ULA Circuit Review: Tips for Buying the Best Camping Backpack

When it comes to camping, having the best backpack is going to be important for the whole process to be successful. A great backpack gives you enough storage space so that you have an easy time carrying the essential supplies for the trip. Backpacks would come made of different materials and sizes, so you have to choose the best one based on your needs. The ULA Circuit backpack is one of the best models on the market right now. We get to look at the features that make the model be among the best and why you should get it today after reading the ULA circuit review.


Things To Consider When Buying a Camping Backpack​

1. The frame​

The frame is crucial mostly for the durability of the camping backpack. Depending on the model, some would come with an internal frame while others would have an external frame. You need to choose wisely as it would affect the durability and usability of the backpack. What is important is that you get one that will keep the backpack stronger for longer.

2. Storage space​

The storage space is important to help a person decide if the backpack is enough to carry all the supplies for the trip or not. Take the time to compare the different models to find one with the best storage space and would not feel too bulky. It is possible to get some models coming with additional pockets on the exterior. This could be great for carrying more stuff.

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3. Ventilation and padding​

These two are important for determining the comfort level of the backpack. You need a model that would help you with getting better comfort at all times when camping. Look for a model with features that promotes better ventilation and comfort through the padding.

4. Attachment points​

The attachment points come in quite handy if you are going to carry the trekking poles. Based on the model that you choose, some would come with the attachment points while others might lack it. Make sure that you look for a model that can offer you such a feature, as you might not know when you will need it.

5. Hydration system​

For a person going camping, then you could benefit from a backpack with a hydration system. The hydration system comes in handy so that you can easily sip the water from the sleeve. Make sure that the sleeve is detachable so that you can easily clean it as it would be carrying your drinking water more often.​

​Product Overview

Product Overview

So, you might have been looking for a model that would give you more storage and better durability. Well, look no further as this is one of the best backpacks available. The ULA Circuit backpack has come a long way in terms of design and quality of build. The manufacturer has made the model to deliver the best performance so that you get the value for your money always. It is not just the construction that attracts more people to buy it, but rather other features too. You get to choose one that can accommodate most of your supplies.

Features and Benefits​

​Storage and organization

ULA Circuit Review

One thing you get to appreciate about the ULA circuit backpack should be its storage space. With its sufficient space, you could easily store a lot of gear in it. You still get more space on the exterior thanks to the mesh installed on the exterior. The large main compartment is made to be easily secured by using a roll top closure. This should make the access easier for packing and retrieving your gear whenever needed.

In the interior of the backpack, you still get a hydration pocket and a passport sized pocket important for storing some valuables in it. These pockets are optional as you can remove them when you no longer need them or for cleaning.

The mesh rear pocket is another important part of the bag that you could utilize. You could have more stuff stashed in the mesh pocket. This is the type of gear that you would need to access quickly without having to open up the main compartment.

The best thing is that you get additional side pockets on the exterior for storing your water bottles. The solid fabric used to make the pockets is also reinforced at the bottom to provide the best durability.​

Attachment Points​

Attachment points come in handy for any camping backpack. As for this model, it comes with external attachment points on the outside for storing your sharp pointed items or bulky stuff that would otherwise not fit in the pack. Such things include sleeping pads, rope, ice axes, and crampons.

Other important attachment points should be the dual ice ax holders. You could use it for various uses depending on where you would be visiting. You have two climbing axes stored in the area for those going to camp on a high level. Since the loops holding the axes are elastic enough to hold tightly the axes so that they do not end up falling.​

​The frame and suspension system

The construction of any backpack is important to the performance of such a model. The durability heavily depends on the material used for the frame and fabric to cover the frame. For this model, it comes with three structural components. It has an aluminum center for a frame, an open fiberglass loop running around the sides and thin plastic frame sheet.

ULA Circuit Review

The overall frame of this model makes it great for carrying a lot more stuff without worrying that it would break easily. As much as the frame is supposed to be strong to handle the weight, it has some soft parts such as the thin plastic frame sheet so that it can hug you comfortably. You would not end up feeling uncomfortable when using this type of model.

So, what about the suspension system? This is all about the straps and how you feel when wearing the backpack on your back. The manufacturer made the shoulder straps to come as either J-shaped or S-shaped depending on the model that you choose. The straps are made to have more materials to help with cushioning. You will find it comfortable whenever you wear the backpack. You would not have to keep on putting the backpack down to take a rest simply because the straps are eating into your shoulders.​


  • Solid construction
  • Reinforced pockets
  • More storage space
  • Comfortable straps


  • It lacks better breathability on the back
  • Mesh on the back lacks better durability

Social Proof

ULA Circuit Review

Many people today would love to go camping with their families as a way of spending more time outdoors. Well, you are in luck if you can find this type of backpack. From many users who have tried it before, it is clear to see that the model served them well. Many feel that they found a model that always provides more space to carry most of their essential stuff for the trip. You too could enjoy it if you end up buying one.​

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This backpack comes with a strong frame that should allow for carrying more weight with so much ease the next time on your camping trip. It further comes with a lot more space to carry more gear for the trip.​

2. Granite Gear Crown VC 60 BackPack​

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The model can support more weight thanks to its great frame and suspension system. It comes with an internal hydration sleeve that you would have for ease of access. With more pockets, it means that you can carry a lot more stuff with it too.​

3. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack​

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It has been featured on most lists of best backpacking tents under $100 for camping and it is for several reasons. The internal aluminum frame is important to provide the best strength the backpack needs. It is further made to be comfortable too so that you can use it even on longer trips.


To be the best backpack, it definitely had to be the best in various aspects. As you can see, the model comes with multiple features that you could use when on a camping trip. Ask anyone who has ever been on a camping trip and they would always feel comfortable knowing that they have a reliable backpack. With many other reviews showing that this model is great, you should have no reason why you cannot get for yourself.

More storage space, strong construction and many other features should easily make you think about the model. Well, if this bag is great enough for you, then click here to check out the product as you might just end up buying it.​

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