Top 3 Australian Camping Destinations

Camping is one of the activities that people love to do when they are free and have some resources to invest in their trips. It is a very popular activity in Australia because of many reasons. One of the reasons people love camping in Australia is that there is extraordinary light the whole year-round. This can be said of most places in Australia. The scenery, space, and rain forests, the rust-red expanses of the wild in Tasmania, and other places make camping a pastime activity that the family will love. There are many campsites in Australia that you may want to consider for your camping needs. The fact that demand meets supply for camping sites means that you have no excuse not to indulge in this activity.

You can read the Luxe Rover Australia blog to learn more about some of the places to go for camping while in Australia. In this write up though, we shall discuss the top 3 Australian camping destinations that we think should be a good choice for your camping needs.

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Here are the top 3 Australian camping destinations for you:

1.    BIG4 Ulverstone Holiday Park

Located in Ulverstone, Tasmania, this is one of the best holiday camps that you can think of. This town is a bustling place at the coast, and has picturesque parks and is also reputed for the antique collections. Being a rural area, this place is suitable for campers who love the rural setting of red soil and the view of agricultural lands. It is also known for swimming beaches and fishing; which is suitable for the whole family. You will also love visiting the Leven Canyon that is 275 meters deep. Its inspiring views are good for campers and tourists alike. This place is also reputable for the forest landscape in Tasmania.

2.    Karijini Eco Retreat

Karijini, in Western Australia, is another very good place that you can visit for your family camping needs. You will love camping scenery and the available accommodation if you choose to. This is an eco-retreat center where one can camp for some time so that they can rewind, reduce stress, and at least get a nice time off the busy schedules of life. So, there are several camping facilities that you can enjoy at this place. There are deluxe canvas huts that are used for camping. You will also get linen beds, natural ventilation, and wooden floors to help improve the ambiance of the eco friendly place.

3.    Cowes Caravan Park

Located in Cowes, Victoria, this is another very popular camping destination for Australians and other people interested in camping while in Victoria. This is a popular camping site for the whole family. Here, you will love the camper vans, a mix of tent pitches, and caravans that make your camping a glorious time to enjoy. There are timber verandahs that make fresco dinners and drinking enjoyable for the whole family. With the pristine shallows in this place, the children will enjoy the beach life while the adults can relax and have fun as well.

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