The Best Hunting Gear List for a Beginner

There is no doubt that you will find many people today enjoying the activity of hunting as a way of passing time outdoors. You will always need to have the right gear so that hunting is easier for you. It is not just about making the process easier, as some of the gear you carry is important for your survival. It is the reason you have to take your time to understand some of the important gear you have to get for your next hunting trip. Below we get to share some ideas on what you could use for the trip.


​1. Clothing

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This is going to be the first thing you may have to include in your hunting gear list. It is important that you get the right type of clothes for the environment. Depending on where you are going to hunt, the types of cloth would vary. You can have from light to heavy clothing depending on the weather. Do not dress lightly for the cold weather.

As for the clothes, you can consider socks, pants, underwear, jacket, hats, gloves, shirts, and many more. As a way of protecting yourself from the weather elements, do not forget to get yourself a raingear. This is important to keep yourself dry during the rain.

The boots that you get to pick are also important for keeping you safe while hunting. Boots should make it easy for you to move around any train while outdoors hunting. This will require that you get to choose the best hunting boots.

The idea with clothing is that you get what is just enough for the trip. If you are not going to take long on the trip, then there is no need of carrying a lot more of the clothing. For those going on a hunting trip for just the weekend, you have to consider leaving out some of the clothing options.

2. The camping gear

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For a hunting session that would last for days, you will need to get yourself gear for camping. When it comes to camping, it should be easy to see to find the right gear for the period. Some of the things you will need include the sleeping bad, sleeping pad, and a tent. The tent is going to be your home for several nights, so you have to make sure it is comfortable by getting the best sleeping bag and pad too. The tent should be chosen based on the number of people that would be using it.

Camping is not just about sleeping as you will also need to cook or keep yourself warm. That is where the matches or lighter come in. these two are vital when it comes to starting a fire for cooking or keeping yourself warm. As part of cooking, you will need to have a stove, a bottle with extra fuel, pan and the food to cook. A water filter would be necessary to make sure that you get to use clean water at all times. No one wants to end up with water that would make them sick while hunting.

Still as part of camping when hunting, then you will need the food to cook before your big game hunt. When it comes to the food, most of the time you will not need to get food that requires a lot of preparation. It is often you find many more people opting for a precooked food. This would mean that you just have to warm it up and you are good to go. If you still insist on getting food that you can cook while camping, then make sure it is something simple and can be done in a short time.

3. Rifle Hunting Gear

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The choice of weapon often depends on the hunter. You can either choose to hunt using a rifle or a bow and arrows. In this section we get to see what kind of gear you need when it comes to using the rifle for hunting. The first thing would be the right choice of a rifle. The type of rifle that you get to choose determines the type of game to hunt, the amount of ammo needed, the shooting range, and many other factors.

Before you can use the rifle for hunting, you have to know how it works. This means taking at of time at the shooting range to learn more about your rifle. Also make sure you have the permit of using the gun for hunting. You do not want to end up in trouble with the authorities.

You will also have to get the scopes as part of the rifle accessory. The scopes are important to make sure that you end up having an easy time focusing on your target. If the scopes are coming, then the scope covers too cannot. Take the time to check out various scopes so that you can pick the correct one for hunting.

You still have to think about the amount of ammo needed for the trip. Having a minimum of two boxes should be enough to get you through the hunting session. Some of the additional gear you have to get include game bags, shell holder to be placed on the belt, a laser range finder, and binoculars. Any additional hunting gear that you get for the rifle hunting would be based on what you need. Always pick what is necessary for the trip.

4. Bow Hunting Gear​

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Bow hunting is something popular even with the introduction of the rifles for hunting into the market. Many people find themselves looking for bows that would make their hunting experience different from using a rifle. As usual, you have to get yourself a bow and some of the necessary accessories. These are the accessories that would make hunting easier and accurate for those who may not have used a bow before.

Bow hunting might not be as easy as some thing. You also have to take the time to practice more with the bow before you can go hunting. You could use an extra string the next time you go bow hunting. If necessary, sometimes you may have to restring your bow while hunting if the current string snaps.

You still need to get yourself arrows for the hunting job. The arrows should be sharp enough to make them useful for the job. Other things you will need under bow hunting include laser range finder, binoculars, string wax, broad-heads, spotting scope, armguard, chest guard and many more depending on your needs.

5. Personal Gear

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Even with mot of the gear mentioned, there is the need to have a personal touch to it. These are the things you will need for personal use. The list for this gear includes​

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Liquid soap- Ear plugs
  • Small towel
  • Sun glasses
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun block
  • First aid kit

You can add more things to your list depending on what you need.


When it comes to hunting, you always have to pick the right type of gear. It all depends on what you will be hunting and for how long. These two things should easily guide you to picking the right type of gear that will always work for various scenarios. This hunting gear list is a guideline of what you can pick when it comes to a fruitful hunting session starting today.​

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