How to Paint a Gun: Important Tips to Paint Like a Pro

Just like most people who own cars, adding some customization to a gun is also possible. Applying a new color finish to the gun is something easy to do as a home project over the weekend. Applying the finish to your gun will make it stand out each time you get to pull it out. You can do as much color customization as possible, you are only limited to your imagination.


So, are you ready to get yourself working on painting your gun? If the answer is yes, then get to learn more on how to paint a gun below in this guide.

What you’ll need​

  • Degreasing agent
  • Bucket
  • Sandpaper / Sandblast machine
  • Large toaster oven
  • Spray gun
  • DuraCoat finishing kit
  • Drop clothes


1. Degrease the gun parts​

How to Paint a Gun1

This can be taken as part of preparation of where you get to degrease the gun parts, making them easy to work with. Of course, you have to start by taking your gun apart for ease of cleaning and painting the parts. If you have not disassembled your gun before, it is important you get a clear illustration of the gun before you can start the process. You could still take photos at critical points so that reassembling later on should be easy.

You could benefit from checking out videos online how to disassemble the gun model. Do the same for the reassemble process.

With the parts now separated, you can proceed to degrease them in a solvent that would dry without leaving residues. You can opt for the aerosol-degreasing agent, as it is known to be good at its job. You are always advised to check out the gun-specific degreases available on the market. As much as they can be expensive, they should get the job done easily and correctly.

Get yourself a bucket with the degreasing agent so that you can soak the gun parts. Soaking is always better so that the agent can reach the different areas of a part. Just make sure that you still get to protect yourself by having the gloves, eye protection, and long sleeve shirts for protecting your skin. You can still use a face shield whenever possible.

With the parts cleaned, hang them to dry before you can proceed to the next step.

2. Prep the gun surface

If you are going to paint a surface, it is always advised that you get to rough up the surface a bit, so that the paint can easily adhere to the surface. You can use sandpaper or scrotch-brite pad to make sure that the surface gets the right texture for the coating.

Another way of achieving the same rough surface would be through sandblasting the metal parts. This is seen as the best way as it will easily remove the older finishes from the surface. Sandblasting will also give the gun parts a flat look with the even removal of the previous finishes.

Make sure to sandblast all the parts that you plan to paint later. You have to keep in mind that this process can also affect dimension. For the parts that have critical dimensions should be covered during the process even when painting. Addition of a coat can still increase the dimension thus affecting the critical dimension. After sand blasting, you should end up with a clean bare metal ready for a new coat of paint.​

3. Get the oven ready​

How to Paint a Gun2

You are going to have to bake the coating if you want the finish to look its best and last longer. Since the baking would need some intense, it is recommended that you get to use an oven. You can buy a toast oven for this kind of work, as it would not cost you a lot. Since the gun has been stripped to basic parts, fitting them into the oven should be easy.

When you are baking the parts, they are supposed to be suspended. You will have to make wire hangers and then attach them in the parts of the oven. They should be spaced so that the parts do not touch each other.​

4. Apply the finish​

We all know that when it comes to painting, nothing does it better than the spray gun that runs on an air compressor. For those who do not have access to a spray gun, then you should consider getting the DuraCoat finishing kit that will come with a propellant, hoses, and an airbrush sprayer.

Get yourself a drop cloth in the working area so that you can contain the mess from the spraying of paint. Make sure the area is adequately covered by the drop clothes making sure that it is mess free at the end of the process.

Proceed to spray the gun parts with the desired color scheme for the first coat. Put the newly coated parts in the oven and heat them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Take the parts out after the set time and apply the second coat. Let the parts cool down before you can reassemble the gun. Proceed to test the gun making sure that it is working properly just like before.


As suggested before, it is only your imagination that will limit you on how to paint a gun. You can have different types of decorations integrated into the gun paint and make it stand out. You can be sure that it is going to turn heads the next time you visit a shooting range with your newly painted gun.​

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