5 of the Best Tent Stakes in the Market

Tent stakes are a vital part of a camper's gear. Most tents come with stakes when you buy them, but they're not always great quality. Or maybe you're looking for replacements because you've lost or broke them.


Either way, you're in the right place. We've got information that will help you find the best tent stakes in the market.

Types of Tent Stakes

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According to Material​


Steel tent pegs or stakes are the most common type next to aluminum. They are very strong and durable, but they are heavy. It’s not ideal for backpackers because of the weight issue.


The advantage of aluminum stakes is that they are lightweight. They are also one of the most common kinds and very affordable.

The downside is that they are not as strong as steel or titanium. They will bend (or break) in a frozen or very hard soil. However, they are usually good enough for soft to medium firmness.


Titanium stakes are the toughest and lightest kinds. Stakes made of titanium are typically thinner than aluminum, so they are easier to get on the ground.

They are ideal for very hard and frozen ground because they can flex without bending. Titanium stakes are expensive because of these reasons.​


Plastic tent stakes are the cheapest, but they are pretty good for soft to medium soil. They are pretty tough, especially if they are big and bulky. However, they still tend to bend or break, especially the tips.

According to shape/design​

There are many kinds of stakes out there, and different manufacturers may come up with different designs. When looking for a tent stake, you need to think about its holding power. Here are some common types of stakes according to design:

Round Wire​

The round wire peg is one of the most common and basic designs out there. They are thin, but there are also some that are thick.

Among the different styles, the round wire is not exactly the strongest (depending on the material). It has a straight shaft with either an L or a hook-shape top.

Round wires come in a variety of lengths.They're great for medium firm ground. Unfortunately, the design is more prone to bending, but that also depends on the material.

The Skewer

The skewer peg is much like the round wire except that it has a twisted shaft like a skewer. Like the round wire, there are a variety of lengths.

The twisted design ensures a better grip than a round wire, but the holding power is still for standard conditions.

The Delta Peg (Ground Anchor)

Many say that the delta peg is one of the greatest innovations in the camping world. Users say that it's a savior in extreme conditions.

Nail Stakes

Best Tent Stakes in the Market1

Nail stakes have a sharp and pointy end with a flat top, resembling a nail. They're ideal for piercing hard ground, but the quality might depend on what it's made of. Make sure the stake is made of durable and flex resistant materials.


As the name suggests, V-stakes have a V shape. They're great for hard ground.


Y-stakes are great for every terrain. They offer great holding power in hard and rocky grounds. The downside is that the shape is slightly heavier than the other kinds. They're also slightly more expensive, but they are worth the investment.

Snow Stakes

As the name suggests, this kind is designed for snow. They are large and curved with holes that freeze the stakes in place, thus offering more hold power. They are a bit heavier and more expensive than regular ground stakes, but that's because they're for special conditions. Snow stakes can also secure tents in sand. When looking for snow stakes, consider the length; as with all stakes, the longer it is, the more h

Where are you camping?

Best Tent Stakes in the Market2

There’s no single best tent stake - only one that’s right for the conditions. The main thing you want to consider is your camp location.

It’s important to know where you are camping because it can tell a lot about the ground conditions and weather conditions. This will then determine the kind of stake you should be looking for.

For snowy or icy locations, you will need a tough stake suitable for snow. There are stakes primarily meant for these conditions. In rocky terrain, you will also need touch stakes that can pierce through the ground without bending.

If you are just camping in your backyard where the soil is most likely soft, then you don’t need to spend so much on stakes.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How many stakes do you need?​

Best Tent Stakes in the Market3

It depends on you. If you want all your stakes to be uniform, then you’ll need as many as the tent, outer cover, and bottom tarp require.

If you want just spares in case your other ones break, then bring what you think you’ll need. It also depends on how much extra weight you’re willing to carry.

Rather than bringing just one kind of stake, I suggest that you bring a variety of stakes with different types of hold power. That way, you’ll be more prepared to encounter unsuspected terrain.

Best Tent Stakes in the Market

1. MSR Ground Hog Stake Kit

Via Amazon.com

The MSR Ground Hog Stakes are another lightweight option great for backpackers, backpackers, and others saving on pounds. They are made of 7075 aluminum, which is highly durable and reliable for camping situations.

It has a simple Y-beam design, but it's capable of piercing through a wide range of terrain with a simple press of your foot. The design gives a pretty great hold power that can withstand windy situations.

Another thing about these stakes is that they are slightly longer than the THN and Tent Tools Aluminum stakes. Each stake is about 7.5 inches long and weighs about 4 ounces.

It may seem like too little of a difference, but it still offers more hold power. They also come with high reflective pull cords that are easy to spot and easy to retrieve.

Best for: Backpackers, backpackers, hikers, camping in soft to medium soil conditions and fair weather conditions.​


  • Lightweight and durable design.
  • Y-beam is makes penetrating the ground easy.
  • Bright red color for easy visibility.
  • 360-degree attachment point.


  • Not for the rocky or very hard terrain. You also cannot hammer it because aluminum will bend or break.

2. Vargo Titanium Tent Stake

Via Amazon.com

I wanted to give you a variety of options, so I threw in a titanium tent stake. After all, titanium is the strongest and the lightest among the different tent stake materials.

The Vargo Titanium Tent Stake is a great option for backpackers who want something light and durable. These stakes have a fragile round wire design. Even though they are titanium, they still require some care.

The Vargo Titanium Tent Stakes have a bright orange coating on the top that is visible under fluorescent light.

The downside is that because they have a thin design, they don't give such a strong hold power as the others. You also should not pound or hammer them, even though they are titanium.

Best for: Ultralight backpacking, moderate soil and weather conditions.​


  • They have the lightest design. Titanium is also durable.
  • Bright orange coating for easy visibility.
  • The stakes come in 6 and a carry pack.


  • Hold power isn’t as strong as other options because these stakes are very thin.

3. Coleman 10-In. Steel Nail Tent Pegs

Via Amazon.com

In the outdoor gear world, Coleman is a pretty big name. They have amazing quality products at affordable prices. When it comes to strength and durability, steel is always a good option.

Other stakes are not as tough when it comes to hammering, but these can take the beating. The design is also very hammer friendly with because of the wide top.

Another thing about these stakes is that they are 10 inches long. Longer is usually better for tent stakes, so it gives more hold power. These stakes are 3 inches longer than the TNH or Tent tools stakes.

The downside is that they are quite heavy and bulky. However, for car camping and other instances where hiking is limited, then these are great.

Best for: Car camping, windy conditions​


  • Great quality at a low cost
  • The strong and durable steel shaft will not bend easily.
  • They are long, giving more hold power.


  • They are not rust resistant.
  • The weight is not ideal for backpacking or hiking. They are heavier than other options.

4. TNH Outdoors Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes

Via Amazon.com

The TNH Outdoors Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes are a great option for backpackers and hikers because these stakes are lightweight.

They're made of 7075 aluminum, which is durable and strong. It's no wonder why they have great ratings from users. These stakes come in a pack of ten and with a carry bag. That’s more than enough for spares or replacements.

For easy visibility and to avoid tripping, these stakes come in a bright red color. The material is also reflective to light, so it’s easier to spot at night with a flashlight.

Each one has one hook attachment point for the guy lines, and the triangle shape offers a decent hold power for soft to medium surfaces. Each is 7 inches long, and half an inch wide. The whole set with the bag is only about 5.7 ounces.

Best for: Backpacking because of lightweight design.​


  • Bright color and Reflective light design for easy visibility.
  • Decent hold power for most terrain.
  • Much stronger than older versions.
  • The price - quantity - quality ratio is high.
  • Lightweight.


  • 7 inches in length might be too short for some instances (hard surfaces)
  • You shouldn’t hammer or pound it because it’s prone to bending. Thus, they are not so good for the hard ground.
  • One attachment point rather than a 360-degree attachment point.

5. Tent Tools Unique Propeller Premium Tent Stakes

Via Amazon.com

These 7075 aluminum Y-shaped tent stakes are another great option for backpackers. They are considerably strong and durable, with the Y-shape design allowing for more solid hold.

It's ideal for soft to medium soil. They are lightweight, with each stake weighing about 0.46 ounces.

Another major advantage of these stakes is that they come with a lifetime guarantee. Should your stakes break, you can get a free replacement from the manufacturer.

There are ten stakes in the pack, with reflective pull cords for easy visibility. You can choose from two colors - orange or blue.

Best for: Backpacking, camping in soft to medium soil conditions and fair weather conditions.​


  • Affordable price for ten stakes.
  • Strong and durable for most camping needs.
  • Very lightweight design.
  • Bright and reflective stake and pull cord for easy visibility.
  • Lifetime guarantee from the manufacturers.


  • Not for hard ground or soil.
  • It’s a bit tricky to hammer, but with soft soil, it’s very easy to pierce to the ground.


As you can see 3 of the tent stakes are very similar and are aluminum. They are great options, especially because they are light, inexpensive, and durable. However, they are not as strong as steel or titanium.

Then again, you also have to consider the design. For instance, the Vargo Titanium tent stakes are strong and very lightweight. However, the design is very thin. They are still prone to bends and breaks, depending on how you use them.

The best tent stakes depend on a few factors, but mostly on the design and the material. If your camping site has very solid or hard soil, consider the Coleman steel stakes.

They are very sturdy, and you can hammer them down. However, they are heavy, so they’re not ideal for backpackers skimping on weight.

For moderate soil conditions and weather conditions, the best ones are the Vargo Titanium stakes. They are durable and lightweight for backpacking.

You can also opt for any of the aluminum options, which are bigger and also lightweight. The bigger and wider design offers more hold power than the thin Vargo Titanium Tent Stakes.

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