How to Fish a Chatterbait with Ease for a Beginner

Someone might ask, what is a chatterbait? Well, this one of the most popular ways fishermen use to lure the fish into a trap and catch it. The chatterbait comes as a bladed jog with a single blade attached to it. The blade and the vibration with a clicking sound make the chatterbait effective for fishing in different scenarios such as muddy water.


Other than being used for muddy water fishing, you can easily get the same being used for freshwater fishing sports. All this is due to the incredible action you get when it comes to retrieve it. It could be great when used in combination with your spinning reel to get the most out of the chatterbait. The impressive versatility makes it be one of the most desired types of fishing equipment.

What about the color?

It is common that you will get that chatterbait coming in different colors. The choice of the colors is important for making sure that you pick the correct one. A right lure color will always get the fish easily hooked. Some of the common colors include bluegill, chartreuse, black and blue, and shad.

The colors shad and chartreuse are great when looking to fish in lakes where there is plenty of white fish. For different water conditions, you could use the other different color types. Choose correctly, and you might just end up easily catching different types of fish such the hogfish or any other each day.

What you’ll need

  • Chatterbait
  • Spinning reel


1. Buying the chatterbaits​

How to Fish a Chatterbait2

You will be happy to know that chatterbaits are not only effective in water but also affordable when it comes to buying them. You will not have to spend a lot of money to experience the magic of chatterbaits. You can shop them online or from a shop near you that sells fishing related stuff and equipment.

It is possible that you can end up getting most of the being sold on discount or as a clearance sale. Not many people walk into a department store and ask for them. Keep out an eye for such deals, and you might end up with the best chatterbait for yourself.​

2. Use the right trailer for effectiveness​

Making mistakes with the chatterbaits is always going to cost you a lot when it comes to fishing. It is crucial that you understand the type of trailers to use with chatterbaits. The common rookie mistake would be using the standard trailers that accompany the equipment when buying it.

You have to get trailers that can easily fit on the body of the lure so that they are appealing to the fish aesthetically and still keeps moving naturally in the water. Keep in mind that different trailers will affect the vibrations of the lure, so make sure to keep it simple and right.

3. Casting the chatterbait​

As for casting, it is advised that you start casting somewhere parallel to the shore. Normally you can do this at about a foot out. Keeping moving around the shore until you get the sweet spot for fishing in that area. By now you should have noticed that bass prefers being around 10 to 15 feet from the shore.

Whenever you find the strike zone, you have to retrieve your lure keeping it parallel always. This ensures that you maximize the time the lure passes through the target zone. In the end, you should easily increase the chances of getting a strike with such a technique.​

4. Always do a slow and steady retrieve​

How to Fish a Chatterbait3

Chatterbaits will have a lot of action so you might want to keep it slow and steady when retrieving. Whenever you are pulling, and you end up hitting some grass, you need to pop the chatterbait from the grass over the top. Bass will tend to swarm depending on the movements coming from the weeds.

5. Always read the weather​

It is just like humans, some weather tends to make you active while the other might make you less active. The colder weather is not great for fishing, as the fish will tend to remain less active. This still means that you have to be much slower with the retrievals. When there is plenty of action, then you can have more fun too easily retrieving across the water.

6. Change things whenever necessary​

Do not be afraid to spice things up with your retrieval and lure. It is possible to change the color the skirt as mentioned earlier with the different effects and applications of each color. Depending on the modifications, you can make the lure to be faster when it comes to the retrieval part. You could also be giving it a great presentation than it was before.

Below is a great video with more tips about how to fish a chatterbait​


There is no doubt that by now you understand what it takes to enjoy using chatterbaits. Use them correctly and you should have a great time enjoying yourself with a great catch. The chatterbaits are not expensive, so you should have no reason you are not using one at the moment. Always make sure to keep in mind the color as it might determine your success while fishing.​

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