Top 5 Winter Camping Activities To Try

Winter is the most beautiful of seasons. With white fluffy snow and drinking steaming hot cups of cocoa under thick blankets – it just doesn’t get more magical than that. Many people think that winter is the season to rather stay indoors and avoid contact with the colder temperatures, which means that winter camping is entirely out of the question.

If you are one of those people, you need to learn that camping in winter is one of the most fun activities you can do, the cold season will be with us for a few months, and the only animal that should be hibernating through it is a bear!

Get out there but be prepared. Plan your activities properly beforehand to make sure that you have the most fun imaginable. Take these five winter camping activities; they will rock your winter world.

1.Winter Photography

Capturing falling snow will take your photography hobby to a whole new level of awesome. The two most important things to know about taking photos in the colder weather are to use a faster shutter speed and to keep your batteries warm because they drain much faster in the cold.

When you’re outdoors, particularly when it is snowing, you must learn to wipe the snowflakes off your camera and gear with your sleeve or a glove. Your hands will warm up the snow, causing it to melt and ruin your equipment.

The best times to shoot during the colder months are 1 hour after sunrise, and 1 hour before sunset, especially if you are planning to shoot beautiful wintery landscapes. Remember to edit the colours and contrast in your pics because this will make your photos that much more vibrant.


What is a winter camping trip if you don’t go sledding? Sledding is such a fun winter activity, but you do need to be careful. Sleds travel at high speeds over ice and snow, which leads to over 20 000 sledding-related injuries each year.

The safest way to sled is to sit facing forward and make sure that you wear a helmet at all times. Before you go sledding, check the hill that you intend on sledding down and make sure that it is not too uneven or crowded.

Protect yourself from the cold by layering up and wearing protective boots and gloves. Check your sled before each trip to ensure that it is in good condition and that the straps and handles are secure.


If you have never tried fishing in winter before, you have no idea how much fun you are missing out on. Fishing can be a safe and enjoyable winter camping activity, provided that you make sure you are safe.

If you are ice fishing, make sure that the ice is at least twelve centimetres thick, preferably fifteen centimetres if you are not familiar with the place or the ice.

If you are fishing in climates that aren’t so cold, make sure your boat is equipped with the right gear like rods, bait, and downrigger release clips for a downrigger. If you’re wondering what a downrigger is, it is a device that is used to get your bait down deeper. The deeper the bait, the more fish you are likely to catch.

4.Snowman Contest

Building a snowman that is capable of impressing even Frosty himself, takes commitment and skill. What better tradition to start as a family? Building snowmen and judging them sounds like family tradition Heaven to me!

Adapt your criteria to fit your family – from structure to shape, to overall cute-as-a-button nose ideas, you decide what works for your family. The winner can get an extra-large cup of cocoa and choose the movie that everyone watches that night.

5.Winter Hiking

Winter is the best time to go hiking. There are so many advantages to hiking in the colder months, some of these include things like; less crowded trails, avoiding hot weather that makes hiking a real challenge, as well as providing you with a different hiking experience.

Winter hikes are some of the most beautiful, just remember to wear the right gear, especially the right hiking boots. Some expert advice for your trip? Wear a hat. You lose heat through the top of your head and the right fluffy hat will do wonders for keeping you warm throughout your journey.

To End

Winter doesn’t have to be a time where spending time outdoors is avoided like the plague. Getting out into the fresh air will be good for your mind, body, and soul.

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