Get to Pick the Best AA Flashlight For The Right Brightness in 2017

Flashlights all come with different features with some being superior to the others. It is always important that you get to choose the right flashlight for you to enjoy the benefits of owning the flashlight. The best AA flashlight would have multiple features such as the best brightness, strong construction, and a lot more.We get to discuss some tips for buying the best AA flashlight and the top models on the market right now.


How to choose the best flashlight​

Why do you need a flashlight?​

best aa flashlight

This should be a question that you ask yourself first before buying the flashlight. This would guide you to think more about the flashlight features and how they can help you achieve a specific application. Come up with several reasons before now setting out to look for a flashlight model.

Give yourself a budget​

The flashlights would differ in the price depending on the features that they can provide. You can be now come up with your own budget and make it a bit flexible. Do not worry, as most of the flashlights are cheap. You need to keep the budget flexible so that you always pick a feature rich model each time.

The number of Lumens​

The number of lumens would always determine the brightness of a flashlight. You will find this information from the product description section of the flashlight. The higher the number of lumens means that the brighter the flashlight. This will also determine just how far you would be able to see with the flashlight.

best aa flashlight

The durability of the LED bulbs​

After considering the brightness, you still need to keep in mind things such as the LED bulbs durability. The durability would vary from one manufacturer to another. You would want one that lasts for longer. Look at the number of hours that it can last from the product description too. The higher number of hours, the better for durability.

The battery type​

For this guide, we are focusing on the best AA flashlights. These flashlights use the AA type of batteries. You can still get some that use additional types of batteries, which can include NiMH, and 14500 batteries. When it comes to the batteries, you have to choose a flashlight that can easily use the available batteries so that you do not have a hard time using it more often.

best aa flashlight

What is the weight or size?​

These two features sometimes can be a break or make for some people. You need a model that can be lightweight and still the right size too. Take the time to compare between different models to find one that weighs less and still within the right size.

Top rated product reviews

1. Streamlight 88033 ProTac 2AA 

The model is designed to use the alkaline batteries important for the illumination. This is among the best AA flashlights for having simple, but yet powerful features. The model is designed to be easy to carry around thanks to the size. Even with the small size, you can be sure it delivers enough bright light.

It is compact and powerful. These are two feature combinations that you would always love to see in the flashlights. The model utilizes one of the latest technology in the LED world. The technology enables the manufacturer to combine the small construction with an impressive out.

To make it the best LED flashlight, it uses the C4 type of LED which is among the brightest right now on the market. With the selectable programs, you can easily switch from one mode to another. Simply choose the one you feel is the best for an immediate application.

With the different features, the model is seen to be great for law enforcement, emergency medical services, personal use and a lot more. With such many options, it can be one of the best flashlights you ever get.

  • It features the C4 LED technology.
  • Has an anodized aluminum construction
  • Lightweight at 3.4 ounces
  • The top glass breaks easily

2. UltraFire 7w 300lm Mini Cree LED Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp


Our rate:

Many people would often focus on the manufacturer before picking a flashlight. The brand reputation is one of the major drivers to buying a product. Since this flashlight is from one of the top brands, you should easily safe when buying such a product.

For this model, it features a super mini size important for portability. Most people do not want a large flashlight that makes carrying it around quite hard. With its small size, do not be cheated that it is not bright. It can deliver an impressive output brightness of 300 lumens. For its size, the output is quite impressive.

The output of the light is still made to be varied with the use of an adjustable focus range. You can easily stretch it to what you feel is the best way for you to enjoy the light. Whenever you pull the head of this flashlight, it will extend thus zooming.

Additional important features include having a blinding effect from the light you get. This should make the flashlight great for protecting yourself outdoors while taking a walk. The model is made to be skid proof and waterproof. This means that you can use it in different weather conditions and you do not have to worry about it getting easily destroyed.

For its construction and features, you might even think that the model is expensive, but that is not the case. You will be surprised to see how cheap it retails as compared to other models with the same features. The flashlight is often seen great for hunting, cycling, camping and any outdoor activity you might think of.

  • It is made to be skid proof
  • It comes with an adjustable focus
  • Suitable for multiple outdoor activities
  • It is a cheap model
  • Some users felt it was heavy

3. J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight


Our rate:

This is one of the top selling models right now on the market. Based on the sales and reviews of the model, it gives you the confidence that you would be getting one of the best flashlights ever.

Coming from J5, you can expect that it would not fail in the brightness department. It is made to deliver up to a maximum of 300 lumens of brightness. The super bright LED will run for hours on just a single AA battery. This should be one of the cheapest to run LED flashlights as it uses a single AA battery and still remains bright.

So what about the range of the flashlight? This model has a beam that can sweep over an impressive length of two football fields. That is something impressive that most people would wish for in a great flashlight. With such a range, there is no place you cannot go with the flashlight.

The applications of the model just got better thanks to having 3 different operating modes. You can use either in the high, low, or strobe mode. With such modes, you can easily switch from one to the next depending on the application.

The best part about this light should be its compact and tactical design. This design makes the model to be tough better than before. You can always be sure to be impressed by how strong it is. You can use it for daily operations without worrying that it would get damaged easily.

  • It features an intense LED brightness output of 300 Lumens
  • It has 3 different modes
  • Has a compact tactical design
  • Is easy to operate
  • The retaining ring tends to fall off easily

4. Mini Cree Q5 LED Handheld Flashlight, Super Bright 3 Modes

One thing you would be looking to get in a flashlight would be the number of Lumens. The model can deliver up to an impressive 300 Lumens, which should be enough to offer the right brightness. You should have several applications for such a type of flashlight.

The flashlight is made to be easily adjusted to suit the different applications. The head is easily pulled out to adjust the focus the beam. The best part is that you get to only use the AA battery. For such a type of battery, you can get one from any store close to you. It uses other types of batteries too such as the NiMH and lithium 14500 batteries. You can opt for one that works great for you.

The model is still made to be skid-proof design and waterproof design too for the LED bulbs. In the event you accidentally drop it, the flashlight still remains intact without easily breaking. Since the LED bulbs are all waterproof, you can use the flashlight in the rain without worrying that it would stop working.

With such many great features, you can use it for cycling, camping and many different outdoor activities. It still features 3 modes important for different applications. There is a soft touch tail cap that allows for switching between the 3 different light modes.

  • It is easy to switch between the 3 modes
  • Has a skid proof and waterproof design
  • Can use different types of batteries
  • Has a bright LED output of 300 Lumens
  • There are multiple better flashlights for the same price

5. J5 Tactical Flashlight – The Original 250 Lumen Ultra Bright, LED Mini Flashlight

This is another top flashlight from J5. This is one of the best models for its construction and multiple applications that you could possibly get to use with this model. The flashlight might be made to be small, but it still delivers an intense brightness important for ending up with many applications.

The model has a maximum of 250 lumens, which might not be many but still makes it great for the money. Not many flashlights within the price range would have such great light output.

You might think that a single battery would not do much, but wait until you get to use this model. On that single battery, it should be able to last you for several hours. You should have no worry about seeing your way for hours on just one battery. For a normal daily use, the battery should last you for weeks.

The model has gained favor among many people who often want some brightness at night. Some of the reviews about the flashlight are from rescue workers who once used it for a rescue mission or an all-night search. With such applications, you can see that the model will always deliver more applications as compared to other models too.

  • It has a compact and tough design
  • It offers an adjustable focus range capability
  • It comes with 3 modes of use
  • It could use more lumens to make it brighter


The best AA flashlight is something that most people would often want to see for themselves in the house for various applications. For our list, the UltraFire 7w 300lumen Mini Cree LED flashlight seems to be the best among the listed modes. It comes with the impressive about of light and still at an affordable price. You will not have to spend a lot just to get one. The model still comes as super mini size so that portability is better.

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