Learn About the Best Survival Knife with the Benchmade 940 Review

Knives come in as handy tools when it comes to various uses. You can easily use a knife for household chores and as a surviving tool while outdoors. What matters is the type of knife that you get for yourself. It is important that you get the best knife that can be used for various uses. Such a knife could be the Benchmade 940. It is one of the top knives you would get many people talking about most of the time. The reason is that the manufacturer made quite a good knife that could handle many purposes subjected to it.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Survival Knife​

The Benchmade 940 knife can easily pass as a survival knife for many people. This is all thanks to the multiple uses it can deliver to the user. So, what would you be looking for when looking to buy the best survival knife?

The Size​

Just think about the number of knives you have encountered already. Most of the time, you would find that the sizes vary, so you need to have a model that is the right size. It is not supposed to be too big that you find it uncomfortable walking with it around or too small that its uses are limited.

A fixed or folding blade​

This is another feature that many people would want to keep in mind when looking to buy the best survival knife. Most of the people would be looking to get a folding knife for portability reasons. You will simply have to fold it and get it into the lock position and keep going. The fixed blade might need a sheath for easy carrying. The sheath has to be made of strong material that would resist shearing under the sharp edge of the knife.​


The handle

It is crucial that you end up with a model that would be easy to handle. It is the reason you have to get the model with the best handle. The handle has to be textured correctly so that you have an easy time to hold it. Some might come with slippery handles that make using them in wet conditions hard. There is the need to look for a model with a handle that offers more grip to keep using the model.

The blade​

The considerations would not miss the type of blade you are getting with the model. A great blade would be made of strong material important for durability. The best durability for your blade makes it easy for you to keep using it on the different surfaces. You still need the knife to maintain its sharp edge for longer. The worst can be when you have to keep sharpening the edge of the knife more often.

Product Overview

Benchmade 940 Review

Probably you have encountered a product from Benchmade as a company. The company is known for being one of the best in presenting you with the best knives and other products. As for the Benchmade 940 knife, it is made to be one of the best in the industry.

The model features characteristics that makes it great for various uses. You can get the model being used as a tactical knife, rescue knife, outdoor knife and a lot more. You will find some use for this type of knife each time you get to use it. Let us get to learn more about the knife in this Benchmade 940 review.

Features and Benefits​

The Blade​

One of the important things you can always enjoy in a knife should be the blade. You want a model with the best blade that can deliver on performance and for longer. This model is made to have the reverse tanto design for its blade. This type of design is unique to this brand. Not many others have managed to get it right thus making it exceptional.

The tanto design is also made to be lightweight for ease of use. Many people would want a portable knife they could easily draw when needed. The blade is still the correct length that most people find useful. The shape of the blade often finds more uses in the life of many people. You can use it for different uses for your daily tasks.

Another interesting feature should be the material used to make the blade. The CPM-S30V steel is something that would be an assurance of ending up with a top model. The premium steel is important for making the blade to remain corrosion resistant and superb edge qualities. This means that it will not rust easily and will still maintain its sharp edge for longer.​

The handle and other ergonomic features​

Benchmade 940 Review

The handle is another important part of the knife, and the manufacturer knows this. You would end up with a model that is great for better handling. For this model, it comes with an impressive aluminum handle. The material is further made strong by using an attractive matte finish and followed by anodizing the aluminum in deep green color to give it a great look.

The texture on the handle is not aggressive, but will for sure give you enough grip that you need for handling the knife. It is not like other knives that might have a roughly textured handle that it becomes so hard to use the model for long hours. With this model, it has the perfect balance so you should be ready to keep on enjoying the use of the model for longer hours while outdoors.

The handle is seen to be top notch with the partial stainless steel liners. These liners have further been polished to give you that lustrous shine you would want to see in your knife. On overall, the knife handle feels comfortable in hand so that the user can have confidence when using the model. It is not just the fit of the knife that would make more people happy about it, but also the finish.​

Deployment and storage​

The model is made to contain the thumb studs for easy deployment and an axis lock for holding the knife in place once you get to lock it. Many people who have also reviewed this model agree that it has a smooth mechanism when it comes to opening and closing of the model.

The presence of the thumb studs should make the flicking of the blade out easier and faster. You should easily flick it out of storage at an alarming speed and less effort. It is not like other models where you might have to use two hands just to deploy the blade. The manufacturer included phosphor bronze washers in the mechanism to aid with the deployment of the blade.

The axis lock of the knife is another thing to celebrate about the knife. This is important when you have to store the blade when the knife is not in use. Once the blade is locked, there is no play at all that might make the blade easily disengage. The best part is that with just one hand, you can disengage the lock and deploy the knife again. Many people are fans of the axis lock and this is a great application of the innovation.​

The Design​

It is without a doubt that this model ends up as being one of the best looking knives on the market right now. Well, you do not have to worry about getting an ugly knife. The manufacturer offers you a perfect balance between the design and weight of the knife. This makes the model to be usable for everyday tasks and camping if you wish. The next time you are on a camping trip, you might want to keep the model around you for easy cutting of different stuff.

The size also allows for easy portability. When the knife is closed, it can easily be carried in the pocket. The small size makes it possible for you not to realize the additional knife you are carrying. Whenever you have to use it, you can deploy it easily just as shown by the manufacturer with one hand.

The video below gives you more tips about using the Benchmade 940 Knife​

  • Strong construction
  • It is easy to deploy
  • The axis lock mechanism works great
  • It is the right size
  • It is an expensive model
  • The pivot screw tends to get loose after a while

Social Proof

If you are looking to end up with this model and you are still not sure, that is about to change. A number of reviews about this same knife exist online. Most of the users have something positive most of the time to say about the model. You will always be getting the best value for the money. Those who own the model claim to have the best use for the model. They get to experience one of the best models in the industry. The construction with the high-quality materials further makes the model likable among many people.​


​1. KingCamp Tactical Survival Multifunction Stainless Steel Folding Knife

Via Amazon.com

This is another great type of knife you could use today. It comes with a strong stainless steel blade that should make it easy for you to enjoy using it for various applications.

2. BlizeTec Survival Knife​

Via Amazon.com

This is quite the best knife you can get for yourself for its features. It is a five-in-one model meaning it could be used for various uses depending on application at hand.

3. Snake Eye Tactical Navy Seals Bowie Knife​

Via Amazon.com

The performance you get with this model will give you the best value for the money. Its stainless steel look is what leads to more people looking to get one for themselves. The best part is that the model is cheap.


If you are always looking for a way to end up with the best survival knife, then you do not have to search any longer, as you would get the best performance with the Benchmade 940 knife. The manufacturer combined the best design with a wonderful finish most people feel it is important in a knife. With its size, you would get to see that the model is great for daily tasks even around the house when outdoors camping.

If you are interested in buying this product, check it out through this link.​

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