Top 7 Essential Fishing Items Every Fisherman Needs

Fishing is a fantastic and relaxing pastime since it provides people with a much-needed break from their busy lives. So if you are looking for a healthy hobby, you should definitely consider taking up fishing. Nonetheless, before you head out, it’s important to ensure that you have enough fishing supply for the entire trip. From Florida Keys to Chesapeake Bay, you would have a good time at any of the fishing spots as long as you come prepared. In the case you are new to fishing and could use some hint and recommendations, this article is for you.

Down below is a list of essential fishing items along with the reason why you have to bring them along. Of course, you don’t need to limit your inventory to these things alone, feel free to add or remove items as you see fit.  Preferences and styles vary a lot from people to people so different situations would require different setups. After all, it’s you we are talking about so don’t hesitate to make changes if you feel that the changes would enhance your convenience and comfort. That being said, now let us take a good look at what kind of supply you should take with you on the average fishing trips.

1/ Bobber (Floater)

This is a classic bite indicator and its purpose is to notify you when a fish has taken the bait. As soon the bobber sinks below the water, you know that it’s the time to reel in your catch. Multiple styles are available so you could choose what you like from a wide range of static designs and directional control models on the market.

The most popular choice is the basic round bobber because it’s very easy to manipulate and attach. However, round bobbers limit the depth of your cast. If you want to get the fishing hook deep under water, you should go after slip bobbers.

2/ Line Cutter

Once in a while, you may get snagged beyond recover and the only solution is to cut the fishing line. There are also other situations that require you to severe the fishing line and obviously, you could never do it with just your bare hands. Nail clippers and pockets are often able to accomplish the task but there are several purpose-designed line cutters out there as well.

3/ Spare Fishing Lines

There are many things that could happen to your fishing line: it could get caught in underwater obstacles, it could receive a bite from a giant fish and so on. Therefore, it’s wise to bring spare fishing lines in case your primary line break or get tangled. Depending on the current water conditions and fish species, you need to choose a type of fishing line that possesses appropriate durability and thickness.

You will find different types of fishing lines, including monofilament, braided, flying, wire, and fluorocarbon fishing lines. You can visit Fisherreel to know more about them and find your best match according to your own preference.

4/ Spare Fishing Hooks

Similar to the fishing line, you may lose your fishing hook due to a variety of reasons so you should bring spare ones. In term of design, traditional J hooks would be more than sufficient in most of the case but there are others as well such as Circle hooks and French hooks.  Do remember to take into account the fish you want to catch as well. In the case you want to play it safe, stock multiple hooks at different sizes.

5/ Lures

Though a good old hook and some worms are usually enough to reel in the fish, you may want to pick up a couple of lures every now and then. Lures are designed to behave in a particular pattern while in the water order so they would attract fishes in their vicinity. With hundreds of fishing lures available for purchase, you would not have a hard time choosing a suitable set. You probably still need to experiment a bit so you could determine which ones work for you. When you are able to pick out your preferred lure, do remember keep spare ones around.

6/ Plastic Worms

Live baits are good but it’s always nice to have several plastic worms nearby, especially in bass fishing. You are able to reuse plastic worms many times which make them a cost-effective solution compared to live worms.  As with any other fishing supplies, there are many size and color options when it comes to plastic worms.  Many manufacturers even release plastic worms that are scented to stimulate live baits as well.

7/ First Aid kit

You may get injured unexpectedly while handling the line, the fish or the hook and that is why having a first aid kit around is useful. You don’t need to buy a fancy kit, in fact, you could put together your own kit as well since it’s quite simple. All you need are waterproof bandages, painkillers, disinfectants, cotton pads and band-aids.

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