6 Must Haves On Your First Camping Trip

Camping can be difficult if you are a first-timer and don’t have much experience with the outdoors. There are a lot of things that you need to prepare and for and take with you when you go camping, because you may not have the facilities available to you like when you are at home. Of course, you will need to take the essentials with you, such as a tent, some bedding, and some food for the trip, but there are a number of other things that you should take with you that will help you out if you get in a bit of a pickle.

  • Duct tape – When you go camping and you are far away from the city, sometimes things can go wrong and you will need to find a quick way to fix them. Duct tape is something that is great to take with you when you go camping because it can be used to fix a number of things that you may need to fix while camping. Whether you have a hole in your tent, need to plug up a blow-up mattress or you want to seal up a container of leftovers, you can use duct tape to fix a number of issues that you face while camping.
  • First-aid kit – If you are camping out in the bush and there aren’t any other people for miles, it might be a good idea to take a first-aid kit with some of the essentials with you. This could include anything from some bandages and dressings to a salve for burns or even some antihistamines for serious bug bites. Make sure that your kit is well stocked with the things that you may need so that your trip can continue even when things go wrong.
  • Water bottles and buckets – Usually you will have access to fresh water if you are camping in a certified campground, but you will need to transport your water back and forth from your campsite if you want to be able to have a drink or wash your hands when you need to. Taking a number of vessels with you that you can put clean water it is always a good idea. You should also fill up any of the water bottles that you have while you can so that you have fresh water on site and while you are travelling.
  • Swiss army knife – A swiss army knife is an essential tool for campers and there is a reason why the tool is used by campers and travellers worldwide. The tool in a compact device that holds a number of different tools that you can use on the go, so you will be able to carry a number of essentials all at once to use when you need them. Most swiss army knives include things like a knife, a pair of scissors, a can opener, a screwdriver and a corkscrew, but every swiss army knife is different, so you may find one that has other tools that you may need as well.
  • Matches and fire-starters – Fire is an essential part of camping, so being able to make one quickly and easily will work to your advantage on the campsite. A lot of people think that they will be able to make a fire with some twigs and their bare hands, but because this is so hard to do, you need to have a backup for when things go wrong. If you want to make a small fire that burns slowly, then a standard box of matches will be fine. However, if you want to start a fire quickly that will be big enough to generate a moderate amount of warmth, you should invest in some firestarters, as well as your standard matches. The key is to test them out somewhere safe before you take them camping so that you will know how they work and how quickly the fire spreads when you use them.
  • Lighting – When it comes to camping, making sure that you have adequate lighting at all times is very important. When you’re out in the wild, you will notice that it gets dark very quickly, so you will need to have some lights with you that you can turn on easily when you need them. Getting some solar powered lights, like the ones from Outbax Camping is a good idea because you will be able to charge your lights during the daylight and then use them at night-time when it gets dark, without having to worry about battery life or charging on the go. If you are staying at a campground that does not have a lot of lights or facilities available, it can be tricky to see at night, so take some lights with you like a torch or a lantern just in case.

When you go camping for the first time, things may be a bit different from the way that you have expected them to be. Sometimes when you are out in the wild, things can go wrong but if you are prepared and consider the best ways to act in a crisis, you will be fine and continue to have great trip despite any issues. Making a list before you go is always a good idea, so that you will be sure that you have everything you need and that you will have a great time camping no matter where you are.

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