Quick Tips for Buying the Best Skinning Knife

Skinning a game you just caught on your hunting trip is only going to be rewarding if you have the right skinning knife. The whole process of skinning is something that needs a flexible knife that offers better precision for some cuts. Depending on the model you get to choose, it will make your work to skin an animal easier or harder.


We get to look at some of the best models you could get today to handle the skinning process. We also give you some great tips to consider when choosing the right skinning knife for your next hunting trip.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Types of skinning knives​

This type of knife would have two blades or more revolving on one frame each having a different purpose. There would be a locking mechanism where you get to lock the other blades when using the other. Such knives would have a lot of applications where you simply get to switch from one knife to another depending on the needs. The swingblade knives are great for various applications, but they would often be expensive and some would not have the best stability as compared to the other models.

Folding Blade Knives​

Even from the name, it should be easy to understand what these knives are all about. They are made to have the blades to easily fold back into the handle whenever you are not using it. This feature is important for you to easily carry it around and user safety when the blade is not in use. The folding knives are known to help a lot as you can easily get them in tight spaces. As much as they might be great for portability, they do not work the best with so much pressure on them.​

Fixed blade knives​

These should be the most common types of skinning knives you will get on the market. The blade is fully exposed and sticks to a handle. Since the blade does not have to be folded back into the handle, there is no play. This means that the user would experience a stronger grip with the model. You can apply the right pressure to get the best skinning process.

You would mostly find that such a model would come with a sheath separate from the knife for storage. The sheath provides a way of storing the knife to avoid injuries.​

How to choose the best skinning knife​

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.


Sharpness largely varies from one model to another. Some knives would have a sharp edge even on arrival from the manufacturer. It would be great to have a model that can retain its sharp edge even when used for skinning a number of times. It is always important that you get to choose the best skinning knife with an edge that does not dull easily. Even if it gets dull, you should easily sharpen it back to razor sharp status.


The durability of the skinning knife depends on the construction. Each manufacturer would come with different types of construction. It is important you get a model that can stay for longer thanks to the great construction material. The obvious material for building the blades would be stainless steel, but they often vary in grade. You need to pick the best grade that is able to handle more use.

Some manufacturers go the extra mile of hardening the blades so that it can last for longer. The durability extends to the handle too. Depending on the model, the manufacturer would use a material that makes the handle strong and still textured to give you the best grip when using the knife for skinning.​


Not all brands would make the best types of skinning knives. It is important that you get to pick the right model from a top brand in the industry. A top brand is often an assurance that you are picking the best model. Some of the top brands in the industry include Gerber, Buck, Kershaw, Cold Steel and a lot more. If you check out the reviews about these models, you would see that they are good in every aspect.


Type of knife​

Above we have talked about the different types of skinning knives available on the market. The trick is to pick a model that will get you enjoying the whole process. Each knife type has its special application, so make sure you keep that in mind the next time you need a great knife for skinning.

Type of game​

If you have been hunting for a while now, you would know that not any type of knife would work as a skinning knife. You need to choose a type of knife based on the type of game you like to hunt. For those animals with thick hides, you need a stronger knife. It should be easy if you get a knife that would easily slice the hide off the meat.​

Top 5 Product Reviews​

1. Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Folding Hunting Knife 3-1/2” Replaceable Stainless Steel Kraton Handle

Via Amazon.com

You might have used other skinning knives that would require sharpening before the actual use. That does not have to happen with this model as it is made to be razor sharp straight out of the box. You will easily get the best skinning experience thanks to its ability to make the seamless cuts and ease of control for the blade.

The model is impressive in terms of the blade you get. The blade is made of reinforced stainless steel that should last for longer without having to worry that it would corrode. The best part is that with a press of a button, you get to switch out the blades with other fresh ones.

The durability is quite the best with the model. With reinforced blade and handle, you get to love just how the model would last for longer for you to enjoy the value for your money.

  • Great for multiple applications
  • It comes with many blades
  • It is easy to switch blades
  • A comfortable grip
  • It dulls easily

2. Piranta Bolt, 2 ¾ in. #60A Blade

Via Amazon.com

The model is made to be the perfect size when it comes to using it for skinning. For the skinning application, you do not want a model that would be too big to make the process tougher. The model comes with a thick 60A stainless steel blade. The blade will provide you with the best performance and still maintain its durability. You will also get to use the same blade type of make the precise cuts important for skinning.

Due to its size, the model is seen to be better and easier for skinning. Making the precision cuts will be easy as compared to using other types of knives. It is well crafted that makes it suitable for skinning game.

The blade is one of the selling points of the model. The 60A stainless steel blade is hardened and made to be corrosion resistant. The higher grade metal will allow for better flexibility so that you get to use the knife for longer without breaking. It will also not dull easily even when you keep using it for skinning different game.

  • It arrives already sharpened
  • It has impressive durability
  • The blade is corrosion resistant
  • It is affordable
  • Some users feel it is too small

3. Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook

Via Amazon.com

The guthook is a nice feature that the manufacturer added to the knife. This means that the model gets to be quite the useful skinning knife as compared to the others. If you check out other reviews on top skinning knives, you cannot miss this model. Coming from a top brand, it is an assurance further to show you that it is the best skinning knife.

The sharpness of the model is so impressive that it can tear the guts of a bear with so much ease. The guthook makes the whole process so efficient for cleaning out the guts. The blade is extra sharp so you may want to be careful when handling it. Since it has all these great features, it is among those best tools any hunter should have.

The handle is made to be well textured so that you feel the grip is great. Slicing the skin from the meat should now be easily. The handle is made to be further strong to handle the demands of using the skinning knife more often.

  • Impressive edge retention
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • Great grip
  • It has a nylon sheath
  • It is an expensive model

4. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Two Piece Set

Via Amazon.com

This set gives you two important pieces you could use for skinning. One is made to have a straight edge while the other has an additional guthook blade. With such a set, you get to use a single set to handle different needs while skinning.

The two knives both feature the full tang construction meaning that the durability is great. The 440 stainless steel blades contain more carbon important for hardening the blades. You get to use these blades for years and they would still maintain their edge. With such impressive edge retention, you get to enjoy using the knives without the need to get new ones anytime soon.

The manufacturer further made the knives to have green camo ABS handles. They should be able to give you that impressive non-slip texture and still look great while doing that.

  • Cheap model
  • Great handle
  • Lightweight model
  • Impressive edge retention
  • Great hardness for the blade
  • It is not razor sharp on arrival

5. Columbia River Knife and Tool K700KXP Ken Onion Skinner Fixed Razor Edge Knife

Via Amazon.com

This company has been making some of the best skinning knives for a while now. They have done a good job again with this model. The model is amazing from its performance, durability and flexibility. The best part is that it only weighs 3.7 ounces, which should be very light. You can always have it in your backpack when hunting and take it out when there is the need to skin game.

The sharpness of the knife is quite impressive. You would not have to worry about sharpening it more often as it can maintain its sharpness for longer. Many people love it as the maintenance process is easy not as compared to other models. You however have to it dry as it often gets rusty when left outdoors or in wet conditions for long.

The razor sharp blade should easily get through different types of any big game and small alike. It is sturdy on overall so that you can get to enjoy using it a lot more for other applications.

  • It is strong
  • It is a stable model
  • It is a sharp model
  • It is lightweight
  • The blade can easily rust when left in water for long


​If in the past you had the issue of determining which model would be the best for you, now you know where to look when it comes to picking the best skinning knife. All the mentioned models offer impressive features that would make the skinning process easy. Some users might still be at crossroads on which model to choose. Well, you can always opt for Elk Ridge Hunting Knife if you are on a budget. The model will give you a great performance and flexibility just like the expensive models. It is made to feature two knives, which proves to be great when you have to handle a larger game.

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