How To Empty A Portable Toilet?

How to empty a portable toilet? Does anybody now know how to do it specifically? If you are oblivious about this matter, then, it is the right time to learn it.


Most of us shy away when it comes to our toiletry habits. We may all be liberated to some extent, but when it comes to this matter, nobody wants to share his thoughts.

Moreover, we usually avoid the topic when it comes to emptying a portable toilet. Yes, we are already adults and became accustomed to the use of the modern toilets. But when it comes to portable toilets, most of us are clueless. Observing how people go to the toilet will not help you on this.

The best thing that you can do right now is to read this article. We will divulge the exact method of emptying a portable toilet. Trust us. This skill will be useful in your next camping trip!

How To Empty A Portable Toilet?

How To Empty A Portable Toilet?

Step 1: Find The Location Of The Chemical Disposal Point

Before you go further, you should know where this place is situated. This is where you will empty all of your unwanted "baggage." If you know the exact location of this area, then disposing it would be a lot fast and easy.

Usually, the chemical disposal point is in a zone far from your pitch or camping site. After all, nobody wants to install this facility near the general living quarters! Typically, it is hidden and does not always have signage. When locating this facility, you should also trace the quickest route. Moreover, consider which time of the day to go there.

Step 2: Removing The Cassette

The cassette does not refer to the audio-recording device we used to have between the 80s and 90s. In this context, the cassette is the storage of your waste material or whatever you call it. You can access most of the cassettes from the outside of your vehicle.

Regardless of where you access it, make sure you do it privately. If you got the manufacturer's manual, then follow it. In this way, you can properly remove the cassette. As you know, not all portable toilets have the same design.

To guarantee your hygiene, try wearing protective clothing.

Step 3: Start Transporting Your Waste

When you reach this moment, just pray that your cassette is not too heavy. Or else, you will need wheels to move it. The worst part, you may need to hand-carry the cassette.

For us, it is better to transport your luggage while it is still dark or when everybody is still sleeping. Take the route in where nobody can see you. Take your cassette discreetly, but not too slow. In these ways, you can avoid meeting people that could cause one of your life's most cringe-worthy moments!

If your predicament prohibited you from doing it clandestinely, then you have to brave yourself a little. On a broad daylight, meeting people is inevitable. When this finally happens to you, avoid eye contact. Just pass through them and ignore the possible embarrassment!

Step 4: On The Chemical Disposal Point

How To Empty A Portable Toilet?

When you already arrived at your desired destination, pray that no people are using it. If there is an individual who came there before you, you got no choice but to wait. This is the reason why we advised you to do emptying in the wee hours of the night.

On the other hand, we can't give you any advice on how to open a conversation with an individual who is doing the same thing as you are!

Step 5: Emptying And Cleaning The Cassette

In the entire process of emptying your portable toilet, this is the most repulsive part. You may need to wear a face mask and gloves while doing it. Of course, you need to solidify your stomach to avoid puking.

The first thing you should do is remove the pouring cap. Let the air vent release the pungent fumes. When you are done removing the cap and air vent, you can start pouring the waste.

If you are not careful doing this, the waste could splash back to you. Or to your sandals or flip flops. This is actually a disgusting experience. This is the reason why you have to be attentive while pouring.

Accordingly, removing the air vents can reduce the splashing rate. However, it is not a real guarantee.

The only way to avoid the splash is to be careful. Just be careful.

Step 6: Restocking The Chemicals And Returning The Cassette

Once you are finally done, return to your site. You still have to do it discreetly. When you are already there, add the necessary dose of blue chemicals to the cassette. This chemical disperses those germs from your body waste by generating aerobic bacteria.

Start reassembling the cassette and return it to its original position. You will also need to flush the tank with clean water. If you can, spray perfume on it.


Learning how to empty a portable toilet is a necessary skill while you are outdoors. It saves you from the trouble of having toilet clogged by your discharges. If you are planning for an extended camping trip, then knowing how to do this right is a must.

Moreover, you may want to improve the comfort of your travel. Therefore, having the best tent for rain will come handy!

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