The Best Sportfish Superyachts

Sportfishing is one of the most exciting and sought-after activities. If given a chance, everyone would like to experience this hobby by owning and riding on fleets and yachts, despite not everyone can afford to buy even the smallest and cheapest ones. So read on and check this out featuring the best sportfish superyachts.   

McMullen & Wing Yachts

 Founded in 1969, this New Zealand-based builder is famous for luxury vessels in advanced composite, and steel. Their prototype products were steel hull fishing boats. Eventually, their products are traditionally constructed with a combination of modern technology. They are behind the creation of superyachts like the Big Fish, Kelsey Lee, Koi, Mea Culpa, Nephele, Snowgoose, and Virgin Sea.

Viking Yachts

 Established by Bob and Bill Healey in 1964, Viking Yachts are renowned for their excellent reputation because of their distinctive engineering and world-class designs. This company is known for its convertibles and motorboats that are 90% manufactured in-house and semi-customized. Their units are usually made of semi-custom fiberglass, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. More than that, their sport fishers are also operated by Viking-trained professionals to provide owners with convenience. Top-choice models of this company are the Viking 42 ST, Viking 55 C, Viking 37 Billfish, Viking 60, and Viking 75 Motor Yacht.  

Bertram Yachts

 Established in 1960, Bertram Yachts are known for spearheading deep-vee hull design boats, which were patented by C.Raymond. Its prototype model was used in a race. Currently, Bertram has been manufacturing models which are specialized in off-shore boating. This company has built a name in terms of rugged utility and long-lasting durability. These boats sustained only little damages after the onslaught of Hurricanes Andrew and Opal. The famous model units are the Bertram 35, Bertram 50, and Bertram 61.

Hatteras Yachts

 Another veteran in sportfishing is the Hatteras Yachts. This six-decade-old boat builder has been famous for blister-proof and high-speed running convertibles and superyacht that can run over 40 knots with a perfect balance for a smooth ride. Aside from high performance and speed, Hatteras yachts are incomparable when it comes to luxury aspects making these vessels suitable not just for family or recreational affairs but for business and professional events as well. Their standard model units are the Hatteras M90 Pancera, Hatteras 105 Raised Pilothouse, Hatteras M98 Panacera, and Hatteras GT 45x Flybridge.

Trinity Yachts

 Founded in the 1980s by Billy Smith and John Dane and presently owned by Harvey Gulf International. Trinity Yachts are branded as an elite known for using both steel and aluminum in the construction of custom-made and in-house manufactured fleets, a certified European quality. They have established a reputation for having a spacious interior, intricate designs on rooms which include the main deck, guest rooms, and sky lounge. Their exceptional products are the Mary P, Jules 35 Bleming 2016, Sterling 40 Bleming 2016, and Paris 55 Bleming. 

Yachting Development Yachts

 Despite being new in the boating industry, this other New Zealand-based boat builder is also known for manufacturing vessels that are high quality, with exceptional designs, and custom-made. With international recognition, their boats are also outstanding when it comes to architectural projects specializing in composite construction, creating all kinds of boats from family yachts to superyachts. The massive 38.7M Lanakai, 30 M Quintessential, and the 27.4M Satu are some of their finest products. 


 Generally, the collection of yachts is simply desirable. Each of the products owns exemplary features that may satisfy your luxurious ambition. Start drafting designs of your own custom-made dream superyacht now and display it in your room. Who knows, one of these days, you shall be owning and riding your dream superyacht.

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