The Benefits of a Portable Generator

Portable generators are multi-purpose and provide you with peace of mind. If a power outage were to occur, you no longer have to worry about walking around in the dark. A generator can power multiple light sources, appliances, and keep your phone charged. Portable generators are fast becoming the ubiquitous the world over. If it wasn’t for portable generators many african cities would not function at the rate that they currently do.

As the generator is portable, it can be moved to any area of your home to power certain devices. If your family requires certain medical equipment like an apnea monitor, ventilator, or blood glucose testing machine, the generator can keep everything running without causing any health concerns.

Avid campers can use a portable generator to keep a light source on or other appliances to keep their experience safe and convenient.

To have backup power

There are several reasons power outages occur. Whether it is from extreme weather, a car accident, a tree falling, etc. You will always want your family to be safe and secure during instances like these.

By using your generator, you will be able to keep lights on, have the ability to use your appliances, and charge a cell phone. These are luxurious that you don’t realize how much you need them until they are gone.

Picture yourself in the midst of a natural disaster. It is too dangerous to leave your home and your phone is out of battery. This is a recipe for disaster. If you have a generator, you can keep your phone up and running and call for help in case of an emergency.

To power medical equipment

Most aren’t aware of how many people struggle with breathing issues, sleep apnea, or diabetes. These are health concerns, which rely heavily on a machine. Without power, machines like an apnea monitor, ventilator, or blood glucose test cannot run.

Without access to these pieces of medical equipment, a person’s life could be at risk. A power outage, such as one due to poor weather, should never take someone’s life, simply because they cannot power medical equipment.

 The ability to take it anywhere

As it is expressed in the name, a portable generator can be used anywhere. The Predator 2000 is a nice pick as it is both durable and lightweight. It can be moved to different areas of a home or even taken on a camping trip.

This portable generator is perfect for low-mid range appliances. It can run close to 6.5 hours non-stop at 50% capacity. It remains quiet so you don’t have to disturb any of your neighbors.

Use it for recreational activities

 Most people avoid camping because you are typically in the middle of nowhere and too close for comfort with nature. A portable generator provides the hesitant camper the power to use all the same electronics and devices they would usually use in the comfort of their home.

A generator will keep your tent well lit, warm, and even allow you to play some of your favorite tunes. Not to mention, the most important aspect of all, it will keep your phone and iPad charged. If you are looking for a new camping adventure to test out your new generator, check out this camping guide to Acacia National Park. There are a plethora of great camping destinations across the United States, but Maine is certainly one state where you’ll find some of the nicest places to set up a campsite. Acacia National Park is one of those places.

Prevent electrical hazards

 A generator will typically automatically power up when it senses a loss of utility power. This should completely disconnect all appliances of this power and transfer them to the generator. If this isn’t probably completed, hazards occur.

These hazards include violent power surges, blowouts, and spikes. Power surges occur when certain appliances require a lot of power. When these appliances suddenly turn off, extra voltage remains in the power lines. Blowouts are caused when an appliance requires more power than what the utility company can give. Spikes happen when there are strong surges of power often caused by a car hitting a utility pole or lightening.

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