Gerber Strongarm Review: Get to Pick the Best Tactical Knife for Outdoor Adventurers

Gerber is a top brand when it comes to the manufacturing of top knives in the industry right now. There is no doubt that you would find more people being interested in the brand knowing that they would always get the model they like. Compared to some other tactical knives out there, the Gerber strongarm model seems to be the best in most features. It has been designed to bring back the durability and versatility when looking to get a tactical knife.


With the knife making a lot of ripples in the world of knives, it has for sure caught our attention and it deserves a review. We get to look at some of the important features you should always expect to see when looking to get this model.​

Tips for Choosing the Best Tactical Knife​

The size matters​

Picking the right model is going to be based on the size. You need a model that is the right size and not too big. This is the kind of knife that you would be walking around with for a while. Choose a model with a shorter length for ease of use.​

The construction​

Gerber strongarm review

The type of material used to make the model is important. It will often determine how long a model can last when used more often. Make sure that you get a model made of strong material so as to qualify as a tactical knife.


The model on overall should easily feel great while holding it. This means that you need to consider the design. A great design would involve better ergonomics so that it feels comfortable each time you use it.

The handle​

Still, as part of making sure you have a better knife, you need a great handle. A great handle is one that does not easily slip when using the knife. Most models would come with a handle that has a rubber texture as a way of increasing the grip.​

Product Overview​

For a company that has been making tactical knives for the US Military for decades, then it should be the perfect brand for those looking for a tactical knife. The Gerber strongarm model is one of the best models from the company based on the number of people who are always looking to get one. It is made to be a tough one so that you can never lack the how to use it. As you will get to see, the model has many features that should get more people looking to get one for themselves.

Features and Benefits​


Most people would want to know more about the model and not just rushing into buy it from the stores. You would be happy with the full tang construction of the model that you get from this model. The exposed point on the model can come in quite handy when looking to break a glass in case of an emergency. The rubberized texture on the nylon handle is a great addition as part of the construction.

So, what about the length of the blade? For many people who are looking for a great tactical knife, they want one that would be within the right size for ease of use. This model comes with an overall length of 4.8” for the blade. The moment you get to touch the knife, you would notice that it has the perfect balance between the weight and size. It should be an easy knife to use for most people.

The black ceramic coating on the blade makes it durable and less susceptible to chipping. As much as it would wear with time, you can be still sure that the remaining blade would still be durable.​

The sheath​

If you are going to walk around with the knife, then you need it to come with a sheath. The sheath comes in handy to protect the user from ending up with accidental injuries from the knife and it also just helps with carrying the knife safely from one place to another. The knife will easily clip into the plastic sheath with a great positive retention. It would not easily fall out unless you take it out.

Gerber strongarm review

The carry position for the sheath is made to be low so that it feels comfortable when walking around. There is also the presence of straps important for mounting the sheath on your gear for easy retrieval. This is great for those who want it to be close for them to use as a tactical knife when the need arises.​


It is important to know how the knife feels in the hands before buying. This means that we have to consider the ergonomics of the knife. For most, they would feel that the handle of the model feels a bit funky. This does not mean that it is bad but still great for most uses. For some, it might feel small, but it should be great for a better grip so that it does not fall from the hand when using.

The comfort is great with the rubber texture on the handle. You should keep using it for longer without worrying about the issues of comfort. By strongly grabbing the knife, you still feel that it is comfortable at all times. Even in wet conditions, you should still feel that the grip is there for the better use of the knife.​


If it is going to be a great tactical knife, then it should be great when it comes to the sharpness. For those who have tested it with cutting steak, you would see that it easily glides through the steak without using a lot of force. The same thing goes for using the model to cut the vegetables.

The best part is that the knife is sharp out of the box. You do not have to start sharpening again before using. Take it on your next event outdoors and you would see how it can easily cut through the different types of materials. The blade would also not lose the sharpness even when using for a while. Even if that happens, then you can always sharpen it easily and you are good to go

.While outdoors on a trail, you can simply pick some apples or mangoes and just start peeling with this type of knife. The next thing that would follow would be using the same knife to build a shelter. After doing all that, the model will still maintain its sharpness. Such usability features should make most people feel the need to get it for themselves right now.​

Lightweight knife​

The lightweight nature of the knife should get most people interested in it. On overall, it weighs about 10.9 ounces. With such type of weight, you should be sure that it does not feel like a burden when carrying it around on your trail. For most people who like a lightweight knife, then this one for sure should be a great treat for them.​



  • Great design
  • Effective blade retention
  • Full tang construction
  • Great sheath for carrying the knife
  • Lightweight
  • For some users the blade is too thick for food preparation

Social Proof

Gerber strongarm review

You would be eager to hear what other people are saying about the model before you can decide whether it is a great model for you or not. You have nothing to worry about as this model is designed to be the best when it comes to giving you the best performance and value for money. Most users who have own would tell you they have had it for years and it seems that the model is working great for them. You too could be part of that group of reviewers who feel confident about using the Gerber strongarm if you get to buy one today.​


​1. TAC-Force Knives LED light assisted opening knife


This is a great knife you can use as a rescue knife and still as a tactical knife depending on the application at hand. The inclusion of an LED light sets it apart from the others and still great too.

​2. ANVIL Bladesmith Tactical Rescue Spring Assisted knife


The design and construction on overall should also attract you to check out this type of knife. It will give you the best grip so that you can easily handle the knife.

3. MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife​


This type of knife comes with new construction great enough to work as a tactical knife. In addition, the model is further made to be affordable.


For many people, the idea of having a great tactical knife is great for them. They can at least be sure that they would be okay outdoors as they have the best knife for the environment. This Gerber strongarm model is designed to be great so that you get to use for various applications and not just for tactical cases. The knife marks important features that most people have on their lists of finding the best tactical knife. If you would love to end up with this type of knife, click here to get one for yourself.

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