Unbiased Guide to Picking the Best Tactical Knife

In the past, before you could access to a tactical knife, you had to be part of the army. Well, since not many wars are being fought today, the tactical knives are getting their way to the civilian hands. People love the tactical knives for their toughness, quality, stealthiness, and versatility. They however do not come cheap, so you have to do some research to find the best one. We get to look at some of the models you can buy today on the market and an affordable rate.


How to Choose the Best Tactical Knife​


The model is supposed to give you an easy time using it. It is the reason you need a model ergonomically designed. This means that you get a model that will feel comfortable each time you get to use one. The weight, handle, and grip often influence the ergonomics of the knife.

The size​

The size is important for you to choose a great model that can be easy to handle. Make sure to get a model with the right size that makes handling easier as compared the other models​.

The material used​

The material used to make the knife is going to affect its durability and usability. You have to find a knife made of strong materials that will easily stay strong for longer without the need to change it. You also need a blade that would not easily get corroded or dull so that you have to sharpen it more often.​

The blade design​

Depending on the blade design, it means that you have to use it for various uses. You can get models with a straight edge knife while others having a straight edge with a serrated edge too. Depending on the applications, you can always choose one with all the functionality you need.

​Carrying option

You always have to consider the carrying options available for the model as you have to move with it from one place to another. You can get models that come with a leather sheath. The sheath should give you an easy way of carrying the knife. You can also get a clip for holding the knife on the belt for easy access.

Top 5 Product Reviews​

KA-BAR easily takes the crown as one of the most famous knife makers in the world. For this model, it was designed to be used by the US troops during the World War 2. It seems like now is has found its way to the civilians too. For this reason, most people using it would feel confident about it being the best tactical knife as its original use was military.

Since it is made in the USA, then you would feel confident about its durability. Most people would settle for any product made in the US because they know it would always be made of the best quality. Weighing at only 0.7 lbs, it is relatively lightweight for several uses by most people.

The steel used to make the knife is great to ensure there is the best toughness that you need to use the knife for various applications. The steel is alloyed and heat treated to make it better when it comes to the durability. In the end you get a pretty tough tactical knife that would last for longer.

The model still features an excellent grip. The knife will not easily slip even in the wet conditions. It should always keep you using it easily due to its comfortable handle. The manufacturer made it even better by including a leather sheath with the knife. The leather sheath will provide an easy way of carrying the sharp knife around with ease.

The blade shape and sharpness should make it possible for you to enjoy cutting through any material. The best part is the blade will not dull easily even after using it for longer.


  • It is strong
  • It comes with a leather sheath
  • Made for the military
  • It has a nice grip for the handle


  • Some complained about the blade edge easily chipping

This is one of the best defense knives you can get for yourself. This is a great tactical knife that easily folds to make sure that you can easily store it and retrieve it whenever the need arises. The model has an overall length of 7.75 inches with a weight of 5.6 ounces. With such technical features, you can see that it would be easy to have this model with you for tactical uses.

The high quality S30V stainless steel blade easily stands out as one of the best you can get on the market. With the tungsten DLC coating, you get a blade that should last longer and no need to keep sharpening it. The manufacturer also made the model to have a sharp blade even when you get it out of the box. The protection against corrosion and other bad treatments should easily make the blade last for years.

The G-10 matte black handle offers the best grip you need when using the model. It will always give you better comfort to keep using the model for long sessions without feeling that it is uncomfortable. There is also the belt clip made of aluminum that easily clips onto the belt for quick keeping. Its small nature and lightweight design should make it great for stealthy situations whenever it is needed.

It is a great combat knife as you can easily draw it from its folding position and start using it.


  • It is lightweight
  • It has a compact design
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is easy to deploy
  • It has a sharp blade


  • The speedsafe mechanism fails easily
  • The protective coating tends to wear easily

If you are always looking for something different, then you can always opt for this model. It does not look like your regular tactical knife, but it will always get the job done easily. The model gives you a premium look and feel not found in other types of tactical knives. It is made to feature high quality materials that should always give you the much desired performance most people need. The high resistance and reliability of the model makes it easily deserve the best ratings it often gets from other reviews.

The manufacturer made it to have the 154 CM steel blade. This type of blade will always stay sharp even when used regularly. This is something that most people would want as they do not have a lot of time to keep sharpening their knives more often. The G10 handle is another thing you get to enjoy with this model, as it will give you an amazing grip you like. It is definitely one of the most ergonomic tactical knife you can buy today for yourself.

This is not going to be your normal pocketknife, as it is made to be better. With its high price tag, the users would expect premium features. Well, the premium features are what you get whenever you decide to pick this model for yourself.


  • It is great for multiple uses
  • It is comfortable
  • It has a premium feel
  • It is made of strong materials


  • It is expensive
  • It is bulky

The motto of Gerber seems to be making the strong knives all the time. Over the years, the manufacturer has made some legendary blades over the years, making it to become one of the most preferred brands today on the market. For its impressive knife construction capabilities, it is how they came up with this model.

This model was designed and engineered in the USA. If you remember correctly, the Silver Trident symbol is common with the Special Ops personnel. This means that the moment you get this model, you are buying one of the best tactical knives available. The hybrid design of the handle makes the model feel comfortable and easy to use. The manufacturer made the model further resistant to the UV rays, heat and other conditions that could easily destroy it.

As for the blade, you get an impressive 6-inch stainless steel double serration blade. The weight is about 1.4 pounds, which should be great for most users. The blade is further heat-treated to achieve the best hardness rating of 59 – 61. What you would be getting is a strong blade that is still flexible. The overall small weight of the knife should make it a reliable knife you can carry from one place to another.

Back to the grip, it is for sure feels well balanced from the many features it has to offer. The awesome grip you get from the handle should make you feel confident that it would not slip easily. The model further retains its edge for longer since the blade is made of the best high quality stainless steel. The model is further made to be sharp from the moment you get it out of the box.


  • It has strong construction
  • It is lightweight
  • It is resistant to heat
  • It offers an awesome grip


  • It is an expensive model
  • It is illegal to ship it in some states

Even from the name, you notice that this should be a great model that most people would love. The knife is made to be longer and still maintain a thick strong blade. It was a great pick for the commandos and it is the reason it has the commando name in the title. The model was made famous during the World War 2 as it was mainly issued to the British Commandos to handle the enemies. You can be sure it will always deliver the best performance at all times.

The tapered and sharply pointed blade makes it quite the weapon. You can use it for thrusting and other types of performances. The thrusting could be a great advantage, but it is not the only benefit you get with this model. It still features a carbon steel blade. The blade will give you an impressive cutting edge if you are looking to inflict some slash cuts upon the opponent.

Since it would have been by the military as a tactical knife, it is the reason get the model made to reflect military standards. The high quality nature will mostly feature with the special ops or military men for handling various applications. It is possible to also feel the comfort and performance the moment you get to use one today.

The reason the knife was so good among many users should be because of its strong blade. Because it is still lightweight and resistant to corrosion, you are sure of using the model for longer than other types of knives.


  • It is resistant to hard usage
  • It is lightweight
  • The blade is made of high quality material
  • It is great for thrusting


  • The grip could be improved to make it better


When it comes to buying the best tactical knife, you have to always be careful about the model you choose as each model would be saying that it is the best. You can end up with the best product only if you take the time to check out the reviews to understand what you would be getting from the models.

If you are still unsure about the best model to pick, you can always choose the KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps fighting knife. This type of knife is made for one of the best military outfit in the world, so it is an assurance that you are getting the best model. The best part is that you get a model that is the cheapest in the bunch. This just further to show that you do not have to spend a lot to get the best type of tactical knife.

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