4 Ways To Use Your Roof Rack When Camping

The dog days are here, and these are a perfect time to take a vacation, such as an unforgettable camping adventure. Camping is such a thrilling experience. But, if you’ll be bringing your kids, dog, and pounds and pounds of camping gear with you, things can get pretty stressful. It might turn into a packing challenge that could stump even a Tetris world champion.

Should you rent a trailer or opt for the lightest camping gear?  Maybe, you just need a bigger car or, worse, cancel the whole camping vacation. Before you despair, there’s actually a simple space saving addition you can install on your car to spare you plenty of worry. Installing a roof rack is a great way to increase the carrying capacity of your vehicle, so you won’t need to agonize over how you can fit your essentials into your car.

Here are four ways to use a roof rack to get the best out of your camping experience this summer:

How Do Roof Racks Work?

Before you start throwing tents onto the roof of your car, you should first know how roof racks work.

Roof racks from quality suppliers, such as Prorack, are lightweight, sturdy rods that you can fix to the roof of your car. These enable you to secure any camping gear to the roof of your car, saving you valuable trunk space and leg room. Rain gutters on older car models help to secure these racks, but with newer models you can select a roof rack that fits your car.

Roof racks come in a number of different shapes and sizes, depending on the size of your vehicle and the kind of gear you plan to carry. However, any gear you decide to attach to your roof should be packed well, and you can even buy a cargo box to make sure your gear is extra secure. Use tiedown straps, rather than a rope or bungee cord, to fix your gear to the roof of your car. This helps prevent slippage and ensure the right amount of tension in the straps.

If any of your gear is susceptible to water damage, make sure to wrap it in some waterproof material, such as plastic, even if it’s already in a supposedly waterproof packaging. Make sure to double check if your gear is tightly secured to your roof, and check on it at every stop on your road trip.

How To Use Roof Racks

1. Camp On The Roof!

If you have a roof rack in the shape of a pallet, you may consider setting up a rooftop tent. Strange as this may sound, setting up a tent on the roof of your car is, at times, faster and simpler than setting it up on the ground as it elevates you far above the dirt and creepy crawlies. Some rooftop tents even come with a see-through roof, which would be perfect for stargazing!

2. Pack A Kayak

Maybe, you’ve always dreamed of canoeing or kayaking, but could not figure out how to fit one in your sedan. A roof rack will allow you to secure a kayak to the roof of your car, maximizing the size of gear you can carry. With a roof rack, nothing could stop you from exploring a nearby body of water as you camp.

3. Bring Your Bike

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, you’ll be happy to learn that roof racks are one of the safest ways to accommodate bikes. Trunk racks and other carrying options can build up plenty of wind resistance, potentially damaging your bikes. With a roof rack, however, you can minimize wind resistance and head off to your next camping adventure, ensuring that your mountain bike remains secure all throughout the trip.

4. Store Your Dirty Gear

While there’s plenty of ways a roof rack can help when you go camping, it can prove even more useful on your way back home. No one wants to get caught in the rain while camping, but it’s just as bad to be stuck in a car with a wet, smelly tent. Store wet or dirty gear on your roof rack and keep the inside of your car clean and dry.


With a roof rack installed on your car, you can maximize the carrying capacity of your vehicle, no matter its size. A roof rack can save you a lot of stress down the road, especially as you go camping. It will allow you to bring a kayak or a bike, making your camping adventure even more exciting. In addition, you can set up a rooftop tent with the help of this equipment. Also, a roof rack can save you from having to deal with a smelly, dirty tent on your way home. In short, it’s a valuable addition to any camping enthusiast’s vehicle.

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