How to Make a Glock Full Auto (And the Necessary Precautions for It)

How to make a Glock full auto? It is a typical question that many gun enthusiasts love to know the process. As much as we want to encourage everyone to try this, there are still restrictions that we have to adhere. Otherwise, we will get in trouble with the law. And that's not a good thing at all.


​Some Precautions that We Have to Heed

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There are a lot of gun dealers today that sell various switches for a semi-automatic Glock handgun. For example, the German-based company SIGG (developers of the double pistols) is quite famous for their selector switches that are well compatible with Glocks. Take note that these switches are drop-in full-auto. Therefore, their speed and action are almost unrivaled.

Obviously, the role of these switches is to convert the semi-automatic Glock into a full-auto handgun. Well, that's cool, right? However, is it legal? Some of you might ignore this important detour and just proceed to the conversion process. But please do not do it all.

If you are living in the United States, you should know that manufacturing fully automatic firearms (regardless of the type) are illegal. Specifically, you need the proper paperwork coming from the Federal Firearms License and Special Occupational Tax if you want to do this DIY project. We call this as the FFL 07+SOT.

The latter is a form of identification that entitles you as a full fledged machine gun manufacturer. This license is also necessary before you can get any parts and components that are for creating a fully automatic firearm.

What Happens When You Got the License

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If you can already secure this license, you are already free to make configurations on any firearms. However, take note that the license might only be limited to modifying a semi-auto to a full-auto.

Ideally, you should demonstrate your modifications on law enforcement agencies and military personnel so that they can see your craft and give you some further recommendations.

You could also introduce your works on authorized dealers of machine guns, too. However, we have to remind you that selling them to the public is illegal. The license doesn't entitle you to do that.

With all these mentioned, we have to emphasize that it is allowable to own a conversion kit. Honestly, it is quite hard to spot one even in large gun stores. Even if it is true that these packages are regularly advertised as "available" in every gun dealers out there, finding them is still difficult. This is the reason why a lot of gun enthusiasts just make their DIY conversion kits. But of course, it requires serious skills and familiarity to handguns before even you can construct it.

These "Kits" Are Not Full-Auto Alternatives

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Of course, we have to emphasize that these auto kits do not work like DIAS (Drop-In Auto Sear). Therefore, if you can have this DIAS inside your weapon and make it a full-auto, then by all legal means, your firearm has a legal presence in front of the law.

Because of this reason, DIAS cost more than a thousand bucks. Take note; we are just talking about small components here. The total cost of conversion could exceed than that.

On the similar manner, getting ordinary conversion kits are still legal. However, if you put augment them into your Glock, then you just converted yourself into an instant criminal. Specifically, you made a machine gun without the consent of the law.

Moreover, the authorities can arrest you even if you failed in your attempt. Well, the punishment is not hard though. You will just have a nice 10-year trip on the Club Fed for this. On extreme extents, you could go to prison for this treachery.

How to Make a Glock Full Auto

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Now, let's assume that you got the essential paperwork and legalities to conduct this process. You have now the confidence that you will not be having trouble with the law. But still, do not ever attempt to do this for the purpose of adequately modifying your handgun. Once the authorities see you carrying a full-auto Glock, they will submerge you into hot water.

We recommend that you only do this for demonstration and informational purposes. We are not going to be liable if you will get caught at all, especially if you don't have the proper license to make such attempts. At the end of the day, we will just want to say that you should not try this at home.

Creating a full-auto Glock is a straightforward process. All you need is to have a new set of a selector switch, disconnector, and end cap. With these amenities, you can turn your semi-auto Glock into a bullet-spraying machine. The end cap should come with a hole so that you can insert the selector switch on it.

As we mentioned, securing these conversion kits is hard. It is another different story if you install them on your rig. Most of the gun enthusiasts out there just manufacture their kits. But before you attempt to do the same, check if your license would allow you.

Step 1

You need to get these three parts inside your Glock. Any Glock handgun could work. But on this reference, we will use a Glock 23 with a 9mm barrel. It is pretty standard nowadays. Turn the gun over and make sure that it is clear of everything. We want you to do this process as safe as possible. The magazines and ammunitions should be out of the way!

Step 2

Next, remove the end cap of the Glock. If you don't know where this is located, you can refer to the user manual of your Glock. Make sure that you detach the end cap as smooth as possible. There are a detent and spring located near that end cap that could fly out if you are too hasty on this process. It could injure you.

Take your new end cap and install it halfway of the original position of the default end cap. After this, put the disconnector. Meanwhile, just insert the selector switch on the hole of the end cap. Push the spring of the gun back so that the end cap would be fully installed.

If you push the selector to the right, the gun will become fully automatic. Push it to the left and your Glock would be semi-automatic again. Changing the position of the selector would slightly move the disconnector forward, making the shots in automatic mode.

The disconnector acts as the gate of the gun. Typically, the mechanism of the semi-automatic disconnector prevents consecutive shots by preventing the trigger from being pushed down. A modified disconnector frees your hand from restriction.

Once you pull the trigger, the disconnector will push slightly forward and won't come again until you pull your fingers off. Specifically, there is no need for you to manually slide back the battery once you switch the selector to automatic mode.

If you want to have a clear picture of the procedure, you better check this tutorial video from FFL/SOT-licensed gun owner. Make sure that you follow their instructions to free yourself from any danger.


Overall, learning how to make a Glock full auto is not a necessary skill at all. Sure, it is quite amusing and fun to see your Glock in rapid more. It can send shivers down to your spine. However, you should ask yourself why you should do this. If it is for your amusement only, then we think that it is not worthy of the hassle of getting federal licenses.

We still recommend that you should not alter anything from your current setup. The default construction allows your handgun to perform at its maximum potential. Changing the parts could lower its efficiency. If you are oblivious about tweakings, you might end up destroying your precious Glock.

We just featured this tutorial so that we can teach you how certain parts can affect the overall operation of a gun. Moreover, we do not encourage anyone to live dangerously. Unless you are licensed professional, do not ever turn your handgun into a full-auto.

Did you learn from this article? If you have any questions, comments, and suggestions, just feel free to ask in the comment section. We will be waiting!

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