Best IWB holster for Glock 19 – How to Pick + 5 Top Holsters Reviewed

Having a gun in today’s world is a great benefit, but also a great responsibility, and a nuisance at times. Carrying a gun for an extended period, or having it for the entire work shift requires you to have a holster. These small yet convenient things help us pack a firearm without hustle, and draw it quickly and effortlessly when necessary.


People who love Glock can have quite a bad time picking and buying a holster for their pets, due to the Austrian manufacturer’s recognizable lines of design and robust shape of pistols. The model 19 is one of the most recognizable Glocks ever made, and quite the robust pistol to carry, especially inside your pants. That’s why we’re on a mission today, to find the best IWB holster for Glock 19.

To supply you with the best possible info and guide you on buying the best holster you can get, we’ve done an in-depth research and tested five of the currently popular products on the market.

What is an IWB holster?​

Best IWB holster for Glock 191

There are many types of holsters available on the market, categorized by types. The IWB stands for Inside the Waist Band holster. This type of holster is designed to have the firearm more concealed compared to standard hip holsters, where the gun is outside your pants.

Besides improved concealment, this holster’s primary benefit is that it brings balance, weight distribution, stability while moving (you’ll definitely want your gun to be secured on your hip while running), and close yet comfort grip while sitting.​

The comfort of the IWB holsters surpasses almost every other type of holsters available. The difference it brings lies in the weight distribution, the comfort, and possibility not to feel the weapon on your skin (for the models with the enlarged upper part). The pressure of carrying a gun inside the waist belt can be quite uncomfortable especially after a while. Compared with other types of holsters, IWB brings the solid ease of drawing while maintaining the proper retention and comfort after hours of use and in various conditions (moving, sitting, etc.).

On the other hand, quality IWB holsters aren’t available everywhere. It’s quite hard to find them in gun shops; to find some models, you’ll have to order online. This option can be quite uncomfortable for people since it’s not the same as getting into the store and examining the holster you want to buy personally.

To tackle this problem, we’ve listed the things you’ll need to look for in product specifications and descriptions. The differences are quite significant and can cost you time and money if you’re not careful.

What to Look For when choosing an IWB holster?​

Best IWB holster for Glock 192

Inside-the-Waist-Band holsters are simple products, but their characteristics can impact the overall experience and sensation while wearing and using. When shopping for these handy accessories, you should look for:


First and foremost, the IWB holster should fit your weapon. Glock 19 isn’t small, and its square shape might interfere with the drawing/concealing process. With the inadequate size or shape of the scabbard, you’ll have problems drawing /putting back your weapon.

Next, there is the size of the holster itself; the width and height of the leather base should cover the gun’s size and some extra on the top. Depending on the style of the holster, it can be tilted forward a bit, vertical, or tilted backward. That’s designed for the different positions on the belt. The term cant of a holster refers to this feature.

Furthermore, the depth of the holster (how deep you can put the gun inside) provides the different level of retention. There are three levels of depth, all related to the trigger: above the waistline/on the waistline/below the waistline. The term ride of the holster refers to this feature.

Because it spreads the weight of the gun on your waistline, the IWT holster should be comfortable on your skin and should be easy to mount on your belt. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least an-inch-wider pants compared to your regular size.

The thickness of the leather or the material that goes next to your skin is very important for the performance while drawing/storing your weapon, alongside the overall comfort and ease of installing on your belt.

Comfort is quite important factor in the decision process since it can be very frustrating if your holster is not comfortable, and you have to wear it for a prolonged period. You should pay attention to Kydex parts (the plastic used to mold the parts that get attached to leather) as well since the thickness of these materials can rend the scabbard unusable.

The screws and bolts are a significant part as well; they can cause a lot of discomforts if not set well, and on the other hand, they should be easy to unscrew when setting up the hooks and the scabbard.​


The second area of features and performance essential to an educated buyer is the accessibility. This feature mainly relates to the ease of drawing the weapon. Simply, if the scabbard is not fitting your Glock 19, or it barely fits, you will have problems holstering your gun, and we don’t want that. Furthermore, to access this area of usage properly, there are more aspects to consider:

Tight Hold / Easy access ratio: You want your holster to be easy to use while safe enough to keep your weapon stored without worrying it will drop. The quality of the scabbard is the primary feature that determines this ratio, and the quality of its connection with the material of the holster is the secondary. The holster itself should be firm and preferably removable; this way you’re getting the best out of both worlds.​

To measure the retention of the holster, you should put your Glock inside while it’s not mounted on the belt and shake it up in all directions to see will the pistol stay in the position. The hooks for installing are important as well, and they should be adjustable, with screws easy to unscrew and place in the desired position.

The Current Top IWB Holsters on The Market - Our Reviews​


Galco Gunleather is the big name in the pistol accessories market, and holsters branded with this name are a synonym of quality, reliability, and professionalism. This model features 100% leather back and Kydex scabbard that is quite spacious. On the first hand, the holster looks like a well-made product that will make your gun safe, yet very accessible.

Most of all, KT224B Kingtuk holster fits Glock 19 like a glove. The specification says it’s compatible with almost entire Glock pistol line, including even bigger models like 17, 22, etc.

The Kydex scabbard is sturdy enough to hold the pistol tightly – the retention test results were great. Even with intense shaking, the pistol was tucked in safely in the holster. On the other hand, the accessibility is a mixed bag. The reason for this might be the holster’s condition (it is brand new, and requires some time get accompanied with the pistol well.

Still, the Kydex plastics are quite rigid, leaving marks on our 19’s front sights. Also, when positioned mid waistline, the scabbard bent a bit, making drawing a bit tougher to perform.

The final sensation this holster left was mixed; for the price, you get a very high build quality, but definitely not a flawless product. With some adjusting and time to break in, it can be a great holster.


  • The leather is great
  • Very adjustable


  • Very tight grip, sometimes even too tight
  • Markings on your 19 will become evident in no time

Alien Fear Holsters is the brand on the rise, claiming a significant amount of attention on the market recently. Both Glock enthusiasts and professionals are choosing this brand because of the 30-day test period, a lifetime warranty, and the products’ versatility due to modular design.

The base is built by the combination of neoprene, ballistic nylon and thermo-elastic polymer finish (branded “Alien Skin”) that doesn’t mar the pistol’s finish. You’ll be happy to hear that considering the beautiful matte surface of the Glock 19, right?

On the other hand, because of the multi-layer construction, the base can get quite warm on your hip, and cause sweating.

The scabbard that comes with the holster can be selected for the exact model you’ll want, which means it will come designed for the exact model, enabling the perfect fitting. Furthermore, the retention can be adjusted, so you can pick from the tightest hold to the semi-lose fit for relaxed situations. There is no secure strap though, so the gun can slide out while running.

Speaking of adjustment, the hooks (belt clips) are also adjustable by three holes of preference, which makes this holster quite versatile. Adjusting everything is quite easy since you get the Alien labeled wrench; the bolts are of high quality.

Overall, this is a very good holster, and the hype about this brand doesn’t come without reason.


  • Very sturdy and reliable, robust build
  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Custom fit that won’t leave marks on your G 19


  • Clips are very tough to put on and take off
  • It can make you sweat• Heavy


Blade Tech Industries is a reputable brand in holster market, and they cover a significant part of the market. Their products are first and foremost affordable, yet durable and very comfortable, easy to carry and quite reliable.

The Nano holster is a quite interesting option for Glock 19, as it has a minimum amount of base made from .080 material for the lowest weight without compensation on the quality. That’s evident on the upper part and the entire sweat guard (which isn’t quite efficient, but it’s better than all other holsters we tried today).

The concealment is the Nano’s main goal, as it fits any belt without any issues thanks to the dual IWB loops with very tight snaps (labeled “Pull The Dot”). The manufacturer claims that these loops are balanced, and increase stability, but the truth is that in weight distribution, they can’t compete with the standard models we reviewed before. Still, they offer quite the versatility and are very durable.

The Nano has only one screw that holds the scabbard, which might seem bad, but it isn’t. The scabbard itself is made out of decent Kydex with the unique black finish on top, and it’s adjustable by that one screw, so your G 19 can slip in quite easily.

That will create the drawback on the retention, though. Nano won’t hold your Glock 19 that efficiently (results of retention test were bad), but for its primary intention, it was more than good.


  • Small, light, great concealment
  • Decent build quality


  • Not stellar retention for Glock 19


Relentless Tactical brings us our next entry on the quest for the best IWB holster for Glock 19. This model’s biggest selling point, the American-made, genuine leather, and a lifetime warranty have earned it the status of best-selling product on Amazon. Currently, the product is almost sold out (6 pieces left in stock as we write this review), but the re-stock is coming soon. This speaks a lot about the product’s value and quality, right?

0.04 pounds of weight, 4x0,5x0,5 inches, and Glock-oriented design make this product a quite logical pick when you’re a part of the Glock family. The fact that is hand-made justify its price and the features it brings follow the uniqueness and quality.

The retention, on the other hand, is not on par with the design and build quality, due to the materials used. The leather is good in many ways, but you simply can’t reach the level of performance like in Kydex scabbards installed in many IWB holsters out there.

The holster is ambidextrous, which is another big benefit, and comes reasonably priced. With the quite the maneuverability and concealment, it’s more than good for its primary intention (carrying for short periods, without extreme conditions like running).


  • American handmade product made of genuine leather
  • Very easy to draw the weapon


  • Attracts moisture
  • Low retention score


Barsony Holsters and Belts is among the most recognizable brands in weapon holstering market. Their products are known for quality, durability, and stylish designs. The holster that we’ve chosen from their lineup is the brown leather model, recently added to the company’s impressive product range.

First and foremost, the premium cowhide leather and high-quality stitching with contrast color are definitely stylish; secondly, the leather will be comfortable for both your body and the Glock’s finish. Points for Barsony Holsters and Belts team!

The product also contains the additional pouch for a magazine, which comes suitable for the gun you’ve selected. The versatility of the holster is very high, as it can house dozens of pistols from various manufacturers. One big clip will attach to any belt easily, but it won’t spread the weight of the gun efficiently.

The retention of this model is quite good, but there’s an important notice; being made from only leather, this holster will wear off in time. That means both marks on the holster and less and less retention over time.

For this price, you’re getting a beautiful leather product that will last you for a long time, but won’t be as efficient as it was when you bought it. Definitely, a fair trade if you don’t plan on running while carrying.


  • American handmade craftsmanship
  • Very gentle to the touch
  • Stylish


  • It can get sweaty
  • The retention score tends to deteriorate

The Best IWB Holster for Glock 19 on the Market is…

The Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster, without a doubt. This holster beats the competition by quality build, excellent retention, durability, and finest craftsmanship. On the other hand, this brand brings you the 30-day trial period and a lifetime warranty. The versatility and adjustability are there as well, and the performance is excellent. Definitely the best buy.

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