How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Weigh? Tips for Getting the Best One

Anyone who is into camping would want sufficient answers on the question how much does a pop up camper weigh. Well, the weight of the camper would depend on the type of camper that you get and the amount of tow weight that your car can haul. It would be a waste when you have a great pop up camper, but still your car would not tow it easily. For someone looking to haul a bigger camper, then you have to get a bigger car for the job.


Before you can go ahead to get the camper for yourself, you would want to know the average weight of most pop-up campers. For a large model fitted with a kitchen sink and many other accessories, then you would expect it to weigh around 2000 pounds. ​

The smaller models would be great too for camping according to 99camping and can weight at around 600 pounds when empty. 

In most cases, the small campers would be made of lightweight materials so that it can be easy on the cars too to pull it around with ease.

How the camper weight will affect the trip​

Before you even get to buy the camper, the weight will ultimately affect the type of car you would be using for the trip. In most cases, people would go for the large SUVs so as to have an easy time hauling the big campers with ease. This would also depend on the fuel efficiency too. Think of having an SUV hauling a big camper over a long distance, then the fuel economy would not be the best. A number of things come into play now with the issue of fuel economy factored in.

It would be essential that you get to balance delicately between the car you would be using for towing and still keep in mind the camper’s weight. You do not want to end up with a camper too small that it does not meet its purpose.​

​Go for campers suitable for cars with better fuel efficiency

You would be in a position to find some models with the best balance between the space and size when you do more research about the campers available. Go for a camper trailer that weighs around 840 pounds for those looking for a model that would be light enough to be used by cars having better fuel efficiency. At this weight rating, you should be in a position to find campers that offer better accommodation for more people to feel comfortable when inside.

You also have to consider the issues of visibility such that the camper would not be obstructing much when you look through the rear mirror. Most of the manufacturers know this and they would make the model to come made of a low profile.​

​Benefits of owning a pop-up camper

How much does a pop up camper weigh2


It is a common thing that you would always find that the pop up campers would be affordable. For those who might be looking an RV, they would change their mind when they get to see the pop campers and just how much they weigh. The campers would vary also in price from the cheaper models to the expensive ones depending on the needs and additional accessories available with the model.


Since you already own a car, towing the camper should be a problem. You do not have to buy a whole new car as compared to the purchasing an RV. The camper would also be unhooked from the car when you arrive at the campsite and run some errands where need be. The same would be possible when you own an RV where you cannot separate the car part from the camper.

Ease of customization​

When it comes to customization, you should always find it possible to do when you have the right type of camper. The campers are designed in a way that you can get more options added to them whenever possible. You can have bathrooms, hot water heaters gas, air conditioners, toilet and many other options. Depending on how much you want to spend, the customization is something you will easily achieve.

Ease of storage​

When the camper is not in use for the camping season, you can easily fold it to a smaller size. This is what makes more people feel the need to choose the camper as it delivers them the best compact size important for storage. You can now be sure it would not take up a lot of storage space.

Below is a quick video on all about pop up campers


By now, you understand what it means by getting the best pop up camper depending on your car and camping needs. You should always pick a model that would deliver the right performance so that you do not have to worry about getting a new model any sooner.​


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