How to Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper – Preventing Rodent Infestation

The mice problem in your RV and camper is probably one of the most annoying issues there is for campers. Plus, it can also be so hazardous. Our camper must sit in storage frequently for longer durations, especially during the winter.


In the Northern parts of the country, you can also store it in the backyard. Often, your camper contains harmful elements of nature. And with so much snow outside, pests usually infest the area to have a warm shelter.

Rodents and other small creatures can do so much damage to a camper during those winter months. They usually put their efforts to make their nests or search for food. So, how to keep the mice out of the camper? For pro campers, this has been a constant struggle. However, after months and years of trying, we have found out the different techniques  to stop them.

Avoid the Entry of the Mice to the Camper

How to Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper - Preventing Rodent Infestation

The very first step to do is to prevent getting little holes on the campers. You see, some campers have many entry points for creatures as small as mice. If they can access their heads via a small opening, then, the rest of their body parts may go along. For a tiny mouse, the hole may be as small as the size of a coin.

Useful Tips to Help Block Openings

Here are some tips to help prevent the mice from getting into the openings:

Steel Wool: For aggressive rodents, they may usually chew their way through the cushion or padding. Thus, to prevent the hole from getting bigger, you may add some steel wool to the mixture. Adding some fine steel fibers will prevent them.

Screens: You may utilize some finely made mesh screens to block any larger holes, including piping, vents, and access ports.

Spray Foam: You may also try to extend the foam in a can. A spray foam is an excellent way to fill in any holes and cracks since you can easily remove it if needed. You may also prioritize the compartments and the plumbing.

Metal Rings: These are metal rings of sheet metal. You can usually observe these rings around jacks and tires. What you have to do is to make them high enough so that the rodents cannot go about 8 inches.

Making the Camper Less Attractive

To make your camper or RV less appealing to pests, especially mice, you need to:

1. Cover Your Pet’s Food: Due to the space limitations, you need to make sure that you store your pet’s food in the outside storage. Also, make it a habit of placing the food inside a sealed container.

2. Get Rid of Food: This is very basic. If you do not want pests lodging on your camper, you do not leave your food unattended. Also, you should not place them in a container where the mice could directly access.

3. Get Rid of Unnecessary Food: It is not mainly the food that you should put the emphasis here. Lots of rodents will munch on the strangest things possible to live.

4. Take Away the Entire Clothing, Paper Products, and Towels: When the rodents want to move in, they usually want to create nests to reproduce. Thus, you need to ensure that you do not have certain things necessary to build their nest.

5. Put Night Time Lighting: You need to understand that there are nocturnal mice that are afraid of the light. Hence, you need to put night light source to keep the mice out of your camper. You may use any forms of lighting, as long as it would keep the mice away.

Using Commercial Mice Disincentives

A lot of pro campers will advise using these efficient rodent deterrents, including:

- Fresh Cab: These are small pouches with organic components that the mice usually dislike. What you need to do is put a fresh cab in the camper to keep the rodents away of your camper. But, you need to remember to replace them every once in a while since the scent usually decreases.

- Mouse Free: You can spray them on the undercarriage of the camper to keep the mice from entering.

Trapping the Rodents

How to Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper - Preventing Rodent Infestation

A lot of campers used different varieties of traps ranging from humane lethal traps to sticky glue pads. However, the problem here is that they usually don’t work. But, you do not need to worry because you can control them using the Mini T-Rex Trap.


Once the mice are inside the camper, you may use the methods provided above. It is impractical to waste a lot of money for electronics and gadgets to get rid of mice. The old-fashioned way usually works for most campers. Plus, they are also very affordable and would fit every person’s budget. And always remember that “prevention is always better than cure.” So, choose the best method suggested to you by experts that will also fit you and your needs!

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