How to Measure Scope Height in 2 Simple Ways

The way you gauge your scope height is extremely crucial. However, an optic made rifle has a design that gains a correct way of mounting. That way, you can point your weapon in the right setting. Several things affect how you calculate your scope height. Luckily, in this article, we are going to discuss how to measure the scope height and how it can affect your shooting capacity.


Why is Accurate Ring Height Important?

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The right height is often a neglected feature when it comes to fitting the scope to the rifle. You need to place the range with the heights that are quite high. You may not have an excellent cheek weld, which can cause the inaccuracy of the height. Also, you may consider fitting the rings that are too low. The scope may strike the barrel of the rifle before it settles on the front scope ring. The right height should be approximately in between these two factors. That way, you will have the most accurate and comfortable shooting.​

Selecting the Accurate Base​

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It is easier than choosing the ring because a lot of manufacturers will create just one particular base for your receiver. However, you need to take note that the base height is vital because it can help in the right height.

Choosing the Right Ring​

If you determine the scope height, you will also identify the minimum height that the scope centerline must sit atop the receiver. So, the next thing to do is to opt for the smallest base and ring combination that have a higher measurement.

For instance, if you identified that your scope height is 22 millimeters, you can utilize any ring and base combination greater than the dimension. However, manufacturers calculate the height of their rings in different manners. So, it is crucial to conduct proper research before purchasing one.

Why You Have to Go as Low as Possible?

You need to mount various scopes at different heights. You should also prefer to put the optic as low as you can when you want to perfect your shooting capacity. The rule of thumb to follow here is that you have to mount the scope as low as possible, without any part of it reaching and touching the barrel. Also, no portion will hit the rifle. However, other tactical methods may seek for a higher height of the scope for varying reasons, following their objectives.

But, you need to remember that the lower you mount the scope, the more it will offer a consistent sight picture. Also, you will provide a perfect shooting range. The same happens when you place the axis closer to the rifle bore.

How to Make Your Shooting More Comfortable​

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You have to take note that a lower mount seems to be more comfortable for a lot of shooters. A greater part of the rifle will have a small cheek rest or a comb. So, when you mount the scope, you need to purchase a great cheek rest for your gun. Moreover, you need to gaze through the optic efficiently.

If you mount the scope too high, you will not see through the scope properly when you use the cheek rest. Also, it will require for you to raise your head off the check rest and try to use the scope. It will risk your, comfort and will affect your accuracy when shooting.

What are the Technical Applications Required?​

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The one thing that pinpoints your scope height is the objective lens. You may also call the objective lens as the bell housing. It is the widest part and the most forward area of the scope. Furthermore, you can measure them in millimeters, and you can use the standard lens which is the 40 mm.

Here are the objective lenses to choose from:

40 Millimeters Objective Lens​

You can use this type with you small height scope ring and mount for most of your rifles. Also, the standard chamber and barrel profile are quite low, so you will not have problems using the little scope rings. But, the heavy barrels, called as the bull barrels, are too thick to use for low scope rings with 40 mm.

50 Millimeters Objective Lens​

It will offer you a high amount of optical clarity, and it can transmit most of the light through the optic. What is unique about most rifles with large scopes is the trade off. Also, it comes with new high scope rings that depend on the chamber and barrel profile. The wide lens can also transfer off enough light. But, it will need either a specialized stock or an adjustable cheek rest for easy and comfortable shooting. The high profile optic will also belong to high-quality models.

28 to 36 Millimeters Objective Lens​

It will need small mounts. In fact, for smaller optics such as 20 mm objective lens, you may use low scope rings. But, these little scope rings may cause mitigating factors of the proper scope height.

2 Ways to Measure Scope Height​

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Listed below are the two different methods wherein you can calculate the scope height quickly and appropriately:

Rifle Scope Mounting Before Getting the Scope Height

You have to remember that you have to begin from scratch with this method. Also, you need to obtain adjustable scope bases and an action rifle. Also, get an up to 9 power scope and of course, the millet scope rings. Then, you need to mount the scope on the rifle in the most accurate way as possible.

It will allow you allow your gun to have a total accuracy potential when it comes to shooting. If you follow your rifle scope mounting process to be the same, then you have an easy use of the gun range.

The first thing you have to do is to join the scope rings together. You have to ensure that the scope will rest down into the rings without any movements when you tighten the scope. Then, get the range and place it in between the 2 V blocks and turn the scope. While doing so, you need to observe the cross hairs for wobbles. It is important when it comes to the accuracy of your long range rifle.

Next, you need to assess to make sure that the rig is still even in the vise. Then, you need to install the scope in the rings. On the opposite wall, which is away from the rifle muzzle, you have to label a horizontal and vertical line. But, make sure that you use a level to ensure that the line is vertical and horizontal enough. The end product should look almost like a plus sign.

Then, you have to get rid of the bolt from the rifle and look through the bore of the gun. You have to make sure that the plus sign is in the center. If you cannot take off the bold, you can use the laser chamber bore sighter. Do not utilize the windage screw on the scope of this method.

Then, align the vertical line found on the wall, and vertical post found in the range using the windage screws on the base. Also, you need to tighten them on the scope rings. Ensure that the entire level stays and the plumb is horizontal, as well as vertical. If you do not follow the steps correctly, then everything will become a mess. So, you need to make sure that all is in place and their exact center point. That way, you will have the right measurement of the scope height.

Measuring the Scope Height of the Already Mounted Rifle

You need to get a good quality of stainless steel, which has a 6-inch dial caliper. Make sure that it will produce .001 accuracy for height measurement. Plus, you need the right tools before carrying out with this procedure. Also, take note that it can work for almost every rifle regardless of its action type.

The first thing you have to do is to take the measurement of the rifle barrel. It usually connects to the gun work below the scope. Then, divide the figure in half. You also have to measure the diameter of the scope directly atop of where you obtained the diameter of the barrel. Then, divide the answer in half.

Measure the distance from the tip of the rifle barrel to the other end of the scope. You need to get both of the diameters. Then, add the figures you have obtained beforehand. That way, you can get the scope centerline distance, and the rifle bore centerline. You can also call this as the scope mount height.


The right scope height will still depend on the weapon you choose. However, you need to take note that the lower is still, the better option. Also, you need to follow the rule of thumb correctly when it comes to obtaining the right measurement. If you do not opt to go low, then go medium. If you still can’t do that, then you have to go high in the end. That way, you will get the perfect scope height for easy shooting.

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