Tips for Finding the Best Rescue Knife 2017

You can never know when trouble would hit you and there is the need for a rescue knife. Ask anyone about a rescue knife and they probably have never heard about any in their life. The reason is that the rescue knives are often the unsung heroes in the knives department. You need to start looking into owning one as it can come in handy when least expected.


You can get that the rescue knives come with different features you might want to consider. This buying guide should give you an insight into understanding more about choosing the best rescue knife today.

How to Choose the Best Rescue Knife

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1. The number of tools​

You definitely have to keep in mind the number of tools you would be getting with the knife. A great rescue knife should have all the important tools such as the seatbelt cutter, window breaker, LED light (optional) and many other tools. Having more tools means that you get to use the knife for various applications.

Best Rescue Knife

2. Is it lightweight?

This is the kind of tool that you be walking around with even when using so that it can be deployed on moment’s notice. It is crucial to pick a model that is lightweight in nature and gives you that performance you like. Compare the different models that are top rated to find one which is lightweight and still offers the best number of tools.

3. The durability​

No one wants to end up with a product that can fail anytime. The durability aspect is quite important for anyone looking to ensure that the rescue knife comes in handy when the need arises. The material used to make the knife would affect the durability. Choose a great knife made from the best material and it would last for longer.​

4. The ratings from other users

The ratings are quite important to ensure that you end up with a model that works great as the manufacturer promises. The reviews are quite important to point out some of the pros and cons of using the knives. Once you get to understand such features of the knife, you can now make a decision.

5. Ease of use​

Imagine yourself in a high stress scenario, you would always want a model that is easy to operate. This is all about how easy it is to deploy the knife from its locking mechanism. Once the knife is deployed, the handle should also be great to allow for the right grip to cut the seat belt or any other material. Once you are done with the knife, you can now put the blade back to its locking position for safe keeping.​

Top 5 Product Reviews​

1. Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG2TS Liner Lock Folding Knife

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This would be another great pick that a person can get as the best rescue knife. The great design might make you forget it is a knife and start showing it off. The blade of this model is made to be straight and partially serrated so that you can use it for various uses.

The blade is made of carbon stainless steel. Since it is steel, you can expect better durability and having a model that does its job quite well. The blade combo edge should make it great for cutting various types of materials.

The lightweight aluminum handle is quite important to make sure that the knife stays lightweight. The handle is not just about being lightweight, but also providing the best grip for cutting different materials. The handle has the track tech inserts that make it easy to use even in tough conditions.

The pocket clip handle material should allow for easy carrying of the knife in your pocket.

  • It has a great design
  • It opens with a lot of ease
  • It offers a comfortable grip
  • It is very sharp
  • It is a bit heavy

2. BlizeTec Survival Knife


If you are going to looking for the best emergency tool, then you might want to consider this product. It is a premium tool with 5 tools integrated into a single knife. You can use it for several applications thanks to such a feature. It can be used as a drop-point blade, flashlight, fire starter, blade lock, seatbelt cutter, and window breaker.

With such a type of knife, you would always be ready to tackle any type of emergency that might arise. Most people are now using it for camping, hiking, hunting and different outdoor activities.

With its pocket size nature, you can easily carry it around. To make it even better, it still comes as a lightweight model. It should be easy to carry it in your hand without feeling that it is too much work.

The LED light can come in handy when you need to watch out on the trail when you are outdoor hiking.

  • It is easy to keep
  • It is small in size
  • It is lightweight
  • It has multiple tools
  • It is an expensive model

3. SOG Escape Folding Knife FF25

This knife will give you an easy way of operating it thanks to multiple features it has to offer. The model comes with its blade partially serrated meaning that you get to enjoy both the benefits of a straight and serrated edge within a blade. Whichever application that you might have, it is possible to use the different parts of the blade.

The anodized aluminum handle plays an important role of providing the best durability you would need from the knife. It is further lightweight so that you do not feel the burden of carrying the knife around.

The model design makes it easy to open with one hand. You can carry it anywhere and easily deploy it whenever the need arises. With the blade opened, you can use it for any emergency around you. It is the same thing for the handle as it comes integrated with various tools such as a wire cutter and glass breaker that delivers the best performance.

  • It comes with both straight and serrated edges
  • It is easy to open with one hand
  • It is lightweight
  • The blade tends to constantly get dull

4. TAC-FORCE Spring Assisted Opening EMT EMS Orange Rescue Folding Knife

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Even from the name, this could be an amazing type of knife to get for yourself. You should get an easy time carrying it around as it easily folds into a smaller size even for tight fitting. The black stainless steel blade is important for making sure that it delivers the right cutting performance whenever the need arises. It is within the right size so that the user can use it for multiple applications and still keep it portable.

The blade is attached to an impressively strong composite handle. The handle is made to be strong so as to keep the whole knife durable even with the regular use. There is some great styling with the use of orange accents to make the knife standout with a great design.

With the knife closed, the blade is securely held in position by using torsion springs. It is important to keep the blade locked at all times to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

  • It is easy to operate
  • The blade is locked securely
  • The torsion spring can rapidly deploy the blade
  • It has a great design
  • The locking mechanism fails after some time

5. StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

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This is quite the functional type of rescue knife you can get for yourself. It is made to be partially serrated and still contain the straight edge. With its razor sharp edge, it should easily cut the different materials easily. The best part is that it comes being razor sharp straight out of the box.

You get multiple tools other than the blade from this knife. It is made to have a seatbelt cutter too. You simply pop it open and start cutting through the seatbelt whenever you find it hard to unlock it. Any material, which is less hard as compared to the seatbelt, it should have an easy time cutting through it.

The spring loaded window punch should make breaking of a window quite easy. It is not like the other models that would not have worked properly. You simply have to hold this punch against the window and proceed to push. What follows is that a carbide tip protrudes and shatters the window in an instance. It will then retract into its protective housing.

  • It features and LED light
  • It can easily smash a window when needed
  • It comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath
  • It has multiple tools
  • The blade arrives sharp, but dulls quickly


When it comes to picking the best rescue knife, you now have an idea of what to expect. A number of options exist, so take the time to check out the mentioned models first before making up your mind. If you are still unsure which to get, you can always opt for the BlizeTec Survival Knife, as it will keep providing you with the best performance. It is the best comparing to the others based on the many tools it has to offer and its overall functionality.​

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