A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Ducks

You may be wondering where you would even begin on the path to becoming a duck hunter. It may sound overwhelming at a glance but, if you begin one step at a time with patience and determination, you will eventually become a professional in the art. We have compiled a guide for hunting ducks that may help you and encourage you to take the first step. 

1.Read Widely

As you begin the journey about duck hunting, you need to read widely about the topic. There is ample information that you can find about duck hunting which can help you decide just exactly how you will tackle the process. The best hunting advice is accessible on different forums and you will have to take note of the information that may help you along the way to becoming a skilled duck hunter. 

2. Get Your Hunting Licence 

A part of your research has to concern how you can get your duck hunting licence. You can search for a center that offers these courses either online or in your community. E-learning provides an array of choice regarding the type of hunting course you wish to engage in. A hunting licence is important, particularly for you to learn the safety dynamics regarding hunting. 

3. Buy Hunting Equipment

You will need to purchase the hunting equipment that you are going to use in the hunting field. Research will show you that you require at least a rifle, duck calls, decoy, a hunting dog, torchlight, waders, thermal wear, and rainproof attire. As you go into the field and get comfortable with the space, you will realise other equipment that is necessary to make your hunting process more efficient. 

4. Learn Duck Calls 

Having read about the different types of duck calls and strategies, you need to practically learn this skill of calling ducks. Not only do you need to learn how to call the ducks, knowing when to call is equally important. For example, it is advised that you call ducks towards your decoy when they are in a confused and rushed disposition. This means having to study the body language of ducks and learn their different physical states. 

If a duck is relaxed or appears alert, the chances of it ignoring your call are high as these ducks get used to the calls from various hunters. You also have to learn how loudly or quietly to call the ducks depending on their distance and surrounding territory such as echoes. Take your time to study these dynamics before you go out into the field. 

5. Practice Shooting 

Before you head out into the hunting zone, you should practice aiming and shooting. This can be executed in a duck practice park where you will shoot clay ducks. The ducks will be in motion mimicking the motion of the different ducks that you will have to shoot. The more you familiarise yourself with the movements of ducks, the clearer your aim will be when in the hunting zone. 

6. Explore Hunting Apps

Technology has made the process of hunting more efficient by guiding you to implement the best possible hunting strategies. You can explore the different hunting apps that are available and see the ones that would work for you during your duck hunting sessions. For example, a hunting weather app can help you decide on the particular day that is ideal for a specific hunting location. Another example of a hunting app is the hunting GPS can help you save time by guiding you to the exact spot where the ducks hideout instead of searching a wide area.

7. Navigate Hunting Spaces 

Before you decide to tackle duck hunting hands-on, you should explore the different spaces that you would wish to hunt. Exploring the hunting spaces means you can try out your equipment and tools, locate the popular duck areas, practice your duck calls and analyse the responses, familiarise with terrain, and strategise decoy for example. Once you become familiar with the space, you may become more confident on the day that you decide to hunt.


Duck hunting can be an enjoyable art if you take into consideration the advice and information from experts and those who have travelled the road before you. You need to read widely about duck hunting from reputable sites, get your hunting licence, buy hunting tools, learn duck calling strategies, practice shooting, and explore the different hunting spaces. 

Keep in mind that safety comes first whenever you go out hunting. You are advised to always carry your gun in a sling and a phone to communicate in case of emergency.

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