Visiting France? Here’s where you should go!

France is a country that many people consider the best place to spend a romantic getaway vacation. 

Paris with its gloomy, lovely views, the French Riviera, or even just choosing among the many France campsites and spending a night, or two, under the stars. 

But with so much to choose from, you really have to pick and choose well enough in order to take in most of your France vacation. 

So, let’s go over a few places that I believe are definitely worth visiting in the country of love and wine. 

Spend a day roaming a castle in Rocamadour.

There are cities that are truly beautiful, but then there are others that steal your heart. Rocamadour is the latter. 

There’s also the thing that Rocamadour is also a UNESCO worth heritage sight. The narrow cobblestone streets and the Rocamadour Castle are both eyes and hear capturing. With some pretty spectacular sights to be seen for almost any higher point in the town, it’s definitely worth spending a day and visiting some historical sights. 

Dordogne Valley is a stunning place if you’re into the Medieval and you love immersing yourself into history.

Okay, there are some beautiful cities and towns in France, but then there are whole valleys that are like they were taken straight out of a fairytale. 

It’s also great to visit while you’re on your trip to Rocamadour, as it’s close by, In Dordogne Valley, you have tens of small, medieval towns for you to explore. Narrow cobbled streets and welcoming locals make the little towns all the better. 

But the French Alps should be saved for the wintertime, don’t they?

And then you have the French Alps. While France is stunning throughout all seasons, the Alps are worthwhile visiting when it’s cold and snowing outside. 

Whether you enjoy skiing and snowboarding on snowy slopes, or you just love spending some time in the mountain while the weather is cozy, you just can’t go wrong with any of the tens of resorts in the French Alps. Think of it as a fool-proof choice. 

Of course, it’s even better if you’re going in the mountain to enjoy some sports tourism as well. 

Spend a week, or two, in Paris too. 

And then you have Paris. Many would happily argue that Paris is just too overplayed. Everyone goes there. 

And it’s somewhat true. You should expect a lot of tourists, especially at the more tourist-oriented places, like the Eiffel tower. But you shouldn’t also forget that Paris is a huge city. One of the biggest in Europe.

This means that there’s a lot more to visit than you expect, and that’s why you should ditch the tourist attractions altogether and go explore for yourself!

Wherever you choose to go in France, you almost can’t go wrong. Just don’t forget to sometimes ditch the travel guides and explore for yourself. You’ll find lovely local people and interesting history at every corner of the whole country, which makes the experience worthwhile. 

And what’s better than making friends and finding new places? Explore, love, and immerse yourself in the French culture!

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