The Ultimate Guide for Finding the Best Trailer to Live In

The idea of people in a trailer is not something that has started recently. This is something that people have enjoyed for years now. The different manufacturers of the trailers would take their time to make great trailers that people can live in for days just as if it was home. This meant that camping was no longer boring when you could have some of your favorite equipment accompanying you to the campsite.


There is no doubt that you will get multiple models of the trailers available on the market right now. The idea is to find a model that would be the best trailer to live in. We get to share with you a list of the best models below and how you can choose one for yourself.

How to choose the best Trailer​

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Understand the kind of recreation goals you have

When it comes to choosing the best trailer, you always have to consider the type of recreation that you want. You can start by understanding just how often you would be using the trailer. The size of the trailer is going to be important for someone who is going to use it more often or the roads are smaller.

For someone who would be using the trailer for probably once a year, then there is no need to go for the largest model. You can opt for the less expensive and smaller models.

The size also matters, as it would determine just easy it would be to move around with it. For a person who is fuel conscious, then opting a lighter model would be important to make sure you do spend a lot of fuel towing it around.

Come up with a checklist

The only way you are going to end up with the best trailer to live in is if you have a comprehensive list of what you want in the trailer. Let the checklist have your biggest priorities first. These are the features that would often determine if you are going to get the trailer or not. If the trailer most of the things on the checklist, then it would not be the best for you.

Consult other trailer owners

Another way of ending up with the best trailer would be talking to other owners of trailers. They might have more experience when it comes to choosing a trailer than you do. They will always advise on what you choose when it comes to trailers as they have experienced different types of trailers.

Check out multiple trailers and compare

It is always a good idea that you get to check out several models before you can choose the best model. You can visit a showroom to check out the various models available. If you get to see a model in person, there is always an easier chance of making an informed decision about the models.

Check out the number of options that you get with a model, especially in terms of the floor plan. You want a model that would be spacious enough so that you do not feel cramped up. Check out the entertainment section to see how you would enjoy yourself while using the model.

Check to see if the models have the option of increasing the size of the rooms. It is common to see models having the slide out rooms such as the living area when the trailer is packed.

Consider upgradability

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You always have to consider the option of upgrading your trailer with time. You have to check if the manufacturer has left any chance for you to have the upgrades you need in the future. As much as the trailers might be affordable in some cases, you have to pay more for the additional features. This makes it easier for you to have additional upgrades on the same trailer rather buying a new trailer after a year or so.

Most manufacturers would leave space for you to end up customizing the trailer just as the way you want. If that is the case, then you can always add a personal touch to the trailer whenever you want.

Top 5 Product Reviews​

1. KZ-RV Sportsmen S330IK​

Best Trailer to Live In3

This is one of a kind type of trailer that you can get for yourself today. It is known for having lightweight nature thanks to its design and construction.

From such information, you can see that towing such type of trailer should not be hard at all. Coming from a range of excellent machines that offer value for money, then you will be sure that you got the right model today.

The manufacturer made the model to have the best construction, especially the part of interior design. You will get the best interior layout that will take you back home. Each time you are resting in the trailer, you will not even miss the various amenities you had at home.

The model comes with triple slides that will make the interior feel bigger than what you see on the outside. It also comes with a comfortable bedroom configuration. That might not always be possible when you get a model that is cramped.

The manufacturer has been in the business of making the best trailers for decades now. You can expect that the quality of the trailers has improved largely over the years. You can always enjoy more when you get to this type of trailer for your camping trips starting today.

2. Evergreen RV I-GO Pro

Best Trailer to Live In4

The I-Go Pro is a one of the best-selling trailers from the Evergreen RV Company. The manufacturer made it to be lightweight so that it is great to deliver on ease of towing. Its premium features will always get you understanding what the model is all about. You get up to 5-floor plans that you can choose from. With so many options, you can get a model that works great to ensure you still feel at home in it.

The manufacturer had to make sure that the model would stay strong and for longer. This was done through having a Duralite double welding of the aluminum structure that forms the body of the trailer. This means that your trailer will get to stick around for longer for you to keep enjoying it.

The model features a fiberglass front cap. This ensures that the structure is stronger and still lightweight. No one wants to have a heavy trailer, as it would be hard to move around with it. You still get an upgraded kitchen so that you can enjoy yourself with the hot cooked food each day you are not at home. There is the addition of entertainment systems that will get you loving it even more.

The best part about this model is that you get to end up paying an affordable price for it.

3. Airstream Classic 30​

Best Trailer to Live In5

The name airstream is one of the legends when it comes to having the best trailer to live in. You can easily get people living in the airstream even if they are not going for camping. Well, you will get to see one as great if you get to choose one today. It will often come in the familiar silver shape that many people are used to see on the roads.

The model is designed to give you that feeling of being home away from home. With the inclusion of the new technologies and design, you will always feel that it is different from the other models you have used before. You will notice that with the classic 30, the design has evolved into something better. For decades now, we have seen the model transform into the best trailers for those who love camping.

You can even join the Airstream club and get to share adventures with other people who own Airstreams. Being a company that has been around for many years, it understands what the new camper wants. That is what you will get when it comes to choosing this model today.

4. Grand Design RV Imagine 2150RB​

Best Trailer to Live In6

This is another company that always delivers multiple high quality trailers that people love. The trailers are often custom made to the needs of a user so that the experience gets to remain the same even when you go camping. It is even addictive to find yourself living in this kind of trailer. You would feel still feel it is home for you.

This model comes with the options of getting more premium features than what most trailers offer today. With more options, this means that you get to enjoy your time in the trailer.

The manufacturer still made it to be lightweight. This does not mean that the quality of the materials is compromised at all. You will still get a highly durable model that will last for years to come with so much ease.

With this latest edition, you get to choose different types of floor plans. You can always take your time to check out some of the top floor plans before making up your mind. It is still and affordable model so that you can enjoy your camping activities all the time without thinking of the cost being a hindrance.

5. Jay Flight 28BHBE​

Best Trailer to Live In7

If you check out any list of the most selling trailers in America, you will never miss one from Jayco especially the Jay Flight model. The model does not become the best selling if it is not really good at performance. This particular model comes with an array of the top features and the best part is that you get to pay an affordable price to get one for yourself today.

There are a number of packages that you can pick from available from the manufacturer. You simply have to make sure that pick a package that would keep you comfortable home away from home. There are different floor plans that you can choose depending on the number of people who would be using the trailer.

There is the presence of the super slides that can increase the size of the living area in a snap. You still get addition exterior kitchen important the tailgating adventures.

Being a leader in the RV design business, you can always expect that the model coming from Jayco is going to be amazing. The best part is that towing the huge trailer is easier. It is designed to be also safe to avoid issues such as swaying in corners.


When it comes to having the best trailer to live in, make sure that you understand your needs. You do not always have to go for the one that people think it is the best. Take your time to see if the model would match up to your needs and make you feel comfortable. As for this list, the Airstream classic 30 model would suit different people with various needs. You can always be sure that it will come with many features that make many people feel comfortable away from their homes.​

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