What type of outdoor lighting is there for camping?

When talking about lighting for a campsite you must differentiate if you are in a campsite as such, with the various services it offers, or if on the contrary you camp in areas not equipped for this practice or without minimum services. If you camp in areas equipped for this practice, you will enjoy the opportunity to have electric current (AC). Therefore, to have lighting in the area where you are, all you have to do is connect the lamps in your tent, your caravan or van to the nearest socket. If, on the other hand, you do not have a nearby socket, or if you have one but want to save electricity, we propose several ideas so that you know what type of outdoor lighting exists for camping.

Below we will mention some of the ways you have to illuminate the outdoor areas of a campsite.

1. Candlelighting

Although it may seem a very rudimentary, uncomfortable or dirty way to illuminate a particular area, candlelighting can be a very economical way to do so and with which, in addition to ensuring proper lighting, can create desirable and magical environments to enjoy unique moments. 

2. Lighting with bonfires

If you camp in an area that is qualified to make bonfires, and you are within the seasonality in which they can be made, a good option to illuminate the vicinity of your base camp are the bonfires. With them, in addition, you will be able to heat that zone and to take advantage of it to cook. The torches can also be beneficial to illuminate a specific area and can also create appetizing environments.

3. Battery or battery based lighting

There are multiple types of flashlights, chandeliers, spotlights and portable lighting with which you can illuminate an area without the need for electricity and without the need to have a fire nearby. In this case, the portable lighting elements can work with batteries or rechargeable batteries, which can be charged at home or can be charged through energy used through the medium, such as renewable energy.

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4. Lighting with renewable energies

Whether you camp in a designated area, but want to save on electricity bills, or if you camp in a non-qualified area, and don’t have the possibility of charging the batteries of your lighting elements with external devices that require electricity, you can opt for renewable energies. These can be sunlight through solar panels or wind energy through wind turbines, if you camp in high areas or coastal areas where the wind predominates. In any of these cases, you can generate the current that is sufficient for you by finding alternatives adapted only for lighting or to generate current for a complete use of, for example, a caravan.

Can you think of more ideas for lighting a campsite and have you put them into practice? If so, we’d love to see them with your project in our Projects section. If you have any questions or want more information about any of these practices, ask in the Forums, where you will find thousands of users willing to help you.

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