What Are the Basics for a Riflescope for a 6.8 Spc?

Hunters and shooters, in general, need to equip themselves with excellent tools for their daily activities. Riflescopes emerge as one of the essentials these people should not miss in their missions. They help them in locating their targets a bit faster. Consequently, they serve as the best devices for making reliable and precise shots. 

Riflescope manufacturers tend to design these devices with different features to ensure they offer excellent performance. The purchasing process might turn hectic, especially to novice users lacking an idea about their basics. Our presentation here enlightens readers on the basics of riflescopes for 6.8 SPC. 

What are the Basics for a Riflescope for a 6.8 SPC? 

Purchasing a suitable rifle scope for 6.8 SPC isn’t an easy task. Usually, people who go shopping for these devices without an idea about them suffer setbacks afterward. You need guidance from an expert about the features that should offer guidance in the selection.

Remember, as a hunter or shooter, you need a riflescope that matches your hunting requirements to hit the target. Moreover, the riflescope you purchase should match your style of hunting. But learning the riflescope basics, you will truly make a formidable purchase worth the value.

Now, what are these basics that make an excellent riflescope? Right, riflescopes boast different sizes for buyers to purchase what seems fit to them. Furthermore, these devices boast different features and they come of different shapes.

There is a norm all over that expensive things are quality, and they offer excellent results. However, it might mean the same as well as investing in a durable product. You require a product that withstands harsh weather so that they serve you consistently for long. Here are riflescope basics you should understand, especially if you intend to shop for these products. 


All scopes have lenses, and these components are the essential-most in these devices. Riflescopes boast the objective and ocular lens in their construction. Also referred to as the riflescope eyepiece, they feature fog and waterproof features to work in any condition. They help in the re-magnification of images after passing the objective lens for further analysis. 

The objective lens, on the other hand, has the purpose of clarifying images. These lenses gather light and send it to the eyepiece to make the image clear for the viewer. The size of your riflescope objective lens matters in the level of clarity to expect from them. A bigger objective lens makes images clearer for viewers to see them precisely. Consequently, a larger objective lens is excellent for a 6.8 SPC to get the best results in shooting and hunting missions. 

However, anything full of benefits also has some sort of downsides. Even though larger objective lenses make excellent options, they also add more weight to the machine in general. Heavyweights affect the machine balance as well as the overall results from the 6.8 SPC. Therefore, mind this aspect and weigh all sides to get something that doesn’t affect your activity. 


Here is another essential component in the riflescope prospects should understand before purchasing these products. The reticles provide a shooter or hunter prompt idea where the planned shot will hit. Advance riflescopes have reticles that even estimate the shooting distance to make shooters aim their targets better and easier. 

The performance of a reticle depends on where it’s situated. These components get positioned on the focal planes. You can find some sets on the first focal plane and others on the second. Positioning reticles on the first plane makes them stay steady and proportional when zooming targets. 

Those positioned on the second plane, on the other hand, perform perfectly but not as in the first plane. Reticles on the second plane usually remain the same size even when trying zooming an object or target. They are common for hunting excursions, but they don’t work better in long-range shooting activities. 

The Lens Coats

Another riflescope basic to understand before shopping for these devices is the coats on the lenses. The coats of both the objective and eyepiece lenses help in reducing glare from any bright light. Such sources of lights include light from the sun. 

As technology continues to advance, most manufacturers have also indulged in modifying these coats. The coats reduce glare and help magnify or increase transmission of light into the scope system. 

Usually, the number of coats on the riflescope lenses determines their value. Those with multiple coats will cost higher than those with a single layer. For instance, there are scopes with just a single coat on one side of each lens. Consequently, other options feature multiple layers on both sides of the two lenses. Overall, the layers help in reducing glare as well as increasing light transmission in the system. 

Dedicated hunters and shooters need not less than a quality and expensive riflescope model. They require scopes with multiple layers of coat on either side of their lenses. This will translate to reducing glare as well as improve light transmission significantly in the system. 

Purchasing the Best 6.8 SPC Scope

Apart from the riflescope basics above, buyers need to enlighten themselves about factors that will enable them to shop wisely. Below are three key aspects that are of importance when shopping around for a riflescope. 

The Lens Quality 

Riflescopes with quality lenses provide quality images. Unless otherwise, your budget doesn’t add up; consider a scope with a quality lens. They provide quality images of an object you target. 

Magnification Power 

This aspect is essential, especially when dealing with long-range excursions. Sufficient magnification translates to the overall accuracy of your shooting mission. Choose a scope boasting high magnification power to realize high returns in your activities. 


An excellent riflescope is a solution in realizing results in the daily hunting or shooting excursions. Learning the riflescope basic above provides you an upper hand in choosing a scope that matches your requirements. Consequently, with a better scope, you have the greatest opportunity to win the jungle.


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