How to Disassemble a Glock 19 for Cleaning at Home

If you were going to disassemble a gun, it would be because you are looking to clean it or do some repairs. It is often recommended that you get to clean your gun more often so that it does not jam on you when you really need it to fire. Well, if you own a glock 19, then you are in luck as we get to look at the process of how to disassemble a glock 19 gun. The process is not hard provided you get to have all the important supplies and tools to handle the process.


​What you’ll need

  • Gun cleaning kit
  • Gun lubricant
  • Cotton bore patches
  • Q-tips


1. First clear the weapon​

How to disassemble a glock 19a

The first thing that you always have to do is to treat the gun as it is loaded. It is important that you get to unload it before you can start the stripping down of the gun. Extract the magazine and check visually if there are any bullets in it. Proceed to pull the slide to check physically if there is any brass inside the chamber or barrel. Release the gun slide, point the gun to a safe space, and pull the trigger. You should hear an audible click and no firing. Your gun should be fully cleared by now.

2. Remove the gun slide​

The slide is easy to remove and will give you access to the other parts of the gun. Simply pull it about ½ an inch and then pull down the slide stop. This should easily release the slide and then allow it to be easily removed from the trigger housing.

By now you should have two pieces of your gun, the frame that holds the trigger and the slide that is important for holding the springs and the barrel.​

3. Keep the frame assembled​

It is often not advisable to disassemble the frame further past this point. You can only do so if you have the right knowledge about the frame housing group. This kind of work is quite advanced and beginners are not recommended to touch it further.

If it is just for cleaning, then this is enough you go for a frame. You will be using the Q-tips for cleaning the small spaces in the gun frame. You have to ensure that the Q-tips are wet in a gun cleaner so that you can remove more carbon and other grime easily from the gun frame.

4. Disassemble the slide​

How to disassemble a glock 19b

You have to start by removing the recoil spring from the slide. It is as simple as pulling it out carefully as it is under slight compression. You can now process to remove the barrel by sliding it slightly up and then back. It should now be free from the holders allowing it to be easily pulled out. By now, you have the recoil spring, the slide group, and the barrel.

You can now start wiping the recoil spring and the barrel as a way of cleaning. You will have to use the gun lubricant applied on a rag. This is for cleaning the outside of the barrel. As for the inside, you will have to use the cotton bore patches and a bore punch to feed the patches into the barrel. This should help in cleaning the carbon easily. Check the barrel visually to make sure no residues remain.

You are advised always to make sure that all the carbon residues are cleaned. You have to leave several parts with a thin layer of the gun lubricant to help the gun function better again. This always helps the gun to reduce the cases of jamming.​

5. Disassembling and cleaning the slide group​

The first to come out here will be the striker. Push it back until you see it locking into place. You should see a small release button under the striker. Press the button and proceed to slide the gun back plate off the slide group. You have to be careful with the back plate, as it will be semi-spring loaded.

You can now remove the striker easily at this point followed by an extractor plunger. You have to also push the safety pin out as by now it should easily fall out.

6. Clean the parts and assemble the gun​

By now you have made it to the end of the disassemble process. You can now wipe down all the parts to proceed with the cleaning process. Make sure that you are using products recommended for the gun and no just any cleaning materials.

With the cleaning done, proceed to start the assembly process. It is now the reverse of what we just did. If you have any problems with the assembly process, check out the following video for some tips.


You always have to make sure that you get to give your gun the right type of maintenance. Cleaning is the best maintenance you can always do for your gun. From this guide on how to disassemble a glock 19 for cleaning, you get to see that the process is not hard. Always make sure that you get to have the right gun cleaning tools so that the gun us cleaned properly.​

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