Magnum Lite Graphite Rifle 22 WMR - Editor's Pick

The Best 22 Magnum Rifle For Amateur Shooters

If there is one modern long rifle that stands out to the occasion, it is the Magnum Lite from the Magnum Research. This particular gun is designed to accommodate 22 WMR round. It has a stable and precise performance on the field. It is a perfect rifle choice for both amateur and professional shooters. When it comes to construction, functionality, and design, the Magnum Lite is on the winning side.

Notably, the Magnum Research Magnum Lite comes with the use of the MLR-1722 receiver. As its name suggests, the device uses a graphite barrel, which is extremely durable and stable. The entire rifle has received anodized finish as well to ensure its overall sturdiness. The machine work for this gun is pretty impressive. None of the parts are flimsy and out of place.

There is a scope base that you can find on this device. Therefore, you can freely mount different optics and scopes on this machine. You can even attach a backup sight to this firearm. The Magnum Research Magnum Lite features a 9+1 magazine capacity, which is pretty standard nowadays. It also sports a Hogue stock which has been over-molded to provide maximum comfort and functionality to its users.


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    Rugged and durable construction
  • Comes with a mounting platform for optics
  • Highly comfortable stock
  • Long and stable barrel
  • Ideal for various applications


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    No particular drawbacks noticed on this rifle

Of course, it would be logical if the next big thing is still a product from Magnum Research. Their .22 long rifles are unusual and functional. You would never get wrong if you are going to choose their firearms. If you don't want to throw a massive piece of investment, you should try their 22LR Blue. It is still under the Magnum Lite Series. Therefore, you can even guarantee that it can perform well on the field.

The Magnum Lite receiver of this rifle comes from a 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. With this level of construction, it is pretty hard to doubt the stability and quality that this gun has. It also features a Weaver rail to accommodate various types of optics. Meanwhile, the bolts of the rifle come from 4140 steel. The latter has been heat-treated and machined to ensure their overall durability and accuracy.

Of course, this rifle still features the proprietary graphite barrel. It is an innovation unique to Magnum Research. The barrel itself is rugged but lightweight. It is notably stiff and exhibits excellent heat dissipation compared to conventional barrel materials like steel. This .22 LR Rifle has a 10+1 capacity and features a removable magazine. The presence of an ergonomic cheek rest on its stock proves that this rifle is comfortable to use.


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    Comes with a high-quality receiver
  • Features a stable weaver rail
  • The graphite barrel is lightweight and features heat dissipation
  • High capacity rifle (10+1 round)
  • Suitable for ambidextrous use


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    Great eye relief

For less than $500, the Savage Arms A22 Magnum Rifle can put your .22 cartridges into action! This one is a semi-automatic, which means that it can work on tactical and competitive applications. It has a unique but ergonomic design that makes it an extremely reliable and stable shooting platform. In fact, the Savage Arms A22 Magnum Rifle has been the favorite in the shooting community for the consistency of its performance.

Specifically, this rifle was able to solve the notorious timing problem that is present on many semi-automatic rifles. It has a delayed-blowback action that ensures its responsiveness every time you pull its trigger. It has a decent construction, which features a synthetic polymer stock and a dark blue finish on its body. The stock is pretty comfortable to the body, as it has a proper placement in the cheekpiece.

The 21-inch steel barrel of the Savage Arms A22 Magnum Rifle is both durable and lightweight. Although it doesn't have an excellent heat-dissipation capacity, the barrel is still able to hold up consistent fires without heating too much. I can say that this rifle is moderately heavy. But for those who are already trained to handle the big guns, dealing with this gun is just a piece of cake!


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    Responsive semi-automatic rifle
  • Solid and durable design
  • Comes with a 10+1 capacity
  • Comfortable to use
  • Extremely reliable and stable firearm


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    Doesn't have a right recoil pad
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    It is somewhat heavy

How to Choose the Best 22 Magnum Rifle

The Best 22 Magnum Rifle For Amateur Shooters (1)

For amateurs, it is pretty essential that you choose a starting rifle. It is crucial that you can learn all the shooting fundamentals first before you focus on upgrading your firearm. As I mentioned earlier, the .22 magnum is a necessary cartridge. Some would even consider it old-school.

But given the reputation that it has, the .22 cartridge serves as a right place to start your shooting hobby. Furthermore, the rifles that accommodate this round have simple operation, too. Get them together, and you can have a fantastic setup for target practice!

Here is how you choose your first .22 magnum rifle.

Level of Experience

Let me emphasize it again: a rifle with light caliber should be the prime choice for novice shooters. Of course, an excellent example of such is the .22 rifles. They are cheap and perfect for practice purposes. Many of the professionals out there learned how to shoot with the use of this gun. Of course, there are still some other options that you can try. But for now, there are no platforms that can beat the ubiquitousness and value that the .22 LR provides.

Intended Application

The advent of technology has led to the improvement of the firepower of many rifles and firearms. If we base to the standards of the shooting community today, a .22 is for shooting squirrels, and the .22 magnum is for hunting rabbits. But depending on your skills, you can either do both with the same! If you are looking for a .22 magnum rifle, there is indeed a limit to what you can do. But of course, shootings things will never get you bored at all!

The Best 22 Magnum Rifle For Amateur Shooters (1)

Rifle Action

Rifles have two categories: repeaters and single shots. Of course, their names already gave away their meaning. A single shot rifle can only shot once until you put another cartridge into it. Meanwhile, repeaters can hold many casings simultaneously.

You can determine the ejection process of these cartridges by the action of the rifle. For single shot rifles, we have rolling-block actions, break-open actions, trapdoors, and falling blocks. Choosing between these efforts will always boil down on our personal preferences. But if general applications, rifles with falling-block actions prove to have high accuracy. They work well with both right and left-handed shooters, too.

On the other hand, repeating rifles have a plethora of actions as well. Such of these are pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action, and the most popular, the automatic. It is only the mechanical action that allows the user to shoot freely with configuring any part of the rifle. The rest of the work here will require you to insert the cartridges once the gun is empty manually.

For a .22 magnum cartridge, it is better that you use a repeating rifle. You can use it even if your accuracy and shooting skills are at the beginner level.

Material and Construction

Meanwhile, the material used in the rifle also indicates its quality as well. Most of the modern .22 magnum rifles have stainless steel or carbon steel construction. Between these two materials, carbon steel is the cheaper choice. However, it is very susceptible to rusting. Of course, stainless steel doesn't rust, but they do cost a lot. If you are looking for a rifle that can work with you for a long time, and then choose the one that has made from stainless steel.

Also, don't forget to pay attention to the construction of the stock and barrel. For the rifle stocks, they come from wood, fiberglass, and other composite materials. Either way, you still have to choose the one that lets you feel comfortable. Meanwhile, the barrel should come with stainless steel or graphite. It is essential the barrel and durable so that it can hold the impact caused by firing. The latter should have a sufficient heat-dissipation capacity, too.

Final Verdict

Having the best 22 magnum rifle can undoubtedly make the difference. It is an excellent weapon platform that can efficiently tackle informal shooting and practice applications. You could use them on some small games if you are an expert already.

But the most significant benefit that this rifle gives is sustainability. Once you can get a decent .22 rifle, you can guarantee that it won't go out of service anytime sooner. It requires less maintenance and the ammunition needed for it is relatively cheap.

I have listed some of the top choices that you have for this rifle. But you should start first with the Magnum Research Magnum Lite Graphite Rifle 22. It has an excellent construction and performance. None of its parts feel cheap. It can provide highly accurate shots because of its stable system. It is a comfortable choice, too, since the stock optimizes your form and stance.

If you have other things that you want to this article, please jot them down in the comment section below. Also, feel free to hit the like and share buttons if you enjoyed and learned from this article!

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